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  1. I mix albums for people. I’d love to have a crack at it.
  2. The person in charge of the crowd sounds tonight is trying really hard to inject some vibe.
  3. There is no debating that for the price of two first round draft picks and whatever large sum of money was handed over, he has not been worth it thus far. I want him, as I want every player at the club, to succeed and prosper. But in the case of Lever, he has zero laurels to rest on and needs to get at least one BOG for the club this year, or the price just cannot be justified.
  4. I appreciate the considered response. Cheers.
  5. So anyway..... He’s officially a dud? Genuinely curious here, because I really didn’t pay attention to many of his previous games.
  6. I was as surprised as anybody to see his name appear twice in the press.
  7. Help me understand the negativity towards Joel Smith, that I see so much of around here. Two articles I read (The Age, AFL) both cited Joel Smith’s influence in the backline (particularly running with Dangerfield) as a reason the Cats were kept to a low score. He’s played 11 games since 2016, and it looks like 2020 might be his first opportunity to get some consistent footy into him, but so many seem to be of the opinion that he’s had his chance and failed. Was it his attempting to take a speccy in defense against Carlton that put everybody off?
  8. There’s an entire thread dedicated to this on DL. As per usual, full of facts and things resembling them.
  9. Which is a shame, cos scoring goals is cool.
  10. Charlie Spargo, if you’re reading this......stop reading this.
  11. 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s some difficult reading. If you’re going to text a drug dealer, it doesn’t hurt to have some kind of allegory happening. The lack of imagination runs deep and on more than a few occasions, runs on to the footy field.
  12. It’s all there in his texts to Stephen Dank. There’s no mystery here. The guy’s dimmer switch is dialled hard to the left.
  13. So why do we have them? Either get rid of them or get them going NOW. The only way they won’t get “brushed aside” is when they’ve got games in them and the experience that comes with that. With little money to play with and low draft picks for the time being, these players are our future whether we like it or not. There’s plenty of talent in there, but without experience they will dwindle, coast then eventually settle for the mediocrity that our club seems to thrive on.
  14. This season should be officially deemed a work-in-progress year (yeah I know, another one) and get games drilled into the youngsters one or more of Jackson, Sparrow, Pickett (obviously), Bedford, Chandler, Bradtke should be getting games every week.
  15. That all sounds perfect, really. And fantastic that it’s only a step away.
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