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  1. Hannam-outrun by lynden Dunn Johnstone-extremely poor selection couldn't find the pill Spargo-slow and can't kick far enough Fritsch-no tank Baker- no tank KK -clearly was injury prone prior to recruitment Sparrow-slow inside mid C wagner-slow
  2. Clear deficiency that has been obvious for years yet Goodwin and Taylor continue to recruit slow inside mids that can't kick. When will they wake up and realise we need pace and skills?!
  3. Never really looked comfortable at AFL or lighted up a game in the 2s
  4. Smashed on the outside again today thanks to a midfield consisting of Dunkley macrae and bontempelli
  5. Wasn't Tynan on our AFL list at one point?
  6. Doesn't look like his 3 week stint in the gym has done anything . Still outmuscled by small players
  7. All fwd50 entries are just bombs , no lead up passes
  8. Elegt

    Sam Weideman

    Jack watts played with more physicality. I want to see weid want the ball and not be afraid of contact
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