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  1. Gawn just lead by example.less talk more action
  2. l listened to Goodwin after the match.My observation he is not up to it.Went on about how we are still learning( to lose by 67 pts).The guy is mediocre and obsessed with maintaining the positive.Sometimes you have to be critical and tough with the players.The team is lacking in so many areas.Where are the gains from last year.Some of the players looked absolutely stuffed and couldnt run out the last qtr.Fitness, skills and implementation are missing.The players panic and then giveup.Goodwin is the biggest liability
  3. Im glad you mentioned the coaching - because there wasnt any.
  4. Not convinced Werridee.You have both hands on it now!!!
  5. I agree with Roos its so easy ro score against us.Thats been our biggest downfall for years!!!
  6. What a touchup by the hawks.Our team absolutely humiliated the loyal supporters.like fake news we have a fake team.
  7. Where do you begin with that effort.Half the team need to be dropped.Backline and forward line is a mess.Disposal into forward line continued (bombing high) to small forwards is insane.[censored] over handpassing in wet conditions.
  8. Remember how they sulked about the bootcamp before christmas.Have a look at this performance.No excuses now
  9. How to capitulate in 3 qtrs.Seriously we have gone backwards
  10. Well lets see if a Miracle can happen l am open to it.
  11. Sermon the Mountain, give us a break.
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