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  1. You have stated figures "from the Club’s 2018 Annual Report". I think these figures are a little old. Has the club's 2019 Annual Report been made public? If so, have you read it? If also so, are the figures you quote aligning with your argument? I suspect not. Your post is not only narrowly from a business perspective, it ignores the football department perspective. Indeed, "The Business Case" begins not with anything to do with business but instead is an attack on the the coach. Hope eternal. I can sniff success. When Melbourne wins the premiership with Goodwin as their coach I will shake your hand for making me stand up to your pessimism.
  2. Let's hope Neita gets the support & treatment to encourage his recovery to a stellar career with Melbourne starting ASAP.
  3. Kayo. Its cheap and and reliable but not just for AFL - has 50+ sports and the esoteric coverage of the sport of axe throwing is my new 2nd fav! (AFL demons games my 1st). Am watching the 2018 elimination final Mel v Gee 2018 right now. Hope this helps, GO DEES!
  4. Hope. Just when I had made my today secure, With safe yesterdays, I see tomorrow coming with it’s pale glass star called hope. It shatters on impact, and falls like splinters of cruel rain. And I’ve seen the red and blue oil of life running from my wrists onto tomorrows headlines. Spike Milligan
  5. Agreed. A fit Vanders will be a welcome and potent weapon for the MFC.
  6. Couldn't be happier that Greater Western Sydney have triumphed over Colliwobbles this evening. Suffer in your jocks pies. Further, I hope GWS go all the way and stick it right up Richmond's cloak(a) and up 'em all.
  7. I'm with you B.B. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet...I'm looking forward to a 2020 without a stocktaking sale. Whilst some change may be needed, there is much to be gained if unity is maintained. Anyway, to bring this back to the topic...Viney (J) will spite it. In MFC favour. Mark my words.
  8. He made me laugh. Belly laugh. In a world of sadness he brought me happiness. His train of thought was as quick as it gets. He was the Australian Robin Williams. I will not eat spuds again without thinking of him. My sincere condolences to his family. Vale Danny Frawley.
  9. I disagree. Goodwin has clearly NOT, as you say, "had the same opportunity (as Norm Smith) to win 5 premierships in 6 years..." Goodwin has been coach of MFC for ONLY 3 years. He has another 3 years before this comparison is valid. Goody now can't win 5 in 6 like (Norm) but still I back him to coach Melbourne to at least one flag within the next 3 years. So there!
  10. Onya Bernie! Ha Ha. Did Bernie also challenge Damien to a chicken egg eating comp at this auspicious historical event?
  11. I support the Melbourne Football Club. I always have. I also support Simon Goodwin. I have supported Melbourne from before I can remember. I love the Melbourne Football Club. My favourite player is Robbie Flower R.I.P. My favourite current player is Jake Melksham. I can't wait to see him play again this Saturday. I was born in the month after Melbourne's last premiership victory in 1964. I have never seen Melbourne win an AFL/VFL day premiership. I endured ridicule from my classmates throughout my 12 years of schooling for barracking for Melbourne. The ridicule has not stopped. It was hell being a Melbourne supporter in the 70s and 80s. During this time, my father took my brother and me to football games aligned with our opposing teams. Hawthorn enjoyed great success then, and they usually won. Melbourne usually lost. How to recover... Melbourne and this exacerbated Melbourne's to ameliorate the needs o f watch Robbie Flower. As a young boy he meant everything to me as afootbaleeJacko... And the Wizard... And Jokovich.... He endured as a goal kicking talent and indeed superb entertainment throughout a depressing period of the MFC which included the return of coach Ronald Dale Barassi and his inability after his spectacular success at North Melbourne to do the same at the MFC. ite this, and in the decades following same, I have remained steadfast in my support of the the greatest and oldest sporting club in the world.rne didn't. In 1987, after finally breaking through and winning one of the first night Grand Finals against Essendon, I ran onto the ground (with thousands of other Melbourne supporters) at VFL Park when Melbourne beat Essendon in the 1987 VFL Night Grand Final. I got to touch the Premiership Cup. That was a night of elation and optimism. A time of hope. We came close again in the day competition that year (1987) but lost the infamous preliminary final after the siren against the Hawks. It steeled us to make the GF the next year but once again the Hawks were too good in 1988. Melbourne and Essendon were particularly strong In the finals (2018), we beat Geelong and Hawthorn. Think about that for a moment. These were two sides that had smashed us for almost two decades and to defeat them in front of 90,000 people (the majority of which were Melbourne supporters. Add this: Aussies smashing Poms in the Ashes. Poms truly [censored] WEAK.
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