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  1. As much as we got screwed by the umpires, we shot ourselves in the foot by missing so many shots in the first 3 quarters. Jeffy and Trac could have closed the game. Hopefully they can take confidence from the opportunities and kick a bit straighter next week. Marty Hore continues to be a great find. I thought Baker showed some good signs. Gawn was mammoth and Harmes continued some good form. I love Clarry and his effort but he needs to be more considered with his disposal. Also might be time for Gus to go back into the middle. Maybe Jones at half forward.
  2. Corey Gregson has been mentioned. Very injury prone previously though. Playing for Glenelg this year and apparently going ok.
  3. Preuss for Keilty ANB for Melksham Baker it Petty for Hibberd We don’t really have many defenders left. I can’t see them debuting Jordan just yet. Wagner has been in good form in the VFL but we don’t necessarily want another small forward in.
  4. ANB a certainty now with the injuries. But yes he’ll cover the ground well with his tank.
  5. Loved the show for years when I’d never miss an episode. But have barely watched in recent years. Didn’t see a minute of it this year. Front Bar much better.
  6. Happy for Dec Keilty to get another crack. Thought ANB was stiff to miss out. Viney has to come in if fit and not risking further serious injury. Every game a must win now.
  7. Tipping the Swans tonight. By a couple of goals.
  8. No doubt he was replaced by May. But we lacked an interceptor.
  9. I was surprised they dropped Hore after round one. He’s been fantastic and exactly the type of player we need with Lever out. I was surprised Lockhart has come in off a VFL preseason and has had the impact he has. Looking forward to him for the rest of the year. Should build confidence after the weekend.
  10. Whilst I agree with Lewis being dropped, I don’t even bother putting it out there. We all know he won’t be dropped.
  11. Preuss in for Keilty. Not that Keilty was poor but Preuss really impacted when he has played. I’d give Weideman more time to get consistent form. Viney in for Stretch. Which I don’t like saying as I’d love them to give Billy a month or so. Not sure who else we’d drop for him. Maybe Garlett.
  12. Trac wasn’t our worst last night. But he looks bereft if confidence. Made some uncharacteristic fumbles and lacked the flair he has shown prior. I was thinking a Brayshaw type run at Casey could help. Just to get some confidence.
  13. I think Preuss showed enough to be in the round one team. Unless he stinks it up on JLT. I’ll just be interested to see how it works with Tmac Weideman an Preuss. Preuss brings a huge amount of aggression and could no doubt cause a fair amount of havoc for opposition defenders. What Friday showed though was Gawn’s ruck minutes won’t be taking a hit and he’s a dominant ruckman. His work rate is first class.
  14. Some great reports on here. Good insight from some of the player chats. Sounds like we are being extra cautious with the rehab group. But as mentioned the guys are running hard. Loving the reports on Trac. Seems in good shape and hopefully a big year to come.
  15. It’s a little worrying. I’ll be keeping an eye on things I once training recommences. However I think his footwear causes issues at times. So perhaps he rarely wears that type of shoe. Hopefully all good.
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