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  1. Of course. I'll bet my bottom dollar anyone saying they won't will still come on here week to week to talk footy next year. The trick is to not base your entire life and happiness around a footy team! Everyone is disappointed, but if you are actually at the point where you feel you cant mentally go on supporting a footy team who's having a bad year, then yeah it's probably for the best - see ya later!
  2. Fair point. Lever has obviously struggled since the knee issues, but one thing I constantly see when hes on the park is him barking orders at other players. Jones and Viney are seemingly incapable of doing this, probably because they don't have the footy IQ to direct play. Sure, Lever would be a risk to promote as the knee could go again, but the last thing we need is more captains like Jones and Viney. I don't actually mind the Melksham suggestion either tbh. May is obviously another good option, but I reckon we should be looking for a captain that has 7-8 years left in them, not 3-4. Stability is desperately needed everywhere in our team, and captaincy is no exception.
  3. Is it just me or are the media trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here? "Almighty spray"? How do they come to that conclusion? Does anyone have audio on what was said? I must be missing something here, otherwise once again the media are purely speculating. Obviously this is a frustrating year for all and I'm sure tensions are at boiling point everywhere. I guess we have no one to blame but ourselves for giving the media nothing much else to talk about ...
  4. I think Max does enough and doesn't need the burden of captaining. That and he doesnt really show the on field generalship expected of a captain, although he certainly leads by example with his effort and output. Just let Max do what he does best - play great footy. Lever for mine.
  5. When you are in a positive to predict that, please let me know so I can put a bunch of money in my sportsbet account. Thanks in advance!
  6. What is finals success? Making the finals? Winning a final? Premiership?
  7. I'm not a fan of him as a captain, but if ld rather him on our side than to play against us.
  8. Footy is a billion dollar industry. Is it any surprise that its management has fallen upon businessman concerned mostly with a bottom line?
  9. Id guess the reason could be that we understand Hore is a known quantity and obviously best 22 next year, so we are giving Omac one last look in a new role to see if we can get anything out of him other than being back half depth. That's what I'd be doing at this stage anyway.
  10. Our ruckman being named in a notional team that could never actually exist is truly of little concern. Wake me up when AA selection translates into winning games.
  11. We know how bad we are right now. What does digging up increasingly obscure stats to prove it actually do for us at this stage?
  12. This has already been analysed ad nauseam.
  13. Dumb thread This place would be better if the creation of threads was vetted by admins.
  14. Whether they are giving a legacy star a sendoff game or not is quite different to talking about the internal processes of a footy department. I'm sure you'd get a similar response from Goody right now if Jones were playing for Casey and on his last year right now. I don't recall many candid media appearances from Clarkson which divulge the internal workings, vision and roadmap of their footy department ...
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