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  1. Melksham holds our forward line together. He's our best forward. ANB will be in, hes defence frist which we need. Our game plan is run and gun attack, we need players who want to defence, cause we have players that dont.
  2. You know what you get with bugg, and its not good enough for afl level. Would be happy we get howe. The delisted free agent list is very thin this year.
  3. Howe the best on the list. With libba then townsend
  4. Dan howe still hasn't signed a new contract at hawk.
  5. Yes hogan was traded for may and kk. They are all linked together. MFC wouldn't of traded hogan, if may and kk wasn't coming back in. Hogan is only worth what someone is willing to buy for him. Nother else. 6 and 23 is very fair, for someone who doesn't want to be there anymore, and wants to go home. Mfc is very well this trade period.
  6. The pick value is good then fair Nothing else.
  8. Fair trade. Said it 2 days agos. MFC what to improve the list. Kent hogan out May kk in Thats a win.
  9. True. KK will be a separate trade is may isn't coming to MFC. But May will be there.
  10. Old news. That was late Monday. That was a long time ago, things change pretty quite. Unfortunately he's not worth a highest trade ever. If WC had a better hand, then maybe.
  11. Finally !!! Someone to make sense 👍 5 and 23 very happy
  12. Thats exactly what he is worth. And a player only worth what someone is willing to paid for him. Pick 5 is a massive pick. Look what port gave up to get pick 6. MFC will never see a pick under 5 hopefully in a long time. MFC like to get deals done and get the players they want in and out. They have make very clear they really need pick 5 for may and kk any extra is a plus.
  13. When the trade happens tomorrow or wednesday. There will be you evidence. We'll get pick 5 and a future second. Thats more then fair
  14. Why is everyone on here ask for 2 first rounds pick. We are not getting that and never were. Everyone is dreaming 😴😴😴 MFC said on friday they were always happy with pick 5 and a second round (around pick 23). Which equals pick 2 on points. Thats very very fair.
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