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  1. Super excited for Kozzy and Bedford!
  2. I'm so excited about picking this kid up. He's going to terrify opposition defenders. I reckon the comparisons to Cyril are bang on.
  3. I don't think any organisation is immune honestly. We've only just come good after the work done by Jackson, Roos etc so I think it's just a case of being fresh in the mind where we've come from. I think you're right though in that we have good leaders so hopefully it works out well and we can turn this into a real coup.
  4. Yeah I'm sure the club has done it's due diligence and I guess that's the point of him training with the club to prove himself. I just think he has a checkered past and has had a few chances already at the age of 27. I hope as much as any other Dees fan that he comes good. Fingers crossed.
  5. Definitely a fair point TGR. We need to being bold with improving the club. I guess I would argue that there's nothing wrong with bringing in fierce competitors that toe the line, like Melky, Lewis and co. But Bennell hasn't shown anything so far that suggests he cares enough about footy. Maybe he's turned a corner? I really hope so and if he does join then I'll be crossing my fingers.
  6. That's one example though. And I would say that's an example of how strong the culture of the Richmond FC is already. How would you rate the Fremantle football club though? Why do you think Lachie Neale was so desperate to get out and go to Brisbane? I have a family member that works in the media in WA and the culture at Freo became a mess under Lyon. Too many bad characters. I reckon it'd be worth asking Freo fans if they think it was worth it.
  7. It worries me that we're speaking with both Bennell and now Sam Murray and could potentially have both on our list soon. As much talent as they both have, culture is more important IMO. Only takes a few bad seeds to infect the club.
  8. There's no excuse for May. He's turned up at a new club out of shape and is now paying the price with soft tissue injuries.
  9. That little checked kick by Hunt to find a target inside 50. He looks on this season. Would have blazed away previously.
  10. Feels like we have a lot of weapons in the forward half now. Preuss looks like a handful and throw Joel Smith in there, there's a lot for the coaching staff to work with on top of what we already had.
  11. Little taste test of what we might get in the forward line this year. Jeremy Who?
  12. Far out, that sent shivers down my spine. Might give up my morning coffee and just drink this down every day instead.
  13. It feels like this preseason we've had way more guys starting slow and recovering from surgery, not to mention a few injuries thrown in. Anyone else concerned heading into the season? I've got a slightly uneasy feeling about it all. Hopefully I'm just being paranoid!
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