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  1. Need to show games from late 90's and early 00's as anything from recent years sits too fresh and predictable.
  2. So after all the pre season hype and the players knowing this would be their last game for a few months thats how they perform?!
  3. Round 1 2019 played like dog doodoo too
  4. Imagine how bad this would be with 50K Weagles wanchors in attendance
  5. Same as 2019. Lives in our F50 for a few behinds then rockets up the outher end for a goal.
  6. North have our 1st round pick chief...
  7. Bayley Fritsch for the Coleman Medal then
  8. Came into this thread thinking it was about letting Gary Lyon back into the inner sanctum after his banishment for choosing Neeld
  9. Aslong as when things return to normal theyre giving out cans on the MCG concourse
  10. I just want us to spank a West Coast Eagles team that gets 20 less frees than usual because no home crowd then they can call it off for a few months
  11. One thing i have noticed is we dont overcrowd the ball anymore and it has opened things up big time, we have guys on the outside now.
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