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  1. He wasn’t loved until we gave up on the Oscar ‘[censored]’ MacDonald experiment, not sure he feels loved by our coaches
  2. who would give up the opportunity to play with Clarkson ? The bloke is a god, we’d have him in a heartbeat,
  3. No chance, maxy won’t let it happen
  4. We had a small forward in dion Johnstone and we delisted him without giving him a game...Give Toby Bedford a taste,
  5. Stay strong What are you going to do ? Support GWS supporting the dees teaches us what not to do and how not to be (and other things) this can be extremely useful in life and business
  6. Does anyone have a Solution ? 1. try ringing the club and asking if you can take over the running of the website 2. Ask the club for the email or phone number for the person/team that are responsible for the website- then contact them directly 3. Ask someone else for ideas 4. Does anyone else have any ideas ?
  7. Play him more in the mid field this will fast track his tank development and breakout game
  8. Tyson needs to go, anywhere, but I think only GC would take him lol
  9. We are almost there, we have the best CEO (Peter jackson) in the league, he will not let this continue, we will again turn players over in the off season, our VFL side is humming along, we are not far off being a power house in the AFL,
  10. Mate grow up, bugger 50 years of watching, if you've watched the last few weeks this performance was nothing new,
  11. Let's at least have a shot at Kelly who's up for trade bait ? now that's another whole thread ! Tyson kent spencer wiederman
  12. Peter Jackson all the way
  13. Me too, I've 2 sons, 11 and 6, "why can't we go for a team that wins dad ?"
  14. Wagner omg, I think Salem has learnt his lesson id almost drop vince for frost, he's not offering much, goes for the man too much, his clangers are killing us watts and Hannah not so sure,
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