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  1. Hard to say when your not a member of the football department. Why should they need to be out there 90%+ of time anyway?
  2. These would have been hilarious if Carlton ended up with 0 wins for the season
  3. "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security" - Benjamin Franklin. And before anyone asks - yes, beer is absolutely an essential liberty. End of story.
  4. I never bought in to the hysteria surrounding May's poor arrival at the club, as disappointing as it has been. His attributes are obvious and he's just served up an entree of humble pie for some that were having near meltdowns about how poor of a decision his recruitment was. The main course and dessert are only around the corner.
  5. Not sure you giving 666 enough respect here. Hard for the club to see the future and know outside class will become crucial when we built a list of contested beasts that was working just fine until 666. We did make a prelim Afterall.
  6. Ironic, as this is a childish response (to an otherwise interesting discussion) that is normally reserved for 30 years old's still living with their parents. According to current meme culture, that last line is a jab at people with autism. What a compassionate soul you are. As fun as this has been, I'll see myself out. Until next time, Matsuo ...
  7. He was top 3 in the league last year ... According to the umpires we routinely label as incompetent on a weekly basis.
  8. "You appear to be" was in reference to you announcing to the internet that you completed an undergrad while arguing that white people suffer racial bias. Wow that sentence is hard to read without throwing my phone at the wall. In the context of racism, being white is inherently to be privileged. It doesn't matter if you're from housing commissions or a private school, you weren't and never have been subject to racial bias as our indigenous people have, ergo your comments are truly condescending to those who actually experience it. Your meaningless verbosity may be enough to fool some, but here in the real world, white people are not subject to racism. Anyone that claims they are on a quest to be recognised as a victim because they likely have nothing better to complain about in life. And that is what I call privilege.
  9. I would argue that, as you appear to be a tertiary-educated white male, that you are the one who is out of their depth when discussing the true meaning of racism. Look beyond how the dictionary defines the word and understand that the notion of racism is underpinned by thousand of years of white imperialism throughout history. And sadly, in Australia, we don’t need to look back very far to see evidence of that. Our high court didn’t recognise native title until 1992. We didn’t apologise for the forceable removable of aboriginal children by Australian government agencies until 2008. Oh yes, how civilised we are. Only a white man of privilege would believe that they can be subjected to the same racial bias as our first peoples have been. And why anyone would seek to identify with this through idiotic comparisons of “racism” toward white people is hard to understand. Again, look beyond the word and have the common sense to accept what the term racism actually means in practise.
  10. Best post I’ve read in awhile
  11. Because it is easy to infer that we are experiencing something more than fundamental technique issues having gone from the highest scoring team to one of the lowest in a single off season. Things are never that simple at AFL level.
  12. I dare say the boys are aware of this
  13. Hard to imagine dropping jeffy, one of our leading goal scorers. On his current scoring output, compared to the teams overall, he cannot be dropped. ‘It’s time to rest tmac though. Pruess must be played. ‘Agree with Fritsch going to half forward. We are killing his development playing him out of his position for this long. I have no idea what selections we’ll witness this week.
  14. Better chance of Donald trump becoming a respectful, measured statesman overnight ...
  15. At first I was perfectly fine with Goody getting an extension. I'm now becoming increasingly nervous with this decision as each week rolls by, and we make the same mistakes over and over. I'm worried that Goody is too stubborn to ever concede that his game plan simply won't work, and fronting the media every week after another horrible loss telling everyone "it will turn around" is fast becoming condescending to us fans watching the same game he is. Does Goody reckon he see's something the rest of the footy world can't and that our only option right now is the stay the course and simply execute better? On one hand I understand the need to not make drastic changes whenever things don't go your way, but we are now 12 games in and whilst some players are improving as we go, some things about our game plan appear to be getting worse. It's nothing short of incredible at how drastically our scoring stats this year has changed from last year. Probably a bunch of records have been broken that no-one has bothered looking up I suspect. Normally I would advocate for players being selected on a weekly basis in accordance of their suitability to the game plan, but that has to change now. We need form based selections for the remainder of the year to keep the members sane (where suitable replacements are available of course). The first that springs to mind is Pruess for Tmac. Lockhart for Spargo. Literally anyone for Jones. What exactly is Goody's threshold on when our strategy needs to be reviewed and changed? Ever? At this rate all the good work of getting to 50k members will be lost and we'll go backward next year. How much longer do you reckon the club can actually survive without a flag? The iron was primed and hot in 2019, we ain't striking it though.
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