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  1. Where are all the experts saying he’d never stick around cause he had a media career waiting for him at? Love everything about this. Footy minds like lewy’s don’t grow on trees. This is another tick for what’s shaping to be a really good offseason so far.
  2. You are very welcome "dworship" Good chat
  3. It has to be said - if he deprives a fire of O2 by being an O2 thief himself, he would indeed be quite an effective firefighter
  4. Because Billy's brain doesn't move fast enough. He's one of the slowest decision makers I've seen.
  5. I’m just as upset as anyone we are losing pick 2, but to say gold coast don’t deserve any help right now (as many clubs, include or own, have received in the past) is just wrong. If we didn’t make finals in 2018 there’d be a case for us to get a priority this year, and I’m sure you’d be relishing that if it were the case. regardless of where you stand on the latest expansion teams, for the sake of the game do you really want Gold Coast to not improve at all? The game benefits not from having a team that gets smashed every week.
  6. MFC are the last club that should be complaining about this. Our list has been equally mismanaged for even longer than they’ve been around and we’ve had our fair share of priorities. A stone best left unturned for us.
  7. Smokey

    Minor rant

    I’m guessing with the new age of football media Where every player is expected to be able to stare down the barrel of a camera and talk to potentially millions of people that some tend to overcompensate with the thesaurus. It’s annoying but it’s better than hearing NRL players say “credit to boys” 18 times in 4 sentences. It is well documented on here that the adjective “obviously” being used in every sentence drives me insane.
  8. It’s so nice to see some refreshing topics to discuss on this forum. This is exactly the type of thread demonland has been missing. Bravo!
  9. Natural leader of men, well spoken and can really play A good choice for captain
  10. Someone mind summarising this for me? Sugar is bad for you too. Maybe we should start testing for that. And women, wouldn’t want the players to get distracted and hurt themselves. What if it were legally prescribed?
  11. While we’re on the topic, why on earth should they ever test for weed? Silly stuff
  12. A mission statement does not define the logic of the plan, it outlines it. I would consider that to be more high level than low level, but this comparison isn't sound in principal anyway so take it as you will.
  13. Pure speculation at best, executed in 2 cryptic sentences designed to have people like us talk about it/get triggered. This is a basic revenue raising strategy for online advertising profit. People like Barrett and Cornes exist purely for this purpose.
  14. Not an unreasonable position to take either, but I have faith.
  15. Well in my profession as an engineer, low-level design documentation on how we will achieve success appeals to me more. Not that this type of document would ever be made public, but you get my point.
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