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  1. hate Geelong. perhaps its because I live here and have to put up with them on a daily basis. hope tigers smash em from here
  2. perhaps its time Melbourne supporters got over their love affair of the MGG and the the MCG precinct. we are a tenant club at the MCG and nothing more and probably at the bottom of the list with the other tenant clubs. why do the facilities have to be at the MCG or link to our heartland? Hawthorn and Essendon have proven you don't HAVE to be there to grow. we are a minnow club playing in a professional league and beggars can't be chooses. we will build wherever the AFL/ government say there is a swamp that they want to redevelop, be under no illusions we won't have a choice in the matter. chances of that swamp being in the CBD are slim, supporters will have to move with the club. will supporters of the future care where the facilities are? or even care that we once were a part of the MCG. its bee over 50 years since our last premiership and 40 since we left/ jumped from the MCC. time to move on we are the only club that has the chance to be innovative with how we obtain/ maintain new facilities. would the club look at partnering with a uni that wants to offer sports science degrees? they could have access to elite sport people and we could have access to the students. I couldn't care if we americanised it and had marching bands and cheers leaders as long as the club survived and thrived and delivered that bloody premiership! I couldn't care if the facilities were on the moon.
  3. you would think that footy was our core business but, after this year I truly wonder that perhaps property development might be better?
  4. I teach design at secondary school so, I am by no means an architect but, there is no reason why a facility that housed everything we need to be incorporated in the one block. look at what they are doing between buildings for the metro tunnel in the city. have a look at the indoor soccer pitch that the clubs have in the uk. I mean we would be spending millions at Goshes anyway, perhaps this way we wouldn't have to beg for land from the gov. just money haha
  5. what are the dimensions of the land? why not do an indoor pitch? offices and function centre above? carpark below?
  6. is it possible for members to demand a review? how might we go about doing so?
  7. geez, we really are eating our own
  8. how many seasons this century have we been bottom 6? I think us members just need to realise that this is our reality. ho hum
  9. yeah NJ is a sook and this is how the team plays when he is unhappy
  10. could we, would we trade him?
  11. the best season I have seen as a supporter was the 98 season. I left to live overseas in 99 and was gone for 10 years so last year was the best since 98 for me.
  12. not sure how many teams have gone from 4th to 17th in one season and then bounced back to finals the following year and, perhaps its the MFCSS but I can't see how we will play finals next year.
  13. it feels to me that the club didn't give the prelim loss enough respect. paid for it all season
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