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  1. For sure, I thought we were gone. And we should have been, really, as the Blues had their chances. Like every other MFC supporter, I will now spend the next week in the baseless hope that last week was an aberration and that the real Demons will stand up next week...
  2. I got used to no footy during lockdown. I kind of missed it, but it wasn't like I was chomping at the bit to see us back because the game against the Eagles was a painful reminder that we learnt nothing in the off-season and Goody clearly doesn't know what he's doing. And here we are. Footy is back. My team just won and I'm sadder than I have been in the last 3 months because it's painfully obvious that we are a very, very average team. I guess what I'm saying is that during lockdown my team was terrible but at least I couldn't see them be terrible and I could pretend they aren't, or at least it didn't matter (i.e. there are bigger things than footy etc.) Sigh, tough times. I need a drink.
  3. 1 point winners over the Blues! Look at us, giant killers... It doesn't get any better than that! .... It's going to be a very long, short season.
  4. Jack played much better without the weight of captaincy. It's a shame he wasn't joined by the rest of the team, as a whole.
  5. I don't think 'crapola' is used enough. But I also think it probably only applies in very certain circumstances. But that was, in fact, crapola.
  6. If not for Corona, we would be subjected to more of the same for the next 2+ months. It's definitely not a 'thank god for corona' situation, but geez it has pulled its weight in helping us to avoid certain embarrassment. Maybe by 31 May, provided everything is ok, we will be better? We'll be better, right?
  7. Self-loathing? ... Yeah, that's when you're in the last couple of days in the world as you know it, and still subject yourself to this torture. I deserve no better. I'm going to watch this until the end, and then count the sheets on my few remaining toilet rolls.
  8. Guys, it's all about the forward connection!
  9. He hasn't been himself for quite some time.
  10. When we're all in lockdown/self-isolation, maybe Goody will run out of Mad About You reruns, and finally watch 'that' prelim, and maybe this game, too. For lolz, of course, because it's clear he doesn't know what to do about it.
  11. Ah, that's what happens when two of our 'defence' can't be stuffed manning up. The old double ditcheroo.
  12. After watching the first half, I'm certain the team has the coronavirus. The symptoms are all there: - Fatigue (walking around) - Coughing (up the ball) - Fever (explains the poor decision making) Hoping for a full recovery in time to make the finals this year...
  13. I blame the feral crowd, influencing umpire decisions etc.
  14. I hope Gil calls the season right now. At least we can say we COULD have won this/improved this year etc.
  15. If we lose this, and the season is cancelled entirely, we would finish winless - which, to be fair, was a distinct possibility if we continued to play like this.
  16. It's early, but 2020 reminds me a lot of 2019, except for Corona. I guess i50 entries wasn't addressed in the off season? On the upside, Langdon looks great. Kosi and Trac exciting, too. Also, we're being out coached again.
  17. Not all perfect, but it didn't have to be, and we did something we haven't done in a long time, take control and run a game out! We actually look fit. So many positives. Fritter, Tomlinson, Trac, Langdon, Lockhart, Lever, Milkshake. Like what I see of Jackson and Bedford. I think we'll beat the Eagles in R1. We're coming in with some form and by the looks of it self belief. Can't wait!
  18. Loving this setup. Fritter needs to stay up forward. Tomlinson and Langdon look great. Trac awesome. Like what I'm seeing from Bedford and Jackson up forward. Great signs! Harmes needs to stay in the middle.
  19. Wait, so the whole team is responsible for on field leadership... making each person as responsible, accountable and empowered and as the next?! Preposterous! (I love this)
  20. This is fantastic news. No unnecessary, confusing shared captaincy gig, and the right man is now in the role. Jack can focus on being a bull, Gawny inspires the troops. Now let's get to winning that flag.
  21. I feel sick in my guts agreeing with Cornes. But I do... Last year we started underdone, lazy and with an air of entitlement, which contributed to the outcome. This year we're doubling down on that stupidity with a pre-emptive success story. It takes balls, or unchecked levels of ignorance and arrogance to do something like that. Kane said it well, we need to read the room. Anyway, I don't know why, especially after the horror of last year, we don't just fly under the radar. Say absolutely nothing in the preseason. And I mean NOTHING. Not just some straight bat responses, but a "thank you for your question, but we're dedicating all our energy to combating the horror or last year, together with our recent, substantial, history". Then come out at first bounce, stealth like, and wallop everyone with all the skills we mustered, and show off the fitness results from Burgess etc. They'll never see it coming because as of right now, we're still a basket case... ... And we said nothing! THEN we make/release the documentary. #stealth
  22. Haha sorry @chook fowler that was a bit of a riff on this discussion, in relation to the video showing some of Harley's highlights.
  23. I'm feeling pretty good about this! It's risky, but a potentially hugely rewarding thing for a (finally) forward thinking MFC to do! This would be caviar on the cake.
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