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  1. From the website: "Going out of the side is key forward Christ Dawes and utility Tomas Bugg. Midfielder Viv Michie, second-year player Alex Neal-Bullen and ruckman Jake Spencer have been named emergencies." Hard to believe he can't play with a name like that!
  2. What a ridiculous post. If you actually read his comments it is evident that his intention is to stay at the club.
  3. I think this post would have been received a lot better on here if the title of the thread was chosen more effectively, and one that did not elicit such emotional responses from posters. It raises some interesting points about the strength of our key position forwards on our list, particularly relative to our complete dearth of midfield talent. Premiership sides are always founded on very strong midfield groups - which we are a long way off at the moment. We need to be creative in our search for midfield talent and the opening post does this. Sometimes you have to give up something good to get something good in return. For example, consider the Chris Judd trade. While West Coast were desperate to keep Judd, they also did very well out of the trade - essentially getting Masten and Kennedy and pick 20 in return for pick 46. Certainly for the next 6-8 years West Coast will get more from that trade than if they had kept Judd (and are getting significantly more out of Masten and Kennedy this year than Carlton are out of Judd). Furthermore, by bottoming out they managed to snare Nic Naitanui, who has the potential to be a dominant player more consistently. The point I am making is that even with very good players (or in Dawes' case - good players) trades can have positive outcomes. In terms of trading away one of our key position forwards - as the opening post discusses - I agree that Dawes is the only one that we could receive anywhere near what they are really worth (given Clark's injury and Fitzy's lack of games - although if his form continues he may be in high demand come the end of the season). However, there are a few key reasons why I think trading Dawes is not advisable - unless the offer is exceptional. Firstly, as a footballer Dawes provides a lot. He is excellent at being the 'lead-up' type forward as he always provides a contest and importantly, he delivers the ball very well into the forward line. He also provides excellent defensive pressure which is very important, especially with how many tall options we have in the forward line. Secondly, Dawes is clearly a strong leader. By all reports, Dawes is an excellent trainer and it looks like he has a very positive impact working with our young players. Clearly this is the type of player, and character, that we need to dig ourselves out of our current hole. Thirdly, Dawes is a big bodied, strong, experienced footballer. Again this is something we are short on. Fourthly, I do not think it is a good precedent that you set by trading away a player that you have just traded in - even if you have, as we will, a new coach. Dawes is only one year into a four-year deal (and has clearly had a positive impact thus far) and trading him would send the wrong message, both to players from rival clubs that we are seeking to attract but also to our own players. Under both Neeld and Bailey we have alienated senior players through disgraceful mismanagement and the consequences have quite clearly been disastrous. In summary, I think it is unlikely to be a good idea to trade Dawes unless the offer is exceptional. But with several clubs such as the Bulldogs and Carlton crying out for a key forward, and undoubtedly looking at our key position stocks with envy, it is not completely out of the question. I think the standard of the debate on this thread is disappointing given the amount of thought that has gone into the opening post, as well as the importance of looking at ways to improve our deplorable midfield.
  4. Looking at those statistics, while his disposal numbers are down about 10% from last year or 2 possessions a game, he is kicking 0.2 goals more a game (around 20% more than last ) and getting 1.2 more tackles per game (around 20% more than last year). This indicates he has had in many ways a similar season to last year. In my opinion Sylvia is one of few must keeps on our list. As our side improves, Sylvia will become an elite player of the competition. I think he actually plays his best football when he spends more time across half forward, as evident in his games against Richmond and Collingwood this year. The fact that people on this site would entertain the thought of trading him is ludicrous. He is clearly worth the $500,000 if that is what we are prepared to offer Scully, who at this stage has far more weaknesses as a footballer than Sylvia.
  5. You're kidding aren't you? Newton plays one decent quarter and he's 'giving us more' than Bate and Dunn. Dunn is clearly the new Cameron Bruce on this forum.
  6. Have you? He came second in the 2008 Grand Final sprint...can't be that slow
  7. Is this YzeMagic in disguise? This kind of player bashing is ridiculous, he was in our best 3 or 4 today, it's diabolical how bad your post is.
  8. Fantastic post. 100% agree. His defensive game is very underrated. His kicking is average, not "terrible". However he did have a terrible kicking year a few years ago when he had ankle problems. His handballing can at times be poor... however I don't think you can blame him for the turnover with McKenzie as he had his back turned and was attempting to keep the ball moving quickly after a fantastic kick out from Strauss. Thus I think it was primarily McKenzie's fault, as the caller, as he had a clearer view of the play. The other handball to Bate was ordinary and slowed us down but it didn't cause the turnover, the next handball from Bate, (and the dropped ball?) did. Bruce is still one of our most consistent performers and will be top 5 in the best and fairest this year if he remains injury free. What more do we expect from a senior player other than consistently high performance? If Bruce is so terrible why does he consistently figure highly in our best and fairest count? Sorry but I think I'll side with those in the inner sanctum, who rate Bruce as one of our best players and leaders and not the Bruce bashers on this site.
  9. Yeh don't pick our best player - one of about 5 on our list who actually has class?
  10. B: Bennell Warnock Rivers HB: Bruce Frawley MacDonald C: Grimes Moloney Davey HF: Bate Miller Garland F: Green Jamar Petterd R: Martin, Jones, McDonald Int: Dunn, Trengove, Scully, Maric/Jetta If Garland doesn't get up then I'd play Maric or Jetta, whoever misses out. I'd play Jamar in the goal square like against Carlton last year for 60% of the game, the rest in the ruck when Martin needs a break. Green will also run through the midfield for parts of the game.
  11. Stef Martin has the makings of a very good ruckman if you combine his rucking ability and athleticism. Remember he is still learning the game - and the ruck position
  12. B Rivers/Macdonald Warnock Garland HB Morton Frawley Bruce © C Davey Grimes Scully HF Green (VC) Miller (VC) Bate FF Maric Jurrah Sylvia R Jamar Moloney Jones IC Trengove Martin Watts McDonald Unlucky: Bennell, Rivers/MacDonald, Wonaeamirri, Dunn If McDonald is not captain he would not be in my best 22 as he will take a spot of a developing midfielder, but I think in all likelihood he will be.
  13. He's been a great servant of the club, but he's clearly not an "f'ing [censored]". There's obviously a lot of resentment within many senior players about the way the club has been run under Bailey. This is probably a large reason why Brock chose to leave. You can understand why they'd be frustrated, we've been trying to lose and for the players winning is their career and what they strive for. Sadly the way football is going these days careers are cut short for those who are no longer/never have been outstanding players or in bottom 4 clubs. But if you were in his position you would be annoyed too, he's given his all for the club and his delisting is clearly not on merit but on age. I think the AFL should look at ways to keep players in the game longer, such as Lloyd and others who, if they were playing tomorrow, would still be very damaging. I do agree though that the right choice with Robbo was made for OUR club, but I can certainly understand why he would be frustrated and do not see a problem with him giving honest answers.
  14. In my opinion I think the best way to avoid tanking for a priority pick is to issue them not on number of wins, but on percentage. A system where to get a priority pick the team has to have a % under 75 for two consecutive years. A team like us would rightfully get the priority pick, but a team such as West Coast with a much healthier percentage of around 86 would not get one, even if they only win 4 games. It is much harder to "tank your percentage" than "tank a game" in my opinion.
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