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  1. Haha sorry @chook fowler that was a bit of a riff on this discussion, in relation to the video showing some of Harley's highlights.
  2. I'm feeling pretty good about this! It's risky, but a potentially hugely rewarding thing for a (finally) forward thinking MFC to do! This would be caviar on the cake.
  3. Works hard, improves every year, and loves the club - GREAT OUTCOME! Even more exciting is that with some depth in our midfield, he can be used better (stop roles when necessary etc), which means that he'll continue to grow. I can see James holding up the cup one day, beaming with the unique joy of a childhood dream being realised.
  4. So we've possibly narrowed this down to 3 cities? Haha (I appreciate Harley seems to have indicated that he wants to play in Melbourne).
  5. Looks good, although he could mean the scG (incidentally, what do Sydneysiders call their ground? Ours is the G because there's no point in saying the M bit, so surely it's the same in Sydney). All that aside, I think we're looking pretty good. I hope Harley sees the promise and genuine excitement in our future, and not the dark cloud of potential basket case that seems to look above us every year.
  6. Totally agree, although to be fair these 'lowly' teams looked (and finished) a great deal better than us this year. While we're clearly capable of a lot more and should correct it next year, from the outside, these guys are probably wondering whether we'll be a basket case again next year and therefore avoid us, and choose one of the teams that are on the up. But still, would love to see this get done. I think we'll have a great year and Harley would be a pretty exciting part of that.
  7. Pretty low risk here, but the potential reward is huge. We're a club with nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why the hell not? Worst case is he doesn't get on the park and can hang out with Vanders in the gym?
  8. I think it's great that we're playing the Eagles away first up. If this year was an aberration, and the boys put in a massive offseason, and we truly mean business in 2020, then this is the perfect way to start the year. We can punish the team that embarrassed us in 2018 and get other teams asking questions. A lot of IFs, I know - with the entirely possible outcome being that we get thumped (Kelly with 4 goals and a bajillion assists), but I actually think we'll come out on top and it'll kickstart our premiership season. It's been a long day, dream with me. Look out yonder.
  9. Phew, was worried for a second we'd continue to keep this list clogger for another year. I wish him well with a very brave second club, but am happy we're finally making some good, long overdue decisions.
  10. I agree with all of this in theory. Now we just need the boys to knuckle down in the preseason, and put it into practice, consistently in 2020.
  11. Yeah they seem like alright dudes. They were each given ample opportunities to make it with us, but just couldn't do it. Sometimes that's just how it is. In saying that, I'm happy they will no longer clog up our list, and hope they get picked up elsewhere.
  12. B+ for me, with the possibility for an upgrade depending on how we use #3 and #8. Two starting players in much needed positions, plus the possibility of Jack Martin, or two gun newbies is a great outcome. What happened to Stretch and JKH?
  13. Bold, but I like it especially in light of the academy/father-sons tied up in next year's draft. Plus, maybe it means we're after a late big-ish fish before the trade ends! Gotta take chances to reap rewards. This might be one of those, and taking it from North makes it even sweeter haha
  14. I'm pretty happy with our work so far, we have gotten who we said we would, and they fill a very big hole in the team. I don't know if it's Friday, or the drinks I had after work, but if the boys takea good look at themselves and work hard in the offseason, and play to a good gameplan, I think we have a big 2020 ahead. A lot of IFS, sure, but I've had a lot of drinks.
  15. So long, Frosty! I won't miss some of that decision making, but I will miss those wild dashes out of the backline! That said, I hope that whoever is on him in the future kicks 10 against him.
  16. I don't know why we're not looking at Butler. He's not a star, sure, but he is a goal sneak, and we don't really have any of those anymore. I think we need to stop looking at recruiting just stars. The Tigers recruited to fill roles and found guys who could be developed and work together as a team. We could do a lot worse for a low, cheap pick.
  17. Can't argue with much of this. I know Trac has not hit his potential but having him alongside Wagner makes no sense. It's ruthless, but let's be honest, the fact that this list was overrated, and probably self-overrated by the players themselves contributed to our result this year.
  18. Welcome, Adam! Will be interesting to see how he goes on the wing, but he's quick, can take marks (which I can't say about many of the current lot), and give Maxxy some relief in the ruck - plus he already has a lot of finals experience! With guidance and development, I reckon Adam will be a great grab!
  19. Can't imagine why we wouldn't be a destination club! Dees (rabble), the Lions (finals and on the up, big time) or the Pies (home, played a prelim) - tough call! 😂
  20. I think Jamie would have been an interesting get, although one fraught with risk of injury. Happy that the decision has been made early, so we can focus elsewhere. I know the most likely option is the Pies, but given the year the Lions had, and the fact that they are less of a rabble than we are, I wonder if they'll nab him?
  21. Captains put their team first. This is a great move by Jonesy. It's definitely time, but I really am thankful for the years he led by example when there wasn't much of a team to lead. Dark days made a little brighter. I'm looking forward to Jonesy focusing more on his footy, and contributing to a big year for us. I'm still not a fan of the dual captain thing, but if it's the only way we get Maxxy into the mix, then so be it (if he wants it, of course). There's a lot of work to be done, but I think 2020 is looking a lot clearer for us...
  22. A big body who can move around the ground and also give us options up forward/in the ruck - a handy inclusion! Not a big name signup, but we can't bring in just stars (we can't afford them, and be honest, given our head mess of a club, why would anyone want to join us if they're looking for glory!?) Will be pleased if this eventuates.
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