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  1. Highly doubt they'd pick a Morton / Toumpas type ever again
  2. After ACL rupture a player is 6 times more likely to sustain another ACL injury, we gave up 2 first round picks for lever which is massive. May was always a risk given his older age and his history of undiscipline. Just see what happened to him and Campbell brown. That's 3 gun kids who could be running around in the red and blue right now
  3. We've given away 3 first round picks for two blokes who can't get on the park. One of those rocking up unfit to pre season and sinking beers whilst injured. Our recruiting has been a joke
  4. Hore will be pushing lever out for most of the year
  5. No but drafting should aim to strengthen the best 22 and cut those who can't compete at AFL level when they've had chances. Maynard is clearly not up to it
  6. So Maynard and spargo will lead us to a premiership one day? One can only dream
  7. Spargo did not look close to making the 22 prior to injury and couldn't get a kick at vfl level. He is too small and slow to make the cut. fritsch is a depth player, too skinny and poor footskills, Lockhart depth but likely prospect and hannan yes he has been a good pick up. But the amount of stuff ups is extrodinary
  8. He's 27, he clearly has no pace and tricks to make the AFL grade, if clubs are so willing to get rid of premierships such as Mitchell and Lewis why is it so hard to cut an average basketball recruit, he's no Mason cox
  9. A moral Victory is not enough mate, Collingwood made the grand final last year with half the team out. The reality is none of our depth players stand out and all the kids we have drafted in the past 3 years bar hore look like making the cut
  10. Jordan is a baffling draft choice, Maynard should have been let go years ago. Chandler too small. Wagner isn't AFL standard. Gee our lack of depth concerns me. Preuss should be in the AFL team
  11. We lost by 16 points, we will never be a premiership contender if the players don't fire up. Stop accepting mediocrity, the reality is we have passengers at the moment
  12. Stretch - please get out Petracca- do you train? Brayshaw- stop slipping over Oscar- surprisingly good tonight Viney- stop taking on Mcdonald- so damn slow Wagner- learn to kick Petty- get in gym Goodwin- please play preuss Garlett- go for marks Umpires- you are [censored] Oliver- please stop handballing
  13. Billy stretch should never feature in an AFL game again. He coughs the ball up with every disposal, lacks pace and takes too long to make a decision when he gets the ball. He was feeding McGovern and hurn all night
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