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  1. Didnt he get a compound dislocation JLT last season?
  2. Not fazed. It’s a free hit. If we stink it up over there beats doing it at the G against a weaker side
  3. Backline (if they can stay on the park) ✔️ Need 2 key Forwards. Need to play 2 ruckmen. Need agile mid/small forwards Outside mids
  4. Nothing we can do, had a [censored] house year just hope its not the norm.
  5. Top 5 player this season for us. Sadly if north or hawks want to overpay then that’s that
  6. From what i have seen and remember he does alright, not a star nor a spud but would make our best 22 easily.
  7. Makes sense to get 2 decent players who have had a few seasons rather than an 18 year old.
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