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  1. Does anyone know if Petty has been training with the backs or the forwards? Or maybe they are not split into groups yet?
  2. Thanks. Inconsistency by foot doesn't sound great
  3. How good is Caldwell? I don’t know anything about him. Is he quick, good foot skills?
  4. This! I think O’Brien would be a very good get
  5. Tim OBrien? He was mentioned as possibly get able on trace radio...take it with a grain of salt I guess
  6. I think we are still a pretty big chance. If Brisbane is a done deal why has it not been announced already
  7. Sorry DD but I just really struggle to take the bloke seriously
  8. Tom Browne seems like such a strange dude
  9. One positive is if he is touring Brisbane that means he has not yet re-signed with the filth
  10. I don’t understand the dislike for Mahoney. He worked the loophole which landed us Clarrie. For that I am eternally grateful
  11. It’s called sell high my friends
  12. Apparently Sam Gray wants to explore his options elsewhere. He has to be worth a look
  13. Well done to Dec. He managed to do what many only dream of. Thanks for bringing us all such a personal insight. All the best to yourself and dec for the future
  14. There are some crazy posts on this thread. Petracca has had a very good year! I’m not sure how some on here can’t see that
  15. I’ll renew but they can get forked on the gf guarantee I always pay. Easily the most disappointing and disheartening season on the 30 years I have followed our club
  16. In 60 x fast forward OMac would have only looked extremely slow instead of true speed when he is pretty much at walking pace...no intent, no idea
  17. Forget the umpires, we suck. No skills, no fitness, crap game plan and guys like OMac running around
  18. Just sit him on the bench for the last quarter. I’m convinced we would be better off
  19. I bloody hate it when the opposition wins a free kick and 2 or 3 players stand on the mark looking at each other...poor coaching
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