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  1. Gills Dills - would not know if you were up'em with a handfull of chairs
  2. This is going to bite us on the bum- like when we let Howe go - the Collingwood coaches turned him into a star
  3. Anyone that thinks we should keep JKH needs to stop taking non prescription drugs- after all these years he can’t break into the team, on a consistent basis, and when he does he either turns the ball over or gets rag dolled by the opposition. Absolute list clogger
  4. Thank god someone in demonland is talking some sense- why would we trade a player who almost won a Brownlow a year ago?
  5. Thank god someone in demonland is talking some sense- why would we trade a player who almost won a Brownlow a year ago?
  6. I have condensed an article from The Western Australian that appeared this morning. It refers to teh sacking of Ross Lyon and I think its applicable to Goodwins coaching philosopy. Headline- Skill, Demeanour combine to torpedo Ross Editted article: He (Lyon) arrived in 2012 and declared he coached effort not skill. He often spoke of skills as something that players should be working on in thier spare time when he was not teaching them the game plan. The poor skill level on show at Freemantle was a chicken and egg situation. Was it the result of poor recruting? or was it a case of players not being drilled to execute skills properly in in the intensity that games take place under? In the round 16 Derby, Freo buthchered 10 extra inside 50's to kick 2.19 and lose by 91 points (sound familiar?) Finally, against Essendon an edge of 54 in contested possesions, 14 in clearnaces and 11 inside 50's resuted in a 31 point defeat (sound familiar?) West Coast on the other hand under Simpson when he arrived in 2014 embarked on a summer of kicking drills involving the measurement of kicking accuray- the message to players was kicking accuarcy mattered. Another thing noticed at West Coast was players who could not shift thier skills were moved on. At Freemantle, strong role players with dodgy skills kept finding thier way into the team. What has eveolved at Freemantle, over the past 4 years is a level of skill execution that on good days was just OK, but on bad days led to bizzare and horrendous outcomes (sound familiar?) My take: Its seems to me that Goodwins main objective has been similar to Ross Lyon - Effort and an unhealthy reliance on measuring success on Contested ball, inside 50's, tackles etc. Somehere along the way skills have taken a back seat- BUT this is what wins games now.
  7. I see this - except The Dees are the ones on the ice
  8. Ask Maximum Bob - he is BIG Spargo fan- although he has not posted 1 reason why. I was told from a credible source that Spargo is this years "project player" for Brendon Mc Carthy. Maybe McCarthy has some sway at selection?
  9. Im giving Salem a pass - the head knock must have effected him- he was supposed to have passed the concussion test- but something was drastically wrong with him? His usually one of best at disposal
  10. But where do you draw the line? Should the AFL comment on the environment (i guess it effects playing surfaces), the economy (it effects fans ability to buy tickets), The NDS (diabled people get discriminted against, if its about discrimination for you), The glass ceiling women face in the corporate world etc Unless it directly effects the game, the players, the cubs or the fans- id say the AFL should steer clear
  11. Nothing, except I dont think its the within the AFL's charter to get involved in social issues that dont effect the game- they should concentrate on fixing the game- there is a lot to fix. Issue like women in sport, homophobia, racism effects the game- so they should have a stance But marriage laws??? How does this effect AFL?
  12. Ok - ill bite. I suspect you mostly miss the point of why i posted the article, because when someone is expressing a view I bet you are allready composing what you believe is a witty, "oh so terribly insightful", hey everyone I'm so "DEEP" reply. I posted the article, not as in insight into US politics, but because it so acturately portrays a similar phenomenom to what happened to Adam Goodes. The relevant section for you is below. "The racist caricature of the "uppity [censored]" has deep roots in this country. Uppity negroes have irritated white folk for over a hundred years. In its most simple form, the uppity [censored] is a black man or woman who enjoys anything other than working from sunup to sundown. Particularly, an uppity [censored] is a black man or woman who enjoys creature comforts in life that some whites may not yet be able to afford to enjoy — say a musical, a play, fine dining, or, you guessed it, a round of golf" I'll now join the dots for you, "oh wise one"....or in the case of Adam Goodes get paid 6-8 times the average Australian salary to do something he was incredible at.
  13. Having read your other posts on this matter, I’d bet London (or in your case Edinburgh) to a brick you were one of the people booing Goodes. Your ignorance on the plight of our indigenous if breathtaking, your willingness to express those views is bewildering
  14. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-conservatives-hated-uppity-[censored]-golfing-president-article-1.3065230 The real ,reason why Adam Goodes was booed is contained in the attached article. Australian footy supporters are happy to be amazed by the skills that our indigenous players have displayed for decades. However, God help these players if they are prepared to express an opinion or behave in a manor that is contrary to how “white Australians” see them and their place in our society.lets be honest here, there is a sizeable segment of the Australian population who don’t like “uppity black fellas” And that my friends is why they booed Adam Goodes, and it is pathetic.
  15. Hmmmm, seems quite a few people on this thread agree with my POV. I think good grammar is optional, especially when typing on an iPad. May be time to change the SS monicker now Hogan has gone. Rather than have a go at me, how about explaining to everyone else why Spargo should be in the team- enlighten us all with your wisdom and amazing grasp of the English language.
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