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  1. I think it is 50 dollars per head Hawks to the SLAUGHTER ! Taste like chicken MMMMMMMMM.
  2. He will have to show SOMETHING! in his pre season games to even get a look in IMO. He has played 11 afl games has had his injury concerns. l don't know what you see in him to even talk about him let alone making it in the 22 . He would have to improve and impress immensely and take his chances if given an opportunity. Good luck he will need it. They are my thoughts.
  3. Love to beat the West Coast in Perth round 1 convincingly to the tune of 10 goals and make that statement. Could set us up for the remainder of the year. I like to see Petracca kick 7 straight goals in a match winning display in the Queens birthday game. Being free of any major injuries.
  4. The Blocks have been building for the last five years and a hand accidentally slipped and knocked some off in 2019. They are now back on with with the help of steady hands and will continue to build in 2020. We are almost there no doubt. I have faith. We are not that far away.
  5. If the list isn't prepaid for the season proper with injuries and surgeries inevitably you don't expect to be playing at your best. There are always reasons why a team is on the up or stagnating or struggling. However we have our reasons and now we have the chance to turn it around and it has to be with the head down and bottom's up approach so to speak. With the new recruits and the football department in shipshape our list looks to be in a healthy state and that said there is no reason to think that we cannot finish in the top 4 . I don't expect any less with the list we built over the last five years We have suffered enough. IMO l think the boys know that and they feel the same l am sure. Top for no less.
  6. The magic of Jack Dyer Call .......... Gets it over to Robbie Flower who comes down the ground Robbie Flower deep into the Goooals put down your glasses it is straight through the centre........ that's good direct football Melbourne much better football over to you.... Ian Major. Remembering the late 70's.
  7. Yes that's true Phil Rhoden, not so much his drop kicks but his torpedo's punt kicks were so precise with the days it was like showing off his torpedo skills. It was always the perfect spin in the air as the crowd would sigh in awe almost all the time. Although he never had much of the ball in his games and played.mainly in the reserves.
  8. Peter Giles started his career at Sandringham before moving to Melbourne played 120 odd games He was cut short with a knee injury when he slid into a goal post at the MCG city end. I was there mid 80s ( bad with dates) I am. Finish his career at Prahran and in 1988 played a season with brother Glenn and Scott. He also served as chairman of selectors at Prahran for a season .
  9. He proved himself in late 2018 with minimal preparation played 7 games 3 of them in the finals and held his own. He is ready to go in 2020 and is like a new recruit. Hard at the man and ball midfielder that can play forward and hopefully the injuries are behind him. A 37 game veteran that plays like a 200 gamer.
  10. Goddard doesn't have to inform the world that what most already know. I could have done that and saved him the trouble.
  11. Sentiments HMMMMM! 1.Jones, 2. Gawn, 3.Oliver 4. Viney 5.. Happy Jack Watts 6.Jetta 7. Bernie boy Vince 8?........9?....10>>>> I hope our next Decade is something special to talk about.
  12. Interesting topic, IMO you can pick more than 4 to fit into the top 4 teams as there would not be a permanent 15 or so players in each of the top 4 sides. However I can pick one to fit into the Ricmond team, and replace the retiring A Rance and that is OMAC. We can ask for a future first.
  13. Alex Rance was a great player and even the greatest of players have lowered their colours on occasions. He was the general down back full stop! That is what we need S May to be for us. It goes along way to success. His influence was second to none and in one way l am glad that he won't be playing against us but admire him for his love for his club and comradery. A great player and a great career, Well done
  14. May losing 6 k's is certainly a happy chappy. and that is a plus for the team. Speaks well and expecting him to do well and stay injury free He is pumped for 2020.
  15. As it turned out New Zealand reminded me of Melbourne. They came over to play an away game with a reputation of being an all round side solid with the bat and stars with abundance of talent etc... and they were blown out of the water. SUCH IS LIFE.
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