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  1. We actually miss Dean Kent’s spearing i50 (despite his continuous injuries) he did a great job in that department - agree Nibbler needs to step up
  2. To the OP, great post btw, although I think you were unfair on Marty Hore and over confident with OMAC. Everything else looked pretty reasonable
  3. Suspect Melbourne and Carlton will be the big movers from last years rankings. I don’t expect the Dees to get top 6 but I actually demand it this year. No more ******* about, get on with it.
  4. Never thought I’d say this, but Channel7 and their commentators did a wonderful send off to Spud tonight, celebrated with a beer, well done lads. RIP spud, larger than life mate!
  5. We won’t get him, but nevertheless he’s done his job and stymied the momentum and belief we could have had on a team that has been a little up and down this year.
  6. Backline - better than expected Mids - business as usual Forwards - when you have a set [censored], take your time lads... (Coaching - you got owned: 13 points up and you panicked, play the game on our terms and we’ll win every week) Looking forward to 2020!!
  7. That is impressive: -D50 speed yep/attack on opponent (frost) -skill/D50 pressure (Jetta) -intercept marking /leadership (lever) -pure class ... (Salem) -force/D50 pressure (hibbo) -spoil/kicks (May) Let’s just hope the backline gels better than our forward line!!!
  8. Ok balls, we get your passion, but I certainly don’t understand the hatred for Carlton. They’re nowhere near the Hawthorn/Collingwood/Essendon bretheren as far as I know! Nevertheless, retirement seems boring to me so I don’t blame the great one for keeping the door open after what I could only assume is a rather dull and uninspiring career in AFL media!!!
  9. I thought hunt showed a bit and took the game on, as did trac in parts. We desperately miss Melk, Spargo killed a lot of our rolling entries that could easily have converted into goals - interestingly, the commentators talked about Collingwoods “spaceman” who still couldn’t kick, but at least he ran into space time and time again! The only time we looked dangerous up forward was when our forwards moved laterally into space for a largely uncontested mark. We can fix this, but it’s all too late for this season.
  10. This weekend there’s been a few upsets, let’s see if we can keep the trend going go dees!
  11. Didn’t Cox have a sore ankle? Maybe Spargo is the correct man on him 🤣
  12. Just saw the score after landing in Sydney, damn I’m gutted.... what happened????
  13. By the time I land in Sydney from Vienna, it’ll be all over red rover... surely Emirates could let me broadcast it live?
  14. It’s my fault, I set him up for that one, apologies..
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