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  1. There isn't a right or wrong, Ed is passionate about the club he loves as l am. A paid up member this club is a part of my life and is a part of my Family. I won't chase a refund even if l don't get to go to a game this year. I want my club to be viable if l can help in a small way. That doesn't mean that others shouldn't ask for a refund. That is their option. Paid up member for 39 years and I can right off this year as well it seems. However l will be back the following year as a paid up Member to the day l die but that is me and not everyone has the same view. Ed is passionate for his club and I admire that. It is something that some pf our supporters lack and that is being passionate about our club. Unfortunately.
  2. Matthew Mahoney played 6 games from 1989 to 1992 200cm Ruckman ACT. Ed LEES 1967-68 8 games 8 goal 194cm CHF tall clumsey couldn't hold a mark .Ex ammo UNI Blacks. Fabian Francis played 1 game in 1991 22 games for Bris and 86 for Port Adelaide. Small roving type come goal sneak..
  3. You have touched my heart star of the 80s You will always remember the time with your Dad.Thanks for letting us read your letter.
  4. Who really had a good year in 2019? . Very few boys. However Gus is better than that and it takes a collective of our very good players to turn it around not just a handful. ALL IN.! Gus has plenty to offer yet his 2019 year wasn't as good as 2018 it was still fair and held his own playing mainly on the wing. 574 poss in 2018 and 90 less in 2019 he has plenty to offer at just 24 years of age. I am more than happy that he is playing for our club.
  5. Pickett Jeff Farmer like. Langdon Good first up. Gawn was outpointed today. Viney Classy, Heart, courageous. Spargo back to basics. Lockhart Is getting better. May did his part. Oscar Better than bro. Hibberd not hard enough. Fritch must kick goals. Petracca played his role. Oliver look for someone. Tomlinson Forgive first up. Jetta must make adjustments. Melksham one goal Hmmmmm! Goodwin must be wondering.
  6. Spargo missed his targets and made or linked in with passes with the opposition for 2 goals . Amazing he looked good for them. OMG. Spargo played his best game for the Eagles. How do you work that out? It did happen.IMO.
  7. Cannot play Spargo and Bedford in the same side. We are too small otherwise, Spargo has lost it or never had it and Bedford has a long way to go.. Jones and Salem both missed. for setups and grunt.
  8. Young Jackson misses selection however he will be chomping at the bit to be playing soon for the red and the blue. Ready but has to wait his turn. Congrats to Kossy and Toby i am sure you will do us proud. I cannot wait for the crowd to scream there lungs out at the bounce of the ball. It will be deafening!
  9. Good on you Mitch well done. A fit and healthy you comes first in our eyes It won't take you long to break back into the side. Good things come to good people.
  10. Gary Hardeman's are one in a generation.
  11. LJ can certainly play as we have seen in the pre season games . If the match committee think that they have a spot for him to help the team cause then he will play. I think it is early however he can be managed. Remember J Watts was another that in a way had pressure on him to perform and we know the history. IMO LJ will make an inpact when he is given the chance but he would have to earn it not just given to him.
  12. Clarkson might be a very good coach but he is having a brain freeze. However he might be thinking of his pockets as he will be looking for a higher salary . Less two players is not the answer for your pocket and for the sake of our game. Leave the game and your thoughts to yourself the game is doing fine. Doc C .....................Please !!!!!
  13. That is ok with the comments you came out with Jeremy. The thing is that the Melbourne boys are competitive as all the clubs are. they do not forget certain comment at the club. The problem is that they won't forget it and will use it for motivation. It will be just what we need. It could cost the wobbles a spot in the eight in the end of things. I wouldn't be too disappointed if you injured yourself somehow. You played 100 games for us and became an automatic MCC member for the achievement. You don't get that from a feral football club as the one you are playing for.
  14. Cannot stop hating The Colliwobbles . It was put to me in the late 50s the most hated since 1958. Stopped us for a 4th successive flag. to equal their run. Essendon because of their feral supporters. feral feral feral .... Hawthorn because they have been so successful and their supporters have been spoiled.
  15. All l am focused on is seeing Melbourne stepping in the the right direction. They have made the necessary changes and the new skipper sits well with me. Max and Jack are our prime leaders with the best of support behind them. I sense the readiness from the guys as round 1 can't come quick enough for them. Good times ahead.
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