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  1. Hunt and Hore proved this in the last 2 minutes of GC v Melb
  2. Nice to see. Absence of Fumbles is the Path to Nirvana.
  3. Rev your engines Reverend. This is just the beginning...
  4. Indeed. Scores were level and with 49 seconds to go. At the centre ball-up Max's double effort sent us forward, Viney bustled a trademark tough clearance inside 50, a brilliant ground ball get from Hunt and his pinpoint handball to Hore who had found space running toward goal and his sublime composure in the "moment of truth" as he steadied and kicked a classic sausage roll from 50 - a sight to behold! With 18 seconds to go he had put us level with GC and given us a slim chance of winning. Which we did. What Marty did cannot be over-adulated. It should be remembered especially by Demons for the ages. His goal was a watershed moment. Not just in the game but in the season...
  5. Finally the strategy of intentional fumbling pays off - a spectacular win against the odds topped off with the brilliant execution of a final second plan utilising the fluffed kick, dropped mark and soccer kick which hit the post to win the game with a second on the clock. Ingenious and worth enduring all the pain of watching this plan fail so much this season... ...Seriously though - fix the fumbles (even just the unforced ones) and you fix Melbourne. Loved the win - two scores with 49 seconds to go - will remember it forever...
  6. An apt result. Toady Nathan Jones equals Robbie Flower in the number of AFL/VFL games played. These players have seen the worst results for Melbourne. Today both men will be celebrating Melbourne's nail-biting, excruciating, unbelievable final second win.
  7. Even those 2 will not believe the last 2 minutes of the game...
  8. I beg to differ. I have hope. I believe. Our boys are good enough. They will improve. They will make us proud. Go MELBOURNE.
  9. whoops again...just can't help clicking...
  10. Was it just me? Today (actually yesterday) I saw - with my own eyes - at the MCG - the Demons return like the phoenix rising from the fire. There is hope! Go the MIGHTY DEMONS!
  11. It seems a trifle, to rifle, a gun. Those who do are without patience. Let him weave his wisdom. He has contributed to many a win. The win today was yet another example. Let that stand. I stand with Jordan Lewis. So should you.
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