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  1. This really shouldn't be about the people at the club or a return on investment. We all tune in every year to watch a new season, i admit my passion for the game isn't as strong as when i was kid. To be fair i think that's more because the game has gone in a direction i find less appealing. However, i won't turn my back on this club til my last day or it's. Purchased myself a shirt because at least it's something material in return for the money. Who knows, i might be wearing it to a grand final one day. Cheers to all who donated and to those who couldn't. Let's hope we all survive.
  2. I think it's easy to get sucked into the hype as new season draws near, ecspecially when your shown positive footage. However, a point Darren raised in the video is that we never ran to any level close last pre season to what we are this pre season. Shows how far back we were and how much futher we got to go.
  3. Future Hibbo if he can develop lock down ability.
  4. Spot on. Also that loss in the prelim was followed by an awful season. Time to get revenge.
  5. I'd be happy with anyone from 7-11 if we got them with pick 8. Young with Pick 3 would be my go to pick.
  6. Interesting to see the details from Draft Combine. Some names that kept coming up under all different catergorys are Finn Maginnes, Cooper Stephens, Sam Flanders and Ben Johnson. We drafted two elite endurance runners in the trade period do we look for more in the draft? I'm thinking it's Serong and Weightman in the draft. I like the look of Young and Flanders.
  7. You think SOS is gonna fight Dodoro in the parking lot because he wouldn't give up Daniher and give them the run at Papley?
  8. If Pick 8 got Papley i would 100% do it. Papley, Langdon and Tomlinson in via trades and using Pick 3 to get the best kid we can would = the best trade period we've had.
  9. No doubt it was a hot sample, but the punishment is just so much worse for trying to cheat the system.
  10. Tampering with a sample is seen as worse than finding an actual drug in the test. 4 year ban seems likely, why [censored] risk it.
  11. Judd also said he thinks Melbourne will make a play for Brad Hill. No GCS will ask for Pick 2 and retention allowance from the AFL this week. If that happens we need to [censored] pick 3 for two 1st rounders and go aggressive in trade period.
  12. It's funny that most fans on this board will see we have too many of the same kind of players in the middle of the park, but the club will probably draft in 2-3 more inside mids this season. Seriously, make a bold call. Show some balls and stop talking. If it's saying goodbye to Jones/Garlett/Lewis this year then so be it. If it's trading one of Brayshaw/Harmes/Viney and going in for an outside player or a key forward then so be it. Sitting still is going to cost us, we don't even win around the contest as much as we used to so whats the point of hoarding inside players. Edit: Also my shout for captain is Lever. Gawn, Oliver, Trac and Brayshaw don't scream captain or have the personality of a captain in my eyes. Viney and Jones both have similar attitudes which made them at the time stand out for the role. I think Jake has the combination of a mature head and talent to back it up.
  13. Coniglio is an elite mid with good skills and a goal threat. He's also at a point in his career where he ain't going to cost the house to get him pick wise (will command 1m a yr but moving Lewis, Garlett and Brayshaw on will give us more than enough room). I don't think Brayshaw is a problem and would be happy to keep him but we all know our problems in midfield is we have too much of the same. If we want speed and skill we won't get it without moving on of them on and i only see him and Oliver having any trade value right now. So lets be real here, a decisions between Brayshaw and Oliver isn't really a decision. If we trade brayshaw for hill or coniglio this is how i'd line us up. Also i'm done with Sam Frost and O. Mac. B: Jetta - May - Lever HB: Salem - Hore - Hibberd CM: Langdon - Oliver - (Hill/Coniglio?) HF: Petracca - T. Mac - Melksham F: Hunt - Weideman - Fritsch Fo: Gawn - Viney - Harmes IC: Jones - ??? - ??? - ???
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