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  1. Chanel 7 news just said Lever out with a knee
  2. when can we get beers at our home games with the logo on the cup?
  3. tell me, where are the goals going to come from to kick a winning score? I'd love nothing more than to be wrong
  4. just can't see how we will kick more than 5-6 goals
  5. lets beat the suns first hey
  6. god I love this club! they can depress the hell out of me but then today happens and I'm in love again!!
  7. I had a North supporter seek me out for some ridicule at work today. #thestruggleisreal
  8. IMO it looks as tho the players have lost faith after the prelim. instead of analysing, dissecting, or even watching the prelim the coaches have doubled down on the game plan instead of reimagining or innovating. so many players out of form. we didn't handle the summer well no finals this year 6-8 wins if we are lucky. at this rate the worst is yet to come
  9. look what happens when we get on top in the clearances and contested possession
  10. when we are bad, we are really bad. somehow we manage to drop our bundle better than any other team.
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