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  1. Stand down Dee Spencer- SJWs are busy displaying their virtuous superiority.
  2. Lucifer's Inn- great idea. On tap we have Lucifer's Lager, Demon Draught, Angus Ale, Petracca Pale Ale and a Clayton for the non-drinkers. All served in a beer Styne. When we lose it's Melbourne Bitter.
  3. Pleased by our pinpoint kicking accuracy. To Richmond players.
  4. You get all types there. Mostly pretty good but often a lot of feral Collingwood types.
  5. Thanks Ditcha. I'll call the club on Monday.
  6. Has anyone purchased a ticket? If so, how much and where is the seating? Rang club to enquire but only answering during business hours.
  7. There have been many disappointments over my 60 odd years, but thankfully, time and alcohol have erased most memories. Living and working in Geelong at the time, 186 is still immune to to the Scotch medications. More recently, the final round loss to the Collingwood gentlemen in 2017 still hurts. I'll never forget the chilling funeral like atmosphere at Jolimont station with both platforms packed only with stunned demon fans with the distant sound of that disgusting song being sung by thousands of toothless bogans at our sacred home. God how I hate 'em.
  8. Essendon defeats Collingwood in 1st Preliminary Final and advances to Grand Final. Melbourne defeats Geelong in the 2nd Preliminary Final by a whopping 187 points and proceeds to the Grand Final. We defeat the Bombers by 5 goals. Eddy produces documents that prove that Essendon used drugs on the day of the 1st Prelim and the result is subsequently reversed. AFL orders a Grand Final replay between Dee's and Magpies with the result being a draw at the final siren. After another 15 minutes of play, Melbourne goes on to defeat Collingwood by 1 point. In order to deflect from all the corruption scandals plaguing him, Prime Minister Bill Shorten announces MFC to be the greatest football team in history and all Melbourne supporters to receive free beer for the next 12 months. Malcolm Turnbull joins ALP and is made Deputy Prime Minister. Declares that he supports Bill Shorten 100%.
  9. Cards, that primary school was converted to apartments a few years ago.
  10. Shoot the artist- it will quadruple in price.
  11. Don McLean did a good version also. Good Lord, I smell a biscuit replacement theme. Roll on 500.
  12. How about Max's Misses as no one ever seems to actually mark the thing.
  13. I think the humble pie that Range Rover placed in the oven yesterday may still be cooking. Wonder how it tastes.
  14. If he wants to get a kick at Fremantle he'll have to play at full back.
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