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  1. Brace yourselves, the armchair high performance dieticians are coming
  2. Win the contested ball and we win this game. Outside pace means little when your getting bullied off the footy. Dees by plenty.
  3. He works hard but he’ll never be more than depth. A trade deal involving stretch that nets a small pressure forward would be good for next year.
  4. Gee thats soft. Wish the umpires would put the whistle away.
  5. Brissy getting a solid reality check right now
  6. The structures are more important than the individuals. We need a crumbling forward with low eyes more than we need a billy stretch on Saturday Agree he should seek a trade.
  7. I think we are clear favourites because we are a better team across the park. When looking at odds, they make sense to me. We should win. Punters are able to look at things objectively, a luxury that sufferers of MFCSS are not afforded. We may disagree knowing what we know about following a club like Melbourne, but our 1st few rounds were a reflection of an interrupted preseason and now we are starting to click. It will be business as usual sooner than we think I reckon. I’m tipping us to win with purpose and to restore faith at DL.
  8. Wonderful thread. As a vet myself, I am fascinated with the wartime stories which are linked to the club. Great stuff
  9. Be that as it may, requesting I back up my ridiculous statements with stats that couldn't possibly exist is equally ridiculous. And I honestly believe what I said. I find when I lose my patience with the Telstra call center it often takes me far longer to get the outcome I need. When working in customer service in the past, I was always far more likely to go above and beyond for people who weren't quick to get frustrated when something wasn't going their way. It's a really logical correlation if you stop and think about it. Not saying this is the case here with certainty, simply sharing the thought. There's no need to get offended.
  10. I'm sorry you feel that way, Binman. Can't say I'll be losing any sleep tonight however.
  11. I’ve never had any problems with the customer service. I once ordered a coat for my wife from the demon shop in the wrong size. As it was for a birthday, they sent me the correct size immediately so it arrived to me in time even before they received the original one back from me. Awesome customer service.
  12. Did you just ask me to back up an opinion with stats on my experience working in customer service as a teenager? Hahaha that’s a new one. Yes moonshadow, I have had a bloke from champion data following me around my entire life just for this moment. Can you provide stats on completely subjective topics centred around personal experiences in life? Thought not!
  13. Most of the time in customer service, the service you receive is a direct reflection of your attitude and the way you talk to people. I can bet my bottom dollar that people experiencing this “poor service” are also the type to lose patience with people easily. This fits into the profile of someone who feels the need to complain about such minor inconveniences online looking for validation.
  14. Many players main skill set is scoring, so you implied just that.
  15. So you want to protect the sanctity of the game by bringing in even more new rules? Really bizarre logic. You can’t just make up a new rule every time the game changes and you don’t like it, this is the exact same mindset that is killing footy as we know it. It’s all gotten confusing enough. Enough with the new rules, if anything the AFL should be focusing on reducing the amount of rules. I have zero problem with a low scoring game. In fact they can often be more interesting, I’m sure I’m not the only one who never had a problem with a lack of scoring. Even at its worst it’s still by far the highest scoring game of footy you can watch. AFL continuing to try to fix problems that weren’t even there at the behest of corporate executives trying to squeeze every dollar out of footy they can. More goals = more ads. Outta here with your ideas to further complicate a now highly complicated game.
  16. Is it just me or is expecting a bunch of players to run back to their quadrant at every single stoppage in the time it takes the umpire to throw the ball up slightly unreasonable? All this would do is slow the game down. The game is over-officiated enough as it is.
  17. Yeah, nah. That’s ridiculous.
  18. While I’m sure your credentials in high performance sports management are well known, i’ll Trust he’s in exactly the shape our FD department wants him
  19. If he sheds 5kg he inevitably loses some strength through the hips to withstand tackles. It's not worth it. People should stop obsessing over his body type and weight and encourage him to play to his strengths. His body is simply built this way. Sure, his cardio could improve I guess, but that doesn't necessarily need to correlate with his weight. Cardio capacity can be improved without significant weight loss. I like the way he is built, he's bloody hard to tackle.
  20. "Gee Bruce looooves a big occasion, doesn't he BT?"
  21. I reckon the impending return of these players this year is already in his head, and perhaps he doesn't have the mental resiliency to keep putting in 100% knowing he doesn't get a game with May and Lever fully fit. I think Frost has gone past Omac comfortably this year, and that says plenty. And its not even a skill or ability thing, Frost is as prone as anyone to making blues but his athleticism sets him apart from Omac when they both have reasonably similar outputs otherwise. Having said that, we see the game a certain way and the coaches probably another. They are the ones with the intimate knowledge of the game plan, so maybe we are looking at the wrong metrics in assessing Omac. Long bow but still worth considering.
  22. Still thinking of changing your username or are you back on board the Italian stallion train? I know I am
  23. Both surprising and shocking. Never thought I'd hear you say this. Haha agreed
  24. When he has less time to think about what he's doing and just does what comes naturally he is at his best. I hope the coaches identify this and encourage him to continue to take chances.
  25. I love the way Trac is responding at the moment and I thought he was important last night. Hasn't had the break out game we all hope for yet but he's building week by week and starting to show us more glimpses of his potential. Hope the trend continues. Spent the most time on ground than any other Melbourne player too (93%TG), not bad for a fat boy hey DL?
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