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  1. I suspect this post I made earlier is ageing well 😂 certainly looks much more impressive in the new highlights package and shows he could develop into a real talent up forward as well as in the ruck. pretty excited about this pick 👍🏼
  2. I suspect after we select Jackson we will release some new footage of him that will change a lot of people’s opinion about us picking him.
  3. If you can get the same player at 15 that you were going to take at 8 it would make sense tho? I would rather keep 3 & 8 as well tho but just found it interesting that GC are looking to swap those pics.
  4. With Gold Coast today saying they’d be interested in swapping 15 and 20 for a 3rd top 10 pick, I wonder, if we really are planning on reaching for Weightman at 8, if we’d consider trading it for 15 and 20 ? and hope to still get Weightman at 15 and then getting a bonus pick with 20 ?
  5. Stephens reminds me of Sam Blease, That makes me nervous lol
  6. I don’t agree with that at all, Should St Kilda have passed on max king last year Due to his acl injury ? Who is the 2019 version of max king ? There isn’t one.. Next years draft is heavily compromised with academy picks which is one reason we traded into this years draft instead and the second reason in my opinion is because we’re backing ourselves to bounce back next year and that our first pick would have been late first round. If we rate Kemp as the clear 3rd best player we should take him, A year on the sidelines learning in a professional AFL environment would set him up nicely for 2021. There’s only a handful of draftees each year who have a decent impact in their debut season anyhow.
  7. I would expect us to have a very close look at kemp with 3, Him Rowell and Anderson are a clear top 3 in terms of talent in my opinion and I think we’d back ourselves in to get his knee right. We’re eyeing weightman with 8 by all reports which may be a slight reach but he certainly fills a very big need for us as we have very few small forward options.
  8. Kennedy, kent, Kennedy-Harris and Spencer named as the 4 players who were ruled out of selection for last nights game due to a drinking session
  9. Is Dion Johnstone an outside chance to debut ? With jeffy out we lose one of the best pressure forwards in the league and Johnstone has been praised all season for his pressure, tackling and repeat efforts by the coaches. i know he hasn't been lighting it up in the VFL but I wonder if he gets a look in due to how important forward half pressure is to our game plan, and goody seemed to be a fan of Dion during the pre season.
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