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  1. From what Mahoney said at the time of trade it seems he hen wasn’t a good influence on the group. I looked for the article recently but couldn’t find it. From what Mahoney said it’d be a fair old back flip to get him back.
  2. Puopolo worth a look? Should be a DFA or token late pick. Heard perhaps we’ve met with him or his management.
  3. It’s a no from me. We moved him on due to culture and work ethic issues. He was much loved by the demons supporters and his teammates. But he’s not coming back. We didn’t develop him properly but not sure he really ever had the commitment either.
  4. Must be saving them up for an all in one announcement extravaganza.
  5. I’m all for keeping Goody. But if he left now I’d go for Ross Lyon. He gets the best out of lists. We have the talent. He will give us a shot at a flag. Also he hasn’t been too bad at rebuilding Freo. They copped a lot of injuries this year. There are the speculated off field concerns that he puts people off side and that can be destabilising. But the Pert link is there.
  6. I think when we picked up Lever we had room for another big recruit. We then lost Hogan and got May. So there will be money. As you said Lewis Garlett and Jones will free up around a million. I also don’t think any of Langdon Tomlinson or Elliott would be demanding massive money. From the sounds of it we have Tomlinson and Langdon all but signed up. Elliott probably likely to stay at Collingwood.
  7. I was talking to a mate today. They really lack grunt and an accumulator. Rowell not that big but I assume could be a bit like Prestia only slightly taller perhaps. I reckon they’ll go Rowell if they had to take one. Also he’s more of a sure thing early on.
  8. And Moore. It’s a nightmare for them. Imagine the dollars being thrown at JDG and Grundy next year. And if Moore somehow had an injury free year next year they’ll be pleading for them to take less. I think Elliot will likely stay but he might get a few more dollars in the contract.
  9. The talk of Papley got a top 10 pick is ridiculous. He’s good but not that good. The fact he’s contracted for a few more years might mean a desperate club could offer it.
  10. I take it Tom is a bit confused. Doubt we’d take him at 3. But perhaps if we split the pick we’ll take him. Kind of player we need.
  11. Today was probably the best we’ve played for a while. Really dominated the clearances and contested footy at times. Just lacked the polish. And that’s what cost us in the end. Maxy was huge and should be the next captain of this club. Fritsch will be a perma forward. Trac played some good footy in the middle. Hopefully spends more time there next year. The end of the game summed our season up. I was not looking forward to watching the game but as I mentioned probably the best we’ve played for a while.
  12. I think we are going to still lack experience next year. If he’s happy to also play some footy at Casey then I’d be happy to bring him in for a year. Doubt he’d want to do it though.
  13. I doubt we’ll give up anything more than our second rounder.
  14. The AFL wouldn’t admit that being a reason. But if it is then the current administration need to step down.
  15. I’m not a fan of them getting a PP after their first. Should be end of first. They have enough young talent. Gil and co need to put work into player retention.
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