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  1. I agree sue. The same technique works for musicians trying to master difficult passages. Make it more difficult in practice and it becomes easier in performance.
  2. Maybe so - not disregarding that, but I think Oscar's height might work to his advantage in ruck duels.
  3. Oscar might make a good 2nd ruckman...
  4. Does no one else see that this is the obvious solution?
  5. Priority must be given to set shot goal kicking, Field play was much improved but set shot kicking was, as usual, a F**KING DISASTER. IF Melbourne do nothing else but practice set shot goal kicking I will find a way to believe...again...
  6. Low blow - you shouldn't go there...
  7. Please, please, please...teach Melbourne footballers how to kick set shots at goal...FFS
  8. Darwin record irrelevant...such a winnable game tonight...
  9. I'm not that depressed. I see a moon upon the horizon...
  10. Nothing to do with Darwin. Multiple chances to win that game. SO disappointing that those chances weren't taken. Set shots must become a priority at training. OR ELSE!
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