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  1. Nothing serious with Gus. Only minor according to training staff member.
  2. We need a Donald Trump like leader.
  3. Yes. And OMac will win the Brownlow.
  4. Dees by 5 goals. OMac 3 Brownlow votes.
  5. Was watching it delayed yesterday on Kayo. Four times the picture froze whilst the audio continued. These companies are quite content to [censored] their products at 90% quality as long as the revenue stream is constant. Change fl.og to sell.
  6. Dropping him was a mistake- it could affect his Brownlow votes.
  7. Looking forward to see if there has been any design changes to the timber ladle since the last one.
  8. Sorry, BOM predicting some rain but definitely no hail. Frost is predicted, not sure for what though.
  9. Stand down Dee Spencer- SJWs are busy displaying their virtuous superiority.
  10. Lucifer's Inn- great idea. On tap we have Lucifer's Lager, Demon Draught, Angus Ale, Petracca Pale Ale and a Clayton for the non-drinkers. All served in a beer Styne. When we lose it's Melbourne Bitter.
  11. Pleased by our pinpoint kicking accuracy. To Richmond players.
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