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  1. This^ North made this mistake, but worse for them because they didnt have the best ruckman in the league in their side either.
  2. IF things go to plan after the bye we will have a lovely range to select from.
  3. Preuss in. Every other team can play two rucks why not us? Preuss kicks goals and is dangerous in the 50.
  4. Its not like we have anyone who can come in for him asides Sparrow
  5. Who knows. There is always a chance that when a player gets concussion they never play again.
  6. ANB, Salem and Smith all in doubt for next week as per ABC radio
  7. Did they help Max get up when he got smashed around in round1?
  8. Its linked below.. Max goes back/across with the flight, Liam Ryan takes a big mark on him. Max is down winded Willie Rioli comes and pats him on the head and Nathan Vardy shoves the downed Gawn. Where the [censored] is our fight? We get walked over time and time again and it never changes. We are no longer a year in year out bottom four side, we have growing members and some darn decent players but things still remain from the past. One of the better ruckman seen for a long time and maybe will go down as the greatest and we just let a pair of soft players who are only known to have played tonight because they are in the footage of a great mark push around and walk over Max Gawn. That there made me mad, push a player around when he gets out muscled or kicks it out of the full... fine but to let opposition do as they please to your own (downed) teammate is distressing. The message it sends isnt great and i understand not giving a free away or a 50 but he was at the top of the goal square. Stick up for your teammate. https://gfycat.com/ColorlessConstantCer
  9. Whate ever is best for him but its sad that he couldnt have a full career.
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