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  1. I’m sure this is covered elsewhere but I would be immediately engaging the relevant person to convince Jack Martin to accept a one year deal with us for 2020. If that means delisting Stretch or JKH, so be it. No one could reasonably argue that Martin isn’t a significant upgrade on either of those two.
  2. All relevant to the Langdon trade just announced. Pick 22, 79 and a future second round selection will head to the Dockers, while pick 26 and a future fourth round selection head to Melbourne along with Langdon.
  3. One of the best posts I’ve ever read on this site.
  4. Of course I’ll renew - will buy the 5 premium memberships that I do every year. I’m even thinking about joining coterie. It’s odd, but I wouldn’t enjoy the good times anywhere near as much without knowing I’d suffered through the bad times. I’m a firm believer in the concept that the Club owes you nothing. You make a choice to support it or not. But if you love it, it’s not really ever a conscious choice.
  5. Exactly right. Ask Rod Grinter, Jeff Farmer or Russell Robertson if they feel disconnected. And to suggest Glen Bartlett has the biggest ego of the AFL presidents is absolute nonsense when you think about the field.
  6. Hard to say without understanding the context, but I’d be a lot more confident if I knew that all 22 players were coming off a full pre-season and could run out the last 10 minutes at full pace.
  7. Round 1 2020 can’t come quickly enough. A full preseason with a new head of fitness, a bottom 6 draw, an injury free list with a top 5 pick...
  8. When we lost after the siren at KP last year, I saw a 6 year old kid in an Oliver jumper crying. His mother looked embarrassed. I felt like crouching down and saying “Get used to this feeling....”
  9. Anyone who has watched Melbourne consistently could see what was going to happen after quarter time. Where was our plan B? Why did we not back ourselves to win at the stoppage and as a result let them have players behind the ball? It’s almost as though we were playing for an honourable loss, knowing we would get smashed on the spread (which we did in the last quarter anyway). It was like a performance in the early days of Roos - defensively okay but you knew the outcome before the ball was bounced. There are some truths to be told about the preseason and exactly what shape the players came back in.
  10. Nothing new in any of this. Ironic isn’t it - if Jordan McMahon doesn’t somehow smash one through from 55m after the siren none of this ever matters - a real sliding doors moment. I hope this has the effect that I think it will with the current club - use it to galvanise, band together and come out roaring from the bounce tomorrow night.
  11. We were 2-3 last year, including a ten goal loss against an experienced team, and didn’t have too many issues making a preliminary final with a core one year younger than it is now.
  12. I don’t know if you’re able to be banned for comments like that, but you should be. Probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in a post-match thread.
  13. Does anyone have any concrete mail on a supposed fight between Hoges and Milkshake at a dinner that required them to be physically separated?
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