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  1. Marco


    Do we know for sure AVB is out for the Year! Surely an official comment by the club would have been released by now.
  2. We manage to play Cats in Geelong again. Anyone know when we last played them at the G when playing them once for the season?
  3. will he be another homesick at his prime?
  4. Can anyone who went to training today please provide some updates.
  5. Does anyone know if there is training today?
  6. Anyone at Training Today. Would appreciate any updates Pls
  7. Anyone at Training today? Would appreciate a report
  8. when all the dust has settled on this. I would like the club to tell us the truth why 1.Hogan wanted to leave? 2.Why the club made no genuine attempt to keep him?
  9. Best option is to subscribe to “Watch AFL” weekly subscription is $22.
  10. From today’s performance who is going to come in for Viney?
  11. No mention of Jayden Hunt in Misson’s injury report today. Has he recovered from his 4-6 week injury or is the club hiding anything? We can really do with his speed back in the side right now.
  12. His demeanor is what concerns me.He thinks being professional footballer is all a bit of fun. Anyone seen him get angry on the field at any stage?
  13. Can you also pls see if McDonald is on the flight following his precautionary hospital visit after the game.
  14. Does anyone know if T Mac trained today and how he pulled up?
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