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  1. The players are looking in great shape. Obviously sticking to the program has helped and getting an early start. Sparrow is shaping up to be a powerful unit.
  2. Preuss must have asked for the Max Gawn off season program. He has trimmed right down.
  3. I think there was mention of him being in the rehab group for starters. Just going to work his way into it.
  4. I think we should have a go. You’d think he has leaned his lesson now. I thought he showed some really good signs at Collingwood.
  5. Petracca has said he wants more mid time. So I suspect Burgess will strip him back a bit. But he’s very valuable in the forward line so we’ll have to get the split right.
  6. Not opposed to recruiting this guy. Will be decent depth as a role player up forward. Probably fight ANB for a spot. Looks like he might be off to giants and we haven’t been linked.
  7. I’ll have to do a bit more research but as it stands if we keep 3+8 I’ll be happy with 2 of Young Serong Stephens Weightman Flanders.
  8. I heard Mahoney on MMM this morning. He said he is still on the phone this weekend. Didn’t go into specifics but sounds like we’ll be looking at splitting the pick.
  9. Pick 30 will do it. Hawks might want to give up less but seems they’re pretty keen.
  10. Yep. I heard it. Talked Frost down basically saying he did well but we had a lot of players out. Something along those lines. Didn’t sound like there was an option for Frost to stay.
  11. We’ll probably be looking to use that money. So it’s a possibility.
  12. I think he was a lot safer with ball in hand than Frost. Chip was AA.
  13. Agree. However Clarkson generally won’t play guys in the back half with his foot skills and decision making.
  14. The club is looking like they are going to back in Burgess to get May and Lever up and running. Also Hawthorn seemingly value Frost more than us. I like Frost but we can be easily seduced by Frost Ball. But he’s too much of a liability by foot. He needs to be contained somewhat. Maybe hawks more confident of doing this. Hopefully hawks give us more than a token pick.
  15. I’m thinking we definitely need small forwards. No idea if Chandler or Bedford will make it. I think if we split the pick we’ll draft Weightman. Not sure why we wouldn’t be looking at Butler.
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