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  1. If you watched the entire game, and know our team, the game was over as soon he took that mark. FWIW I thought we played really well all day, goal kicking accuracy killed us is all.
  2. Who cares, game was over at this point. Why waste the energy and risk any suspensions. what would you reaction have been if someone flew the flag and we ended up yet another player down next week? All the fake macho tough-guy behavior without the ensuing fight is the most pathetic aspect of the game these days. Back in the day when they actually belted each other, the intimidation factor was a tangible part of the game. These days when they push each other when a bloke is already on his [censored], knowing that the bloke can't get up and belt them in return, makes for some pretty cowardly and pathetic displays of "aggression" which I find mostly embarrassing for the sport these days. Stop pretending its still the physical game it once was, it isn't. Stop thinking that "flying the flag" these days actually means anything, cause it really doesn't.
  3. Few people saying when Jones steps down Gawn will be new co captain. When did it become assumed that captaincy is to be shared these days? What have I missed? Picking a second captain as some sort of injury or leadership insurance policy speaks volumes in itself. Be nice to just have 1 good captain instead of 2 average ones. Viney will have to do for now. I honestly think he’s going to have a very short career and the captaincy will take care of itself in due course, at which point immediately it’s gotta be Gawn, or short-mid term Lever. Tmac is a possibility for mine too, albeit his dreadful lack of form right now. I feel Viney was a good fit for captaincy in recent years past, but the game and team and grown beyond that of which his captaincy compliments. We can’t have our captain constantly missing the side of a barn by foot while struggling to get 15 games a year in due to chronic injuries. Plus as others have said is media performance is normally very cringeworthy. Blokes like Gawn lever and tmac are the complete opposite on that front.
  4. Possibly due to a lack of pressure, enabling teams to steady and kick more truly when shooting. Additionally allowing oppo to freely move the ball closer to goal, making set shots easier. Coincidence it is not.
  5. Who cares. I don't come here for cattery chit chat, off with this threads head.
  6. I get your point and don't argue with any of it, however I asked for examples from 2019. Not the last 5 years.
  7. The Joel Smith fiasco is obviously a poor one and the optics are shocking. But who are the other examples that you are referring to (where you can positively confirm that a player was hurt during play, pulled off the ground and assessed, put back on the park and made the injury worse) in 2019? Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention. Or maybe a few here are speculating a little too much.
  8. Is that your medical opinion, picket?
  9. Like that he is positive, but for some reason it annoys me how he refuses to simply acknowledge our mitigating circumstances at times though
  10. Well you can go ahead and take that up with Arthur Samuel who invented the term in 1959 (hot tip - he was a computer scientist, not a marketing guy). Got any more pearls of wisdom to share?
  11. Do you understand the term machine learning as a subset of artificial intelligence? I engineer systems of this nature for a living and what you just said makes absolutely zero sense.
  12. No, I don't, given the technology, legislation and insurance isn't where it needs to be for this application of machine learning yet, but thanks for thinking and speaking for me on a topic you probably do not understand yourself.
  13. Understand the training data would be bias in nature, but the output would consistent. If it were architected and engineered correctly it would do a better job.
  14. The obvious bias that we see in cases like this will remain a factor whilst humans are running the MRP. When machine learning (AI) eventually takes over and uses algorithms we will see consistency. Never trust a human to do a computers job. While we’re at it, a 3rd party medical officer at each game to confirm diagnosis would be handy as well.
  15. We are pretty embarrassing tbh. I haven’t seen a worse game of footy in recent memory
  16. If you look at the numbers, we are far more likely to win a game of footy than not with him on the park (even if his individual output is woeful). Until that changes, I see no reason to not select Lewis in our 22. The data is there, and we rarely win games when he isn't on the park.
  17. This is a far fetched scenario. I'm quite certain the medico's have cleared him, and Goody is simply saying that even though he has been cleared, that the decision ultimately rests with Jack. Nothing else to see here.
  18. I'm sure he is capable of learning from his mistakes. Just cause he brought himself back underdone last time doesn't mean it will certainly happen again. In the end, it is him who knows his body best, and you could even say that the last incident has made him even more acutely aware of his body, injuries and recovery timelines. It's still a strange comment though. I think it's probably being taken a face value a bit too much and I doubt the medicos have no say in it. Maybe the medico's have given him the all clear and it's Jack who is wondering whether he is ready or not?
  19. Why the f... are we still talking about this. Seriously.
  20. This part may difficult, given the MFC does not hold public office. Begs the question though, what would be our brand of politics? I can imagine a lot of contested work around the house of reps, although our execution in the writing of bills would obviously be to a poor standard.
  21. Well said mr bin. You understand these concepts well.
  22. A sav Blanc from NZ. reasonably priced. Nothing to write a review about.
  23. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve clashed plenty of times before - But I enjoy your commentary mostly. But saying people get narky and personal is a low bow for the king of inferring people are morons or words to that effect. Troll on PD.
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