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  1. There are some crazy posts on this thread. Petracca has had a very good year! I’m not sure how some on here can’t see that
  2. I’ll renew but they can get forked on the gf guarantee I always pay. Easily the most disappointing and disheartening season on the 30 years I have followed our club
  3. In 60 x fast forward OMac would have only looked extremely slow instead of true speed when he is pretty much at walking pace...no intent, no idea
  4. Forget the umpires, we suck. No skills, no fitness, crap game plan and guys like OMac running around
  5. Just sit him on the bench for the last quarter. I’m convinced we would be better off
  6. I bloody hate it when the opposition wins a free kick and 2 or 3 players stand on the mark looking at each other...poor coaching
  7. Is that 6 goals kicked on OMac? Serious question? I’ve seen him play some bad games but this is right up there. Zero intent...he ain’t an AFL footballer
  8. I like the idea of playing Max forward as much as we play Preuss there. Only while we have Sam out of the team. Max’s marking is exceptional!
  9. The lack of anything from him just seems so strange to me. I honesty cannot get my head around it
  10. I agree totally agree with you Binman. This was in fact my criticism of the club in the online member review and is as much a disappointment to me as the on field performance. I had no issue with Pert when he was employed as CEO as some here did. Since then though he has been a ghost. Surely he should be talking to members in such a disappointing season. I live in WA, am a long time member and the communication is terrible. Our website is laughable!
  11. I said that the communication from the club to members this year has been appalling. Have not heard boo from our CEO. You’d hardly know he works at MFC
  12. The season was already gone before last night. A disappointing loss but with more reinforcements back next week we will have a much better second half of the year. agree with all your points above
  13. I really hope he has a big night because I’ve always been a fan...been very disappointing though
  14. Forget the Spargo talk. The bloke that is luckiest to hold his spot in the team is Garlett
  15. Have you seen him play? Who cares what he looks like? When he was at Adelaide he was selected in the All Australian squad and was playing as an elite intercept defender...probably the best young defender in the competition...and you want to talk about his complexion. Maybe you prefer the Brent Moloney types, tanned and with big muscles. I for one cannot wait to have Jake back in the side. He is going to be a very good player for us for a very long time.
  16. Spot on Onion, they are similar in many ways...power forwards that could dominate but don't. I hope those words don't come back to bite us on Saturday.
  17. Walker is and always has been an average footballer. I’d be more worried about Tom Lynch he is a gun!
  18. Viney is a very average footballer at the moment. IMO he is also not a leader. I’d love to see Lever get the gig in a year or two...he is all class
  19. Don’t even look as though we are trying. This is disgraceful
  20. Hopefully he gets a run at it DV8. He has been very unlucky until now. All the best to yourself
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