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  1. I wonder if the coaches will get right down on the boundary line to shout instructions to players since they will now be able to hear them pretty clearly
  2. Seems like Pickett has been taken off at 3qtr time
  3. Interesting hearing Tom McDonald say Spargo is one of the best kicks at the club going inside 50
  4. Very impressed with Rivers, apart from the one bad turnover early his kicking has been elite and he is very composed with the ball in hand he doesn’t just panic and bomb It to no one
  5. I liked frosty but you can’t carry players who don’t play to the game plan and who can’t use the footy coming out of the back half, Unfortunately for frosty he didn’t seem to understand his limitations with ball in hand. Obviously May will take the stay at home forward and with Lever floating as an intercept player we may get away with having smith or Hore take the 2nd tall but otherwise Omac will be needed, Which I would be okay with and I think with strong support around him we would see him start to flourish a bit more in the back half.
  6. Weid finally sticks one and a beautiful kick to follow
  7. I think if you add Fritsch into this forward line it starts to look fairly dangerous, I like what Kozzie brings with his pressure and nous around goals. Brown and Weid to fight it out for the second tall role with Brown ahead at the moment in my opinion, Weid hasn’t had a chance today to show what he can add up forward tho in his defence
  8. We’re overwhelming them with our physicality a little bit at the moment, Vandenberg and Viney seem to be especially enjoying themselves 😂
  9. The y showed several slow mo replays on TV and appeared pretty clearly to be a lower leg cork. Knee straight into the outside of his lower leg
  10. Not sure I’d call a corky injured.. would 100% come back on if it was the regular season, might get put on ice given it’s a pre season game.
  11. At least a week I would have thought, chose to bump and clipped the chin. Oliver seems fine tho which may work in crouch’s favour
  12. Petracca looks fantastic around the ball and gives us some explosiveness out of congestion that we have been lacking, I think he should play 70-30 mid / forward. Big year ahead for him
  13. Wind appeared to pick up a lot that qtr and we were experimenting a lot in the midfield with Jackson starting on ball and sparrow in there for a fair chunk as well so I’m not too worried especially considering we don’t have a genuine ruck Either
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