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  1. Ok balls, we get your passion, but I certainly don’t understand the hatred for Carlton. They’re nowhere near the Hawthorn/Collingwood/Essendon bretheren as far as I know! Nevertheless, retirement seems boring to me so I don’t blame the great one for keeping the door open after what I could only assume is a rather dull and uninspiring career in AFL media!!!
  2. I thought hunt showed a bit and took the game on, as did trac in parts. We desperately miss Melk, Spargo killed a lot of our rolling entries that could easily have converted into goals - interestingly, the commentators talked about Collingwoods “spaceman” who still couldn’t kick, but at least he ran into space time and time again! The only time we looked dangerous up forward was when our forwards moved laterally into space for a largely uncontested mark. We can fix this, but it’s all too late for this season.
  3. This weekend there’s been a few upsets, let’s see if we can keep the trend going go dees!
  4. Didn’t Cox have a sore ankle? Maybe Spargo is the correct man on him 🤣
  5. Just saw the score after landing in Sydney, damn I’m gutted.... what happened????
  6. By the time I land in Sydney from Vienna, it’ll be all over red rover... surely Emirates could let me broadcast it live?
  7. It’s my fault, I set him up for that one, apologies..
  8. If he bases his future game on Isaac Smith, then we’re set for a keeper! what an amazing insight we were provided. He was great last weekend for a rookie, and showed a whole lot of promise! however, the question I have is: how great is it to see some super-mature young lads in our team that are deeply focussed on issues that are not on themselve?! oskar has life perspective, and in many ways, he’s leaps and bounds ahead of many of the lads on our 22 list... good luck bro!!! (Oh and your dad is a champ!!!)
  9. Simple, check his bank balances over the next few years and follow the money trail... completely corrupt
  10. Yep agree! And as long as Viney doesn’t just throw it on to the boot without lowering his eyes and finding a target.. we then may have a chance even jones showed a bit of caution last week and steadied up a few times
  11. Just get Frosty to line him up next time we face him... Gave me flashbacks to the semi last year when he tried it on Viney, but he got dumped!
  12. The list isn’t really that different from last time, very interesting! How long till Vanders is back?
  13. At least he isn’t dragging 2 or 3 others with him - as far as we can tell.
  14. Pretty cool huh?! (I cannot believe we’re here...) how did this happen?
  15. Agree!!! 100% the only times we looked dangerous was when we steadied up an went lateral. Squeezing down the boundary only played into Vlaustuins hands, although the tigers were good at putting pressure on that last kick into 50, making for a pretty predictable intercept. For mine, Viney’s bull in a china shop approach would be better if he learned how to change direction. In many ways, Trac is better than Viney at creating his own space for a deliberate but lateral move. This cost us a lot this week..
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