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  1. So he bites necks and only plays in night games. Hmmmm.....get Van Helsing here at once.
  2. I'd be expecting payment from Kayo to actually watch rugby.
  3. Bayley Fritsch for the Coleman, Luke Jackson for the Rising Star. Which captain could possibly have made these decisions? This is the most mysterious thing to have happened to me in my entire life.😱
  4. Great news if true. Have never been a fan of the co-captaincy arrangement and Max will will be a terrific sole captain.
  5. Every year is an odd year for a Melbourne supporter.
  6. Only one of these teams will win the battle to finish second behind us on the ladder.
  7. Nothing serious with Gus. Only minor according to training staff member.
  8. We need a Donald Trump like leader.
  9. Yes. And OMac will win the Brownlow.
  10. Dees by 5 goals. OMac 3 Brownlow votes.
  11. Was watching it delayed yesterday on Kayo. Four times the picture froze whilst the audio continued. These companies are quite content to [censored] their products at 90% quality as long as the revenue stream is constant. Change fl.og to sell.
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