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  1. Get Watts back Beg him to come back and that all is forgiven. Make him the kicking to position coach, Make him help Petracca adjust his kicking for goal coach. He would give confidence to the Weid him being there. However it is all impossible. HALF JOKING However l wonder.
  2. I have liked many of your posts but sometimes l have scratched my head with you being ruthless with a player because he does not satisfy your liking for the way he plays. I don't think you mean it sometimes. He has his faults but his football this year has been more consistent without hitting the scoreboard with the so called goals. Petrac has held his own and is well entrenched in our best 22. IMO he will get better and if traded what makes you so sure the he will be the equal or better. The chances are they won't be better. And for the kids sake he Petrac probably needs a break or rest like some we are carrying at the minute. He can play better footy because he has the potential however depends what you and others think what his best footy looks like.
  3. The umpire in question is Dalgleish, dumb umpiring and no feel for the game. A Western Australian who supports the Eagles. You may remember we had him and Margetts ( another WA boy) against the Eagles on their turf this year. Hope we don't get them this week against the Eagles.
  4. I have read your OP and l can understand your reasoning. In my opinion, Gus is a valuable asset and Whitfield l would say is out of our reach and that goes for many other clubs as well. Lever May and Whitfield and a host of our mains stayers we might be juggling with the salary cap so to speak.
  5. Trade GUS! I don't think so. He has the yips however he will need to regroup like many of our personnel in the side and kickstart after another preseason and be prepared mentally for 2020. Gus is a professional and at the top of his game is a key weapon in the midfield. Gus was injured today and most likely had to run out a corky in the butt and he was on the ground for a good 20 seconds. Maybe he needs a spell. Why would you want to trade him ? Who would you get ? Is he going to be a better pickup? NOT LIKELY. Bring this thread to the fore in 2020 if you need to. Lets wait and see what happens.
  6. Gawn must be disgruntled with his performance in the ruck today. He gave away 2 free kicks for blocking his opponent or was he blocking the umpires view? You blind MAGGOT! NO. 7 Umpire I don't think he knew himself. One of your decisions cost us a goal. Umpire Dalgleish from WA. We don't want you for next weeks game against the Weasels! You blind BAT!
  7. The muppet of ??? says trade is for Two 1st rounders and Two of Their best players for a Clarry who would win their next 10 B&F's. NO NO NO! you can't have Clarry. Look somewhere else. Would GOD go to the G Coast ?
  8. 3 rotations down in the last Quarter and to trail for the first time after being as much as 38 points up 20 odd minutes in and it looked as though we were dead and buried. We found something and scratched away picked ourselves up and fought back as it was an amazing last 5 mins. To see the faces of the devastated Blues supporters was something. That could easily have been me and worse.
  9. How important was Preuss in the ruck 44 HO 14 poss 5 marks a great replacement for Gawn. How good to have both of them playing together ? With Preuss's performance today he might have cemented a spot in the side for a number of weeks ahead. Goody would have been rapt with his performance as he outpointed Kreuzer.
  10. S May is a very good player however say it once whatever there was to say and don't harp on it. It wasn't a good look IMO and it is that, an opinion. I would not want to be belittled by a mistake that was made and be told off for it by my team mate. Goody says it is healthy then ask Frosty as you can see he wasn't happy about words that were said to him. Frosty will still make mistakes as all players do as it is part of the game. S M take it out on the opposition however but make sure you don't get suspended for the upteenth time or it reflects badly on you.
  11. Come on ! We played a side with hardly any injuries during the year today and on their ground where they had lost just one game this year. FGS Let Goody be. l think if we struggle like this in 2020 then there would be a reason to go for the jugular. However not just yet, give him the space and let him finish the season with some dignity. It would have been different if we had a healthy side to pick from and be in the position that we are at the moment. No the side is not healthy just yet and it will possibly won't be until hopefully at the beginning of the practice games of 2020. In the meantime l will support the club that i have done all my life and won't be any different for the years l am around. I have the faith.
  12. It has been that sort of year for us, just struggling to get some sort of game style going. No more excuses just play the one's who want to play for their football lives and who want to put the jumper on with pride. Just bring in Preuss and let him prove to you Goody that he can play the level. Another who is playing for his football life is JKH and now is a good time to prove himself to you as well as he has had consistent form for weeks. Have to keep positive for what it is worth and have to find some courage and some character for it has been missing for quite sometime. I think that l need to regroup for next week to watch us play the Blues.It's going to be hard to do but l will find a way by then.
  13. Do you want me to sit there all day and write you a book on Yze or were you being sarcastic? DERR!!!! What would you like to catch me out on? Better player playing HF and kicking goals. This is not a nit picking session, PLEASE ...
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