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  1. We're so far gone this year that I'm pretty much at the point that I'll take any positives right now and hope they continue next year, along with the many other things we need to do. Clarry was great, and despite a couple of errors Fritter was good, too. May was awesome, and Lever looks like he's finding his feet out there. We had more scoring shots (story of the year), the game really was there for us to take, like many others this year. Maybe we'll practice our kicking in the off season. It wasn't really the reason we lost, but the umpiring was amateur.
  2. I think Preuss is fun and will add heaps as time goes by, but that dropped mark was not good. Lucky for the free! Finally for Petty.
  3. How the hell was that paid against Gawn? WHAT THE HELL WAS HE SUPPOSED TO DO? And another Darling goal. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
  4. Not great today, some positives though. Petty was good up forward. Salem was his usual reliable self. I liked some of Hunt's run. May was solid, he had an immense 5 minutes at the end. The problem was these guys didn't have enough mates helping them out. Why was Dunkley left unchecked most of the day? What happened to a good old tag?
  5. Is something wrong with ANB's legs? He seems to only be able to kick about 5 metres?
  6. Ah the old McDonald for McDonald switcheroo. It's not the worst thing I've heard, and the way things are going with injuries we might not have much choice but to bring O back. I'm not a fan of his, but you never know, this might be the second McDonald transformation. At the very least his failed attempts up forward won't cost us any goals. At least directly anyway.
  7. Sorry, I meant funny as in tragedy. I like dark comedy, and this stuff happening to us is about as dark as it gets in the footy world. It was a great kick, looked a certainty to go through, until it didn't.
  8. I love winning, and I'm happy we won. So long as the euphoric feeling of beating the 2nd last team in the league (going through their latest rebuild) doesn't detract from the fact that the nature of today's win is reflective of the trouble we're in, and the questions that we need to ask. I appreciate that we're a few players down right now (as were they), but we bulldozed them last year, and squeaked through today. But absolutely, I'll take the four points as long as we don't feel this was any significant step forward, as it wasn't. We have a long way to go.
  9. I am seeing lots of positive references to JKH today (ie we should bring him back in)... Serious question, and I'm happy for you to change my mind. Have any of you watched any of the other games he played for the seniors after he was promoted, after showing good form in the seconds? In each instance, he's been poor. Lack of basic skills, and brings nothing unique to the team. Proof? He keeps getting dropped back to the seconds, where he then proceeds to 'shine' amongst the lesser types. When do we come to the realisation that something won't work? Bringing him back after we forget he's not that good (or at least not good enough for the seniors) won't solve any of our problems. Lockhart, however, has shown something. Not perfect, but his best has been far more interesting and exciting than anything JKH has ever shown while playing in the seniors.
  10. Completely agree. He's aggressive, lanky and unpredictable. Perfect combo to at least get our opposition thinking.
  11. I've never seen it. Appropriate that it happened to us, especially this year. Like the rest of our footy this year, comedy gold (if you happen to be fortunate not to take it to heart), and tragic.
  12. Don't know the last time I saw a ball sit on the goal line. Too funny.
  13. Wow. That scoreline hilariously, and perfectly reflects where this team is at. We're 5 points better than the Blues, thanks to a goalpost. A draw would have been better, because I'm sure somebody in the club will actually see today as some sort of a win.
  14. JKH never performs when brought into the senior side. He's probably not the worst of the lot, and some of the current group could do with more time in the seconds, but keeping him on when he just can't convert his Casey form is cruel and denies the spot to someone else who might be able to. It may be that he's only good enough to play with the seconds, big fish little pond sort, and that's ok.
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