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  1. To hell and back, and, back again...
  2. The bottle shop in Cronulla is going gang busters! This is gonna be a great game to watch 🍺
  3. May should be able to drop at least Kennedy and at some point Darling without worrying about next week 😉
  4. There’s always e-sports if you’re an nerd... 🤣
  5. That’s a good point sue, I was thinking the same thing!
  6. Gill HAS to let this last game of the round to go ahead! Let us see our boys!
  7. C’mon let the dees game go ahead!
  8. A perfectly posited task for a fit and healthy Steven May!
  9. What home ground advantage do the eagles have now 🤣🤣🤣
  10. For Goody to highlight and label our “hard contested footy” as being something identifiable to the supporters, is an excellent way to describe team-non-negotiables, while at the same time, doesn’t give our game plan away in any micro or macro way. The shift in focus that Goody uses in press conference is clever in my mind.
  11. Take the individual performances away, the Best thing for mine was that there was no confusion in the backline, the movement to the wing seemed natural, the options forward were less predictable, and the the team tackling (at least in the first half) was representative of what we expect with our list. West coast will be a struggle no doubt, but we’re with an equally strong side on paper tonight, we’re giving ourselves the best chance! Go Dees!!!
  12. Throw Rivers in the deep end and let’s see if he can swim - he was the difference last week!
  13. And the best burger challenge I’ve seen ever! - too bad I’m in Sydney these days...
  14. Congrats Gaff! Now go and break a leg 🤣
  15. Don’t forget AFLW team might also have helped
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