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  1. Absolutely. Nixon got a bit desperate when Sheahan wouldn’t play his game.
  2. This is the latest from Nixon. Sounds like a cop out. Doubt this is what he was eluding to.
  3. Nixon backed up Quicker than a dunny in Delhi once he got called out for starting the Rance stuff.
  4. I’m sure I read somewhere that KK would be ramping things up after the break. I couldn’t find the article but pretty sure there was an update recently on a training article.
  5. Cheers for all the reports. I think they’d be just managing the loads of a few players particularly Viney.
  6. Our draft was played down due to the perceived idea of taking a player at 3 that we didn’t need and a small forward at 12 that we need but could have got later. I think it’s universally agreed we did well with Rivers at 32. Jackson at 3 wasn’t a reach. At least a handful of other recruiters would have taken him at 3. Taylor doesn’t think he is only a ruck and has the agility to play key forward or even as a mid. Interestingly Twomey said he’s more advanced than Grundy at the same age. Pickett at 12 I did think may have been a reach. However I feel he wouldn’t have likely got to another pick had we traded. Word was hawks and port were keen and possibly dogs. There actually wasn’t another player like him in the draft. Weightman is a very good small forward but doesn’t have the pressure Pickett does. The notion you can get players as rucks through trading and small forwards later in the draft and as rookies is fine. But why not take a chance on these guys who we have right in front of us. Plus Jackson has massive scope to improve. I’d give us a B. I think we’ve done well. But I understand that we may have reached on Pickett and gone Young over Jackson. Which I’d have been fine with to. But I’m happy with how it panned our. The trade with Freo was very savvy to help us land Rivers. I like the kid reckon he’s going to be at least a very good player.
  7. I’d love to get Pickett. But 10 feels a reach to me. Although I wonder how keen the Hawk are at 11. Pickett is the type we need. But I think we’ll be able to split 10 and get him.
  8. What I’d want to know is the improvements or lack thereof from last year. Or prior. Some players like ANB Jones and Tmac are aerobic beasts. They’ve constantly been up the front for years. They are most likely natural runners. Trac and Clarry aren’t likely to finish up them top but I’d like to see improvement from these guys. Which I assume we are. Also I wasn’t aware Bedford was such a good runner.
  9. There was some video put up on twitter of AVB doing some leading and marking types drills. Seemed to be moving freely.
  10. The players are looking in great shape. Obviously sticking to the program has helped and getting an early start. Sparrow is shaping up to be a powerful unit.
  11. Preuss must have asked for the Max Gawn off season program. He has trimmed right down.
  12. I think there was mention of him being in the rehab group for starters. Just going to work his way into it.
  13. I think we should have a go. You’d think he has leaned his lesson now. I thought he showed some really good signs at Collingwood.
  14. Petracca has said he wants more mid time. So I suspect Burgess will strip him back a bit. But he’s very valuable in the forward line so we’ll have to get the split right.
  15. Not opposed to recruiting this guy. Will be decent depth as a role player up forward. Probably fight ANB for a spot. Looks like he might be off to giants and we haven’t been linked.
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