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  1. Yes I will be renewing my Legends Membership because I love the club and there is a strong emotional attachment as well. However I won't be attending the best and fairest next month. It has been a very difficult year for the club.
  2. Dan Butler from Richmond is the player that Melbourne is targeting. Would be a great recruit for us
  3. There is no doubt he will want to go back to Hawthorn. The only sticking point is Melbourne offering a better offer than Hawthorn.
  4. I'm tipping Anderson will be the number 1 pick in the draft. Gold Coast will take him.
  5. We may get the number 2 pick. This is not going to solve the problem. It is much deeper than that
  6. We are missing easy shots in front of goal.
  7. We need to go back what we did in 2015 and get 2 picks inside the top 10.
  8. He is still contracted until the end 2020. I don't think we will pay him out.
  9. I really liked his interview. I'm excited. Very happy we have selected him
  10. Great to see you on board Kyle. I'm very happy to get him. Excellent choice
  11. That is if Coniglio plays. Could be late withdrawal
  12. I hope you are right with your assessment. I'm looking forward to seeing Lever and May all in the back line together which will completely change the structure of the back line. I hope they give Harrison more time and give him more games.
  13. This is excellent post and I like your positivity. My only concern is we have a very difficult draw. We still have to play Collingwood twice. Our performance against West Coast was pleasing which gives some glimpse of hope. But we need to play 4 quarters of football consistently each week.
  14. Yes you are right. They are expecting rain during the game in Perth. Good things can happen when you least expect it. Just at what Liverpool did against Barcelona in the second leg at Anfield
  15. I hope you are right. We have a very poor track record managing foot injuries.
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