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  1. Really liking that metaphor earl haha made me laugh. Thank you
  2. I promised my 6 month old multiple times since she was born in October last year that she was born at the right time to be a demon haha
  3. this is going to be a very telling post game interview from goody. I want to see him angry. I want to see him irrational. If I have to listen to him telling us that this isn’t our brand and that we will improve I will lose it.
  4. Looking forward to the number 1 draft pick next year
  5. Probably not the right game for terms like "blood bath" mate
  6. The in’s are good for sure. Crunch time for jeffy, do it now or probably face delistment and end of career. Got a feeling he’ll be on tomorrow night. Stretch and Lockhart have potential to add value. ANB if he finds some late 2018 type form could be important (not holding my breath for this one). Tim Smith up forward makes sense now jeffy is back, happy for bull to replace tmac who really needs to go back to CHB for the foreseeable future. Just make a contest, tmac has hardly been giving us that so an upgrade here is a low hanging fruit. All things considered, plenty riding on jeffy right now to have a day out with some ground ball. Hope he fires, he’s absolutely brilliant when he’s on. Carn Jeffy ... Obviously expecting a loss but a certain little fire inside me will never die.
  7. I accept this, such is my lack of enthusiasm for anything demons related right now. Other than whinging on demonland of course.
  8. And you think keeping Jesse here against his will would yield better results? He not exactly a professional ... we all agreed an established key defender was what we needed and the club got one.
  9. Why Though? We don’t play the G that well at all, haven’t for awhile. From memory we mostly just beat poor teams at home last year. Happy to be corrected cause I can’t be bothered looking it up.
  10. If we were a genuine contender last year, we wouldn’t be sitting 17th right now. Get your point but cost us a possible premiership? Loooong bow
  11. We needed to pinch the flag last year a la doggies 2016. We are well and truly headed down the same path minus the chocolates of a random unexpected flag. Classic Melbourne.
  12. Disagree. Rather a boss who relentlessly pursues the best interests of the club, not one that backs down to the first sign of resistance by stakeholders.
  13. I wouldn't take our website as gospel, it's quite poorly run this year.
  14. Imagine if all bosses in the world were like this. Bad 5 weeks? Sack a bunch of key people. Sounds brutal and shortsighted at best. Not saying these 3 aren't part of the problem right now, but I'm failing to see any reasoned logic behind such a significant restructure so early in the season. Say we did sack these 3 effective immediately, and went on to lose the next 5 games with new guys, do we do the same again? Do we even have the funds to breach contracts like these so indiscriminately? 2019 is obviously a write off, and honestly that's not the worst thing in the world. Our linear improvement had to come to a halt at some point. The remainder of the season should be focused on developing young kids and giving game time to those who we think may contribute to the senior team over the next few years, getting some continuity wherever possible into our best 22 without taking any risks and giving the coaching staff the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of 2019 so far and correct them. I would support sacking Chaplin and McCartney at season end if we finish bottom 4, because frankly even though a step backward for us right now statistically is pretty normal, that's a too far of a step. But we may as well use the rest of this wasted season to see if they are capable of correcting the ships course. I am worried about the arrival of Pert and the decline in many elements of culture. Players calling each other out, leaking of information ... its really concerning. I wish Jackson stayed on, Pert is making me incredibly nervous.
  15. Brace yourselves, the armchair high performance dieticians are coming
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