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  1. He deleted several years of his twitter content, and affixing the word “dumb” to some of said content is very, very lenient. It wasn’t exactly a small news item at the time. Serena Williams had a lot to say about it, and with good reason. The story about his club visit went up on the AFL reddit page, and a few supporters of opposition teams didn’t exactly let it go unnoticed. Not a great look.
  2. So what you’re saying is we shouldn’t have any standards?
  3. TIL that Tennys, who plays tennis, is from Tennessee.
  4. With regards to athletes I’d be more inclined to go with physical capability than age.
  5. Your version of “prime” is a little different to mine.
  6. I say blow some whistles. Spill some beans. Emancipate a feline from a sack. You’re not exactly revealing the identities of undercover operatives in war-torn territories, and you probably won’t suffer a Chelsea Manning-like fate if you actually tell us something useful. Until then, nobody here is going to share your specific concerns, because they literally have no idea what those concerns are.
  7. Obviously there will be people here claiming varying degrees of connection to the club. Some of it legitimate, some of it rather lofty. But regardless of the poster’s authenticity, innuendo and allusion seldom serves to enlighten others in any genuine sense. I read through your posts, and all I could take away from them was that you’re not happy with the sponsorship department of the club, but you’re unwilling to state exactly why. I’m not sure if this constitutes “saying something?” You can’t expect people to just take your word for it on what is, for the most part, an anonymous Internet forum. And you certainly can’t get frustrated when they don’t.
  8. If you take a look at Lockhart’s reel while playing in the forward line (in particular vs Dockers/Bombers), you’ll see a player who showed enormous potential in this position. (especially given his lack of pre-season and experience in the big league). Seems however that he’s being groomed for defence (possibly taking over from Nev when the time comes). My 2¢: if somebody else seems like a good fit for this defensive role, then start grooming Lockhart for the FP role immediately.
  9. Have any of those with theirs ears close to the ground at Gosch’s heard why May left early in the last training sesh? Obviously hoping the big chap has an uninterrupted pre-season, so slightly perturbed by this being mentioned the other day.
  10. Well sure, if that guy stated something then I’m going to sleep well tonight.
  11. What is the sitch with Mr. May? For the love of jehovah, tell me the bugger ain’t hurt.
  12. Full-scale telethon involving a re-creation of Ch7’s “World Of Sport”. Handball comps, wood chopping, stationary bike racing, coach’s corner with many, many Ballantyne gift packs and Patra Orange Juice Carton’s about the place.
  13. Merry Christmas Demonlanders. I’d like to apologise for anything stupid I’ve said and all the other stupid things I’m bound to say over the forthcoming season. As a long-game Christmas gift to you all, I have decided that if we don’t win the flag in 2020, I will super-glue myself to the statue of Norm Smith outside the G, and simultaneously hold a hunger strike until all the other teams acquiesce into just letting us win 2021’s flag. This is something Darren Burgess hasn’t thought about, and I feel it’s the missing link in our plan.
  14. So no more drawn matches then? Or have I got that wrong?
  15. I hear you. It’s just that...have you actually read the stuff Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in?? Anyway, I’m a-gonna drop it already.
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