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  1. have we got him yet? im a bit out of the loop but haven't seen anything on social media regarding this
  2. He had what, 3 bad games? And where did you get this "blame the midfield" crap from... Turn it up
  3. I really shouldn't be enjoying this as much as I am
  4. COX WHAT A GRAB Sorry can't help myself
  5. Conflicted. Want to face collingwood in the grand final, but if we lose to west coast its the two clubs I personally hate most in the final..
  6. you're right, MFCSS seems to be seeping in
  7. Am i wrong in saying Kennedy + Darling are 11-0 when playing together this season? Those two worry me, I dont want another mason cox/tom hawkins scenario where one or both of them kick a bag. I trust frost and omac, but they cant always keep their men to doughnuts
  8. People dont even know what a dive is, its no - very little contact. He got a clear bump and didnt brace!
  9. Decent read actually, but my prediction is a little different: (west coast fans come saturday)
  10. Fair point buy I dont think it'll make much difference. But who knows, it could hurt them or it could even help them. We'll find out Saturday! Either way, if we play our best footy four 4 quarters, we will give them a good show.
  11. TMacs goal in the last is when I was saying to myself we're going to perth. Was 99% at 3/4 time, but the geelong game during the season was in my mind.
  12. Unfortunately I picked up Go Dees from my dad, he always used to say it but its always a mix of come on melbourne, go you demons, fire up, thats the way melbourne and the list goes on
  13. Watched the game again, people being awfully harsh on tyson. he was involved in a few goals and usually used the ball well. also created space at times which is never touched on. A couple of skill errors yes, but so did everyone else in a game like that. No chance unless injury (sorry bernie)
  14. Aslong as we keep our list and can cover players who are likely to go out over the next half a decade. I believe we will not only be a top team, but THE top team for a good chunk of years. But getting that to translate into grand finals is another story.
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