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  1. So an "official" went up to a cop and pointed at some people sitting in their cars in a car park and now the AFL are a disgrace. Calm down.
  2. Hannan: go the [censored] away Jetta: injury-riddled season but we need to start succession planning Lockhart: played an outstanding game ANB: see Hannan
  3. Bump this. If no takers will sell elsewhere - no doubt to an Eagles fan😔
  4. Hi, have managed to snare a corporate box so now have 2 tickets for sale at cost: sec501: $96 in the clouds in a pocket sec146 $192 ground level on the flank let me know if interested.
  5. As soon as you accept the fact that the game is impossible to umpire, that there are no hidden agendas and that the umpires call the frees as they see them, the more enjoyable the game is to watch. It's a great unburdening of some misguided preconceived idea that we're being hard done by. Give it a go tomorrow.
  6. I thought that the umpiring was fair and we played really well and we just couldn't finish it off. Thats what I thought. There's always next week.
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