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  1. Will reserve my outrage until I see concrete details on what appears to be more invasive rule changes. We have enough to worry about at the moment
  2. And I'm looking forward to reading you label legitimate contributing factors to our form slump as excuses regardless of their validity
  3. I fully agree. In an ideal world Viney would would demote himself on his own accord. No reason he can't just be part of the "leadership group", which I think would be fitting.
  4. I think the club has backed themselves into a dark corner with the Viney captaincy. I've said it before, the attributes he brings from a leadership perspective was exactly what the team needed at the time he was appointed - leadership through strength around the contest. As more and more players have been added to the list that also bring this, Viney has become increasingly irrelevant. He's a one trick pony - see ball get ball. That's where it ends unfortunately, and therein lies our current problem. I'm a big fan of Viney, and I will always see him as a spiritual leader for the club, but I really wish he wasn't a captain. His footy IQ simply isn't high enough to lead by example in the areas we desperately need right now. If it were up to me - I'd pull the trigger immediately at seasons end and replace Jones with Lever as co-captain. It's too late to demote Viney, because the optics on that are horrific - but what we can do is replace Jones with an actual leader across all facets of leadership, and that has to be Lever. A case can be made for Gawn too, but he isn't the on field general that Lever is, and that's exactly what we need right now with Lewis on his way out.
  5. Their forward line is hopeless, and our backline is stacked. Can’t see them scoring enough. We win this
  6. Agreed. His kicking action is perfect, for a young key forward that’s also shown a contested mark side to his game I say we’re in the box seat for quality forward for years to come. He’s still a kid. His yips will fade. With more games he’ll read the ball better and get to more contests.
  7. Well it’s no coincidence that we do it for, you know, the money ...
  8. Couldn't agree more. I'm starting to worry that his development has been impacted badly by being played out of position for too long. Send him forward and leave him there ffs.
  9. As if finding quality people for any position isn't hard enough already, now we need to make sure they are from Victoria and played for Melbourne? Riiiight ...
  10. I don't disagree with most of it. Maybe a tad harsh though, I don't think he is a "genuine liability" with his kicking down back. I think you'll find he nails targets quite often, its just the clangers that register more in peoples minds. He is a net positive to the team wherever he plays, if he's genuine anything its genuine best 22 for mine.
  11. This may be one of the dumbest things I've read on here
  12. I love the fact people are talking about how we have our best 6 on the park finally, and that Sam Frost is on that list. A testament to the hard work he has obviously put into his game, proud of the lad. I'm a big Frosty fan these days, having previously been a naysayer. Humble pie can taste good sometimes. I don't agree with the calls to drop Petty at all, even if he is prone to mistakes. He's showing a hell of a lot already and since his body is already AFL standard, lets get some games into him for the rest of the year so we never have to go back to Omac. Also, Omac must be traded at seasons end. I'd love to see Omac line up against Tmac one day. Spoiler alert, Tmac will destroy him on work rate alone. Not really sure what to do with ANB anymore, his work rate is second to none but whats that worth when your disposal and goal kicking is generally awful. I'd be looking to trade him at the end of the year in any case. I didnt watch the doggies game last week so i really have no idea how on earth they knocked off the Cats, but if I'm looking at this game on paper, their forward half should struggle big time against this back 6. We win this.
  13. Absolutely not under any circumstances do we pursue Gibbs. Never ever.
  14. So the problem is the people, not the methodology then.
  15. Works brilliantly in my sector and many others. It keeps people accountable for their deliverables and fully informed. In desperate times like these, people will tend to make mountains out of molehills like this and I don't necessarily blame them. This is really a non issue if you understand current best practises in the corporate world though. Genuine question, can you explain how an agile methodology caused problems for the businesses you mentioned?
  16. He said they are constantly reviewing. This is Consistent with an agile framework you’d find in many businesses these days. Nothing to see here.
  17. 2018, 2006 and 2000 would make 3 in 20+ chook It's no less depressing
  18. This is manifestly unfair to the teams that finished bottom 4 the year prior to this draft, although I agree this would have been a plausible approach. Freo finished bottom 4 in their first 8 years of footy, save one year where they finished 5th last I believe. GC, similar since its inception, has at least avoided bottom 4 on 2 occasions, being 2013 and 2014. They were actually trending better than freo was at that stage, so why on earth does the AFL owe them anything? Absolute farce. The very notion that other clubs should have to pay for the mismanagement of an expansion team that nobody even wanted is ludicrous.
  19. How many budding fitness experts from Demonland have applied I wonder
  20. I really like that idea. Our forward delivery is terrible anyway, might as well give frosty a license to break the line and attempt running goals from the 50. He has the journey, I'd bet he'd nail a few of em.
  21. It's been tried before, but that was awhile ago wasn't it? Frost has gone up a few tiers since then. I reckon chucking him forward to see what happens is a great idea given the season is dead. The remaining games this year should be used to tinker with changes exactly like this. Having said that, I'd send May forward before Frost.
  22. I’m normally pretty positive, but we are truly a disgrace.
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