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  1. Oliver can be rusty at the best of times by hand he is elite however he can do better by being cleaner. A young man with the greatest of potential. IMO his kicking looks wobbly when belting it high into the forward 50 sometimes. Like playing kick to kick in the school yard. He just knows how to get that ball like a hungry bear looking for a feed. He is an A grader in my eyes however you have your opinion.
  2. Melbourne boy through and through. Durable and gives you his all. It was always hands off don't touch me out there l am a Demon ! C grade ??? "C" IS FOR CLASS AND COURAGEOUS.
  3. 'Just bring it on we will do well l am sure of that . We have picked up 2 quality interstaters that wanted to be at our club and that is a good sign. We have a chance for a great preseason certainly due. Tmac, Jetta, and a fitter May and Lever also a refreshed Hannan, Vanders and the list goes on Hopefully we are on our way to a great 2020 season. I am not wishing l am expecting it, the list is there.
  4. Many great names mentioned and they were good Frank Davis in the 60s and John Beckwith in the 50s and both captains of our club. The one that stands out for me is Alan Johnson a WA recruited in the early 80s and a classy wingman who collected 2 x B&F 's and finished his career playing in the back pocket till his mid 30s he spent half of his playing time there. Read the ball so well that he turned defence into attack and kicked the ball quite a long way. and linked so well. Remember him saying that Phil krakour was his opposition playing in the forward pocket at the start of the game Alan replied why are you grabbing my jumper aren't l supposed to stop you from getting the pill? Phil replied I have been told to tag you and not let you out of my sight. Played the perfect Back pocket game in the 1988 Elimination Final against WCE.
  5. Clayton is a machine a robot and will enjoy his success's for years to come. His season was not of what his capable of IMO he can be a little cleaner with with hands and be able to kick more goals in a season. I believe in 2020 he will be able to take the next step now that he has played 80 odd games. Now that is quite scary.
  6. He was one of a few players that played his role consistently and was more accurately than in recent years. If he had a little support with delivery into the forward line he would have scored more goals. He is due for a breakout year and if anyone can do it then Petrac can.
  7. When Harmes gets going he can be a match winner no doubt and proved it against the hawks when he put in a last quarter blinder to help us over the line. Is durable and fits into a tagging role without fuss. Has nullified some very good opposition since being used as a tagger in the midfield. Harmes is a valuable team member and he has plenty of scope to be even better than he is. ' A' GRADE Quality material.
  8. The only thing missing from his game is the Captaincy. Apart from that I cannot fault great man.
  9. And Harmes would tag one of their mids out of the game like he had done to gun players previously. Ask Danger Yablet Pendles and others. He will bounce back. However his season was better than many others.he doesn't necessarily need to bounce back. I think you must have missed games along the way. Did you watch any games?
  10. Please ! spare me Bucks. You are delusional. Harmes a C ? No comment. For OMAC and J Smith it would be flattering. Delusional on all scales. Make your judgement on the Hawks.
  11. We will be judged all through the 2020 season and it is up to the players to silence the critics. It is not just the media it is also us supporters who support them. We are the critics as well. Less injuries and good recruiting can help.
  12. How did you deduce that? If you read my previous posts l have supported Gawny all the way for captain. Why should he give up the number 11 that Jimmy Stynes wore ? Max has a personal attachment to it. End of explanation.
  13. 1 + 1 = 11 You can't count.
  14. You can count the games he played on my fingers and there was not much to be enthused about so far. l can't see what others see.in him. I hope he proves me wrong . However he never earned or deserved his spot in the preliminary final in 2018.
  15. He gave us hope and then took it away with a kick in the guts. Playing dirty. Whats new these days?
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