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  1. Agree!!! 100% the only times we looked dangerous was when we steadied up an went lateral. Squeezing down the boundary only played into Vlaustuins hands, although the tigers were good at putting pressure on that last kick into 50, making for a pretty predictable intercept. For mine, Viney’s bull in a china shop approach would be better if he learned how to change direction. In many ways, Trac is better than Viney at creating his own space for a deliberate but lateral move. This cost us a lot this week..
  2. I think JLO should move to the coaching team, there’s a lot there he can contribute given his modern experience
  3. What an ‘effing joke... on paper we would wrestle it with the best of them... in reality... Despite a call from ANB, I’ve delayed and decided that the Dees don’t need my Membership this year. Still I haven’t paid it because I’m not convinced that they’re playing to their potential... (I probably will in the end, but I’m totally dee-motivated at this stage..)
  4. Imagine how good it’s gonna be for our back men to not have to leave their man to cover for Oscar today!
  5. If you went to the game, you’d reconsider on Hore - he was an absolute Jet!
  6. A decision in a point in time - whilst he hasn’t set the world on fire as of yet - he’s certainly demonstrated the cool head and the correct I50 disposals that Jeffy could only muster when we went end to end. I assume the FD considered a grubby pressure F50 (given the lack of quality St Kilda Rucks) where physicality - not running into an open F50 - is required. Sadly, Jeffy has struggled with that to date. Spargo for me!
  7. I encourage you to review the impact that spargo’s Offensive possessions had - its pretty clear
  8. I’d really like us to improve our disposal efficiency this week. A large number of players were floating around the 50-60% mark last week which could’ve been disastrous. If we correct that across the ground and still play with the intensity of last week, we’ll be closer to our best.
  9. Some really hard hitting facts here, absolutely entertaining analysis too! 🤣🤣🤣 this is why I come here 👍
  10. Except for the lead up and during last years finals right?
  11. Frosty did a great job on buddy, absolutely dee-moralised him by making him earn every possession
  12. Oh and finally, with an ordinary ruck, expect Saints to shark Gawn and lead the centre clearances until half-time. Their midfield is also very potent as seen last week. It will be a battle in the middle - if we win that we’ll go a long way in giving us a chance to take the chocolates.
  13. Thanks bro - then that’s a no..
  14. Historically, how has Jeffy fared against the ‘aints? (For someone more statistically minded than me)
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