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  1. @Demonland I can't find anything on the training session Friday where Viney, Jones et al were supposed to be proving their fitness, Have you heard anything? Or has anyone else for that matter?
  2. A few months back I arranged some kegs and a lamb on the spit at home this weekend for my birthday, the thought of the dees in a Prelim hadn't entered my wildest dreams at this stage. The missus didn't like the sound of it so decided to take the kids up the East Coast for the weekend. Home alone! As the stars slowly aligned for the Prelim featuring the Demons to kick off just as the kegs were tapped, and the lamb to be ready at half time, the only negative thing is that now I might actually be expected to talk to people instead of my usual intense focus on the game. But at least I won't have someone telling me 'it's just a game' when I blow a gasket or two.
  3. Hardwick facing a late fitness test Clarko said on TripleM. Apologies if this has already been said. Can't keep up with the speed of posting.
  4. Geelong then Hawthorn eliminated by the Demons. Couldn't have written a better script. Like last year when you couldn't have dreamed of a worse script! Gee I hope we can get it done. When Hawthorn secured top 4 with their ugly win over Sydney I was drunk and bitter so I trapped off to the 4 Hawks supporting mates in my punter's club. I said that their team was the worst team in history to make top 4, and they have zero chance of winning a final. I went as far as to say that if they win one, I will be their personal chef on our end of season trip. Little did I know that it would come to this, so if we lose, not only will I have to swallow the bitter disappointment of the Demons being eliminated by those over-achieving pricks, I will have to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for 4 smug Hawks supporters for 3 days in December. Ouch!
  5. I can't tell if that's a joke or not. Either way, good joke, or even better true story.
  6. Probably the first call I’ve made on here too. Might stick to not making calls, I think I’m better at it.
  7. https://themongrelpunt.com/afl/2018/9/13/hawthorn-v-melbourne-talking-points Pretty decent article I thought.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find the average ages of the Hawks and Demons sides that played last weekend? Just for interest's sake.
  9. No source quoted from the speculator and a couple of other posters have since said he was at training with no strapping and moving well. He'll play.
  10. They're saying Stevic on the Hawks board. No Razor. But didn't mention all the umps.
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