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  1. I'm not sure what the result will be but i expect a better performance. Going 0-2 isn't great but i don't think it will be a not making finals problem. David King pointed out that the way the draw/results has worked out in round 1 has led to some teams with high expectations possibly starting 0-2. He also fully expects at least one 0-2 team to make the 8, maybe even 2. Personally, i'm not scared of Geelong. Pies looked a bit underdone themselves and if we perform close to our best i think we can beat them, even if we are still ramping up.
  2. 21 of those 22 players played the finals before that game didn't they
  3. I would only do that type of deal if Goodwin is happy with it. I think the past two seasons show that a coach can underperform for years than spike to the top. If Goodwin is committed for the long term stick with him.
  4. I've said it before but a fit Jake Lever playing at the level he was before his injury turns a bunch of those should've won games to comfortably won. Oscar McDonald was in the form of his life with Jack next to him so just imagine how it will look with May back there as well.
  5. He will never be rated ahead of Cripps or Bont by the general AFL public because he isn't as sexy and he's a bit of a shithouse on the field.
  6. They say Trac was the pick of the bunch but don't comment on what he did. I agree with the idea that Jones isn't important for the earlier rounds, would much rather get games into Baker and Sparrow.
  7. If we are going to progress, the classic dominate every stat but the scoreboard approach we had last season needs to stop. We mauled Port in enemy territory last season but they won because we didn't hit the scoreboard enough. At the G with a team hopefully hungry to redeem themselves after the finals exit, we should be beating port comfortably.
  8. Trac to kick 6 and we'll win by 8 goals.
  9. Check the instagram stories. Boys are boxing each other body shots only. Viney vs Jones, would pay paper view for that
  10. Love the idea, gotta keep training fun. Mind you T. Mac doesn't look like he's having fun.
  11. Lever to return around 8 or 10 is a bit of a shock. I was going to say Round 1 looks less likely but i would've assumed he'd get in by round 5.
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