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  1. My understanding is If we take the minimum 3 from the draft we have no senior list spots available. Therefore if we want to get anyone else in or take an extra draftee, we will have to trade or de-list either Stretch or JKH who are currently out of contract.
  2. JRNMAC meant to type goal keeper as used recently. brain fade.
  3. As long as we are being pedantic, you can be pedantic but you cannot be a pedantic. You are a pedant. sorry annoying post I know...But like you I hate the bs terminology creeping into AFL discussion. Goal Keeper, lace out, etc.
  4. So many posters complaining about the changes, yet most can only point to 2 others who could come in. The first is Kielty. Whilst I'd like to see what he can do that would leave he and Tim Smith as the key forwards. This seems a diabolical lack of experience to me. When the match committee decided to drop Weid (who was having zero impact) they had to push TMac forward. They have made the call that at this stage Oscar is a better bet than Petty. I am comfortable with this. Keilty missed out last week when they brought in Smith. Unless he was going to play back he was never going to get a run this week. If Smith gets dropped surely Keilty is next in line. Those who want Sparrow in the side instead of Wagner need to consider, like Wagner he is a fringe player who has done little in the games he's played so far. If we are going to play better footy it'll be because the guys who are a lock for best 22 get their acts together. It won't be because of the decisions made over the last bloke picked for the side.
  5. Whilst I don't think we'll make finals i also haven't completely given up for the following reasons. 1. A lot of posters are saying it will be impossible unless we get to 14 wins. This is a little unpredictable, but in most years 13 is enough and in some years 12 and a decent % will get you in. Working on 13 we'd need to win 12 of our 16 games. 2. Whilst our % is dirt, if we rack up the 12 wins I imagine our % will be very handy at the end of the season. 3. We have some good players playing rubbish footy. I think fitness and confidence are the 2 big issues here. Maybe they can scrounge a win or 2 and start to turn it around. 4. We have some injured talent on the sidelines. We will start to grow in strength after the bye. 5. We have a few softer games before and after the bye and maybe we can get on a roll Having said all that I think the more likely outcome is we finish in the bottom 3rd of the ladder. If we play like we did against Richmond it'll be hard to imagine us beating anyone
  6. Josh had a really good game tonight. Corey was quiet but strong when he was involved. I have noticed the Febey effect. That is sometimes i think they are travelling really well because I can't tell them apart.
  7. Yes. Criticising someone with a disability for their struggles to perform a task able bodied people take for granted is a pretty bloody low.
  8. On exposed form Jones and ANB are in the team. Others may replace them with time. You can't just cut players, you need to replace them too. There aren't 22 players on our list better than Jones and ANB. JKH is an emergency. My point was that on exposed form he would be selected before a few who got the nod vs Port. He played some solid games late 2018 and was unlucky to be dropped when Viney came back. I was making a comment on how our current lineup has been hit by injury. On a side note and not intended as a dig at Jackaub, some of the so called supporters hurling abuse at Jones on the weekend turned my stomach. He was rubbish in the 2nd half, but this is a guy who for many years was the only ray of hope at MFC. His best footy is behind him, but he made a valuable contribution in 2018 and hopefully will do the same in 2019. If I'm wrong and his form has him outside the best 22 the least we can do as supporters is give the man the respect he deserves. He is a legend of this footy club and it is disgusting how quickly some turn on their own.
  9. What we all wouldn't give for Biz at the moment. I'm no OMAC defender. I think he ranges from good to average from week to week. Against Port he was the latter (as was most of the team). My point was that on team balance he is the 2nd best tall defender we have at the moment. To my mind Lever doesn't fill this role. I don't think Dropping Oscar will make him better.
  10. OMAC makes my team. Lever was all at see last year as a 2nd tall defender. Much better as a 3rd defender/interceptor type. Omac will be better with some quality around him.
  11. I'll have a go. Best 22s are cathartic after a nasty loss. I've bolded those not available against Port FB Jetta May O.McDonald HB Hibberd Lever Salem C Kolo/Stretch Oliver Fritsch HF Melksham T.McDonald Neal Bullen FF Hannan Weideman Garlett/spargo FOW Gawn Harmes Brayshaw INT Viney Vandenberg Jones Petracca These would be my players just on the outside of selection Jordan Lewis Joel Smith Next in line would be JKH That is 9 unavailable players I'd pick before some of the guys we played against Port. It'll be good to get a few back in the coming weeks.
  12. That could be the least of your worries. I'm in a group with my wife, brother, father and father in law. wait until you meet my Dad. He takes the word passionate to dangerous new levels.
  13. wow Demonland, I'm going to have friends in high places. We're q15 row c
  14. I ended up Q15 row C. $25... Pretty happy. It is slightly cheaper to be in a rown further back and slightly more for m9,8 and 7. There is also q52 in the olympic. good luck to all.
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