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  1. We let this one get away, but some positives: - We're still hungry. - We'll get better as some of our starters return. - Great to see Hunt in such fine form again. - We can't ask much more from Maxy. - Once Baker gets into the swing of things, he's going to be a great player. - Hore gets better every game. - TMac looks like he's finally finding his feet. He could, and should, have kicked a few goals.
  2. Ugh, an honourable loss. 9.15, not good enough. Can't win if you don't take your chances. Depleted list, playing away, umps on the Eagles payroll, I thought we played great, we just didn't convert, which has cost us the game and all but confirmed we won't be playing finals. We really lacked composure at the end, and did not kick our goals. Why aren't these things on the 'to fix' list? Get some of our boys back, send everyone to practice kicking, start playing some smart footy and 2020 looks good. All that aside, I really liked our effort tonight.
  3. And right there is the difference. Cripps kicks the goal. Stretch kicks the point.
  4. Dangerous tackle missed. Throw missed. Good to see the umpires doing their job out west. That was SWEET from trac. Let's run away with this!
  5. Using opportunities. That's what this game will come down to. Annoying goal, we have to respond straight away.
  6. We should be at least 5 goals up, so we're going to have to do this the hard way. A quick goal at the start of Q4 is necessary. Send the message that we won't be giving up this game.
  7. Godamn I hate Kennedy. And I hate handing the ball over for dumb goals when we're controlling general play. Need that goal back
  8. A converted opportunity! Get The Hell Out Of here I'd love a sneaky goal before quarter time.
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