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  1. I actually love the idea on an indigenous verse, but no. Leave my song alone please
  2. Smokey


    Love Vanders and I really feel for the bloke. He's in my best 22 when fit. But it has to be said - he is officially a list clogger at point (through no fault of his own of course). I take no pleasure in saying it, but that is the reality. He'd wanna bounce back quickly and play some great games later in year otherwise the ROI is looking absolutely horrific.
  3. Kayo services are presumably hosted in cloud infrastructure, which can be scaled by deploying addition resources (servers) on-demand with ease. I Wouldn’t worry about kayo missing a beat.
  4. So telling people to "go to work" if they have Corona virus is excellent advice right? And appointing a politician instead of a medical scientist to lead the response team is the best way to go? And not committing to making the cure affordable for all American's until forced to by public sentiment is good stuff in your eyes? Should I keep going? Orange man is bad. You're absolutely right.
  5. That's fine. Each to their own. My point is just withholding membership money based on performance is counter productive at best.
  6. May has spent his fair share of time in a suit on a Tuesday night over the years, that’s why he gets dealt with harshly
  7. If paid incrementally, it can cost as little as 2 cappuccinos a month. Withholding such a small pittance out of "principal" isn't noble, it's ridiculous. Memberships are the lifeblood of every club in so many ways, but I guess the people that do this think they're bigger than the club so the narrative fits I guess.
  8. Normally I get a headache reading anything Kane says but I like that he shares my views on the so-called "leadership groups". They are complete rubbish. Real leaders lead without being told they are a leader. No leadership group means that at any given point, on any given day, anyone can be the leader we need. I love it.
  9. Why wouldn't this thread be serious - there's always an oppo watch thread prior to every game
  10. Why do you care so much about about other peoples money? I can't imagine this affects you personally in any way, shape or form. Weird stuff
  11. I'd like to see Ben Brown get a haircut
  12. So you see more parallels than to the contrary then. Thats good news I guess.
  13. People that take the time to read an article, then come back to DL to proclaim its a fluff piece that they weren't interested in are very strange and clearly need a hobby Happy to have Richo on board, if only that he knew how to beat us in recent times. I'll take the insights in to that any day of the week.
  14. Many positive changes in society are achieved exactly this way though. Think civil rights movement, suffragette movement etc. Perhaps if this generation of politicians acknowledged the science then this wouldn't be necessary.
  15. Your sticking an insulting label (educated moron) on someone you don't agree with (Jara and/or the company this individual keeps). You are officially virtue signalling by your own definition now. Well played * slow clap *
  16. And that's fair enough completely. There's no easy answer to any of this - the only thing I do know is that racism is s**thouse and I wish we could live in a world without it. I'm personally all for the removal of anonymity on social media accounts so people can be accountable for what they say online (positive ID to create an account and no ability to change your name on the platform unless marriage, divorce etc). We're too far down the road for that unfortunately, somebody needed to drive for this in the late 90's, not now.
  17. I agree the behavior should not be tolerated, and those responsible should be held to account in some way - but having them fired from their job even if it had nothing to do in context of their employment? Not sure that's answer, because people that say stuff like this are obviously uneducated and if you get them fired there is a good chance you and I will start paying for them to live via Centrelink with our taxes. No thanks! Here's an idea - why don't the media outlets stop glorifying this idiotic commentary by faceless internet users? Stop feeding these bloody trolls, the notoriety of being responsible for a campaign like this is likely what they seek.
  18. Just what we needed, another player with a penchant for starting sentences with “obviously”
  19. A bill of rights has the capacity to make this particular scenario illegal, and therefore players wouldn't need to consent to it. That's how. Anyone who actually thinks it's OK to force people into being physically tracked at all times as a condition of employment should head over to China so you can live with like-minded people.
  20. The amount of compensation you are given for your services should bear nothing on the level of invasive conditions you are subject to. The more you earn, the less you should be entitled to privacy and liberty? Lets apply the scenario slightly differently - who here agrees all kids should be tracked using metadata to ensure they are attending school everyday? Should your boss be allowed access to your metadata to determine how long you took for your lunch break? Where and how can you draw the line on this. Good grief this country needs a bill of rights desperately.
  21. The notion of ASADA having access to personal metadata that can be used to track their whereabouts during the off season is nothing short of horrific. No-one should EVER have to consent to this as a condition of employment. These kind of conditions aren't even forced upon the highest commonwealth security clearance holders in this country, why the hell should it be for young men who kick a leather ball around for a living?!
  22. Yes comrade, I agree all AFL players must configure their iTunes accounts to be readily accessible by ASADA. Punishment for failing to meet these conditions will be 10 years hard labor in Gil's personal Gulag, which produces small textile goods for his army of foreign nannies who are not subject to commonwealth immigration laws. Never mind how the bloody phones work, are you familiar with the concept of privacy!?
  23. Where are all the experts saying he’d never stick around cause he had a media career waiting for him at? Love everything about this. Footy minds like lewy’s don’t grow on trees. This is another tick for what’s shaping to be a really good offseason so far.
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