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  1. Being married to a hawk’s supporter means I unfortunately hear a lot of dribble about that god awful club! Recently the newbie at Hawthorn Wingard was on the receiving end of an on field ear bashing from his team mates for not playing the percentages/team way. Yesterday our newbie May was the deliverer of the on field ear bashing to his team mate for not playing the percentages/team way. If you had to choose one of these scenarios I know which one I prefer.......
  2. I just watched the replay & my concern is that when May (an experienced senior player) went to Frost to give the constructive feedback (perhaps a bit aggressively) Frost seemed to walk away without even looking at May to acknowledge the feedback. Yes it was feedback Frost didn't want to hear. But hey, it was valid feedback. The punch from Frost was ridiculous & cost a goal. In my work place if I refused to look at someone & walked away when they were trying to give constructive real time feedback, I wouldn't last long in the job.
  3. Send him to my place. He can get fit chasing my 2 young kids & dog around....
  4. When the demons win the flag I shall come to you with my premiership paraphernalia to be framed!
  5. I am finding this thread very therapeutic. Keep going people
  6. Personally I hate the hawks because of my mother in law. She thinks the hawks poo don't stink. And until Hodge left the club, he was god in her eyes.
  7. BInman I took your advice & have got my ticket sorted for this Friday. Hubby is staying home to "babysit" our kids unless he can find another person to do it!
  8. Yes Lucifer. I was a bit harsh. I think we are a great bunch of supporters & given the crap we have endured, good on us for trying to share the joy to as many people as possible. Reverend I will message you my brothers bar code number.
  9. I have been a member for 10 years (not long at all compared to others on this site). Whilst I like peoples generosity & willingness to share bar codes, part of me also holds resentment towards those who haven't parted with their hard earned money & are still able to participate when it counts. Just saying.
  10. This is a cut & paste from the email sent by the club this morning "Limit of two (2) tickets per membership You can purchase a maximum of eight (8) tickets in one transaction."
  11. No I believe you can buy 2 tickets per barcode.
  12. Thank you all for your words of encouragements. I particularly liked your suggestion Binman about a night at the Pullman. Yes I should have known better than to marry a hawks supporter. But hey, can't win everything can you. Re my kids, no way in hell would they ever wear the horrid brown & yellow. NEVER EVER EVER. Enough of those around my neck of the woods. Enjoy this exciting time demonlanders. And keep up the (mostly...) brilliant posts. Roll on the finals!
  13. Warning THIS IS A RANT. I have never been to a final before. My husband (hawks) has been to a zillion finals plus 4 grand finals. You know what he said when I told him I would be road tripping it to Sydney if we end up having to play there? "You aren't single anymore, you have a family & kids to look after. Plus your team is not the only team in the finals (i.e. if you go to Sydney I have to stay home & MIND MY OWN CHILDREN & hence will miss out on seeing my team play finals". My response "ok ok, we will cross that bridge if it comes to it, stomped out the room & yelled BUT I AM GOING & YOU CAN'T STOP ME....!!! Bloody selfish poos & wees supporting husband..... Rant over. Thanks for listening my fellow demons :-)
  14. Yes tears. I admit it. But then it is not the first time I have cried watching the eagles. The last time was round 23 last year. Better tears this time!
  15. Whately comes across very articulate & respectful to his audience. I think he resonates well with the female audience (of which I am).
  16. Add Stretch & ANB to that too..... Not great really. 7 out of 18 players...... Need I say more !
  17. I went to the game Tuesday night & just watched the replay of the 1st quarter. I am no expert at footy but the weakest links in the first quarter to me looked to be Vince, Tyson, Harmes, Salem & Brayshaw.
  18. 1. I didn't swear in front of my kids when we lost 2. I didn't break the tv in front of my kids when we lost 3. I didn't knock out by hawks supporting partner in front of my kids when we lost That's all folks!
  19. Talk about kicking us poor supporters while we are down......Mine went straight in the bin. But not after my dorks supporting partner made a few smart ass remarks.....Give me strength in my darkest hour!
  20. Thank goodness for this forum. I don't feel so alone in my bloody disappointment
  21. I am a newbie. Signed up in July. And to further put myself out there, I AM FEMALE. I love the dees, hate the hawks & have brainwashed one of my daughters to support the grand old flag. The other daughter is a work in progress....
  22. I feel so sorry for me too deebug. And yes "those" posters really have only one use..... poo & wee wipes
  23. Agree JV7 with your words "let other posters dream of September and talk about it, we haven't had this chance for 11 years". I am loving finally being able to get caught up in the September buzz. It is perhaps made even that bit sweeter by my partners team, the dorks, not being involved. Our house has far too many poo & wee premiership posters.......
  24. My mother in laws. She is a die hard hawks tragic & thinks Jordan Lewis is god. Apparently I orchestrated his deflect to the dees......
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