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  1. Hopefully he gets a run at it DV8. He has been very unlucky until now. All the best to yourself
  2. I agree that Smith provided a good target. Hopefully he is available for selection next week, the poor bloke just cannot get a clean run at it
  3. 6 - Gawn. The most dominant ruck game I have ever witnessed live. He destroyed two ruckmen, both at the coal face and around the ground. Sometimes I think we do not celebrate his greatness...he is a special player! Maybe the best player we have had in the last 10 years 5 - Hunt. A revelation as a forward. He has resurrected his career at the MFC and I am happy for him 4 - Hore. A very good intercept defender. He reads the ball so well in the air and has real courage. Has cleaned up his disposal also 3 - Harmes. Becoming our most versatile midfielder 2 - Oliver. Messy but provided great forward drive and I love the bloke. He will get better. Easy to forget he is so young 1 - Frost. A flawed genius. The chase, tackle on petrucelli, followed by the kick out of bounds sums him up. Great effort though
  4. The most risk averse player in our team. The stalling is momentum killing especially as he is used on the wing which is a link position
  5. Yep it’s cold here tonight that’s for sure...much colder and more dewy tomorrow night also...looking forward to it. Agree on Preuss
  6. We excel at going ugly inside 50. The challenge is to get it in quick enough so that the forward line is not clogged up. Ball movement needs to be quick off half back with run and carry through the middle of the ground and getting the ball in deep entries. Shallow entries and the boys will see the ball flying back over their heads quickly. We need to play a high risk, high reward game with Frosty as the sweeper. He has the pace required. I can’t wait to see Baker, Petty and the game plan we bring
  7. This is what I think it will be too. Also think this is the best case scenario
  8. Agree Moon, thankfully Barrass won’t be playing though...injured
  9. 6 Oliver 5 Salem 4 Jones 3 Hunt. The move to the forward line has reinvigorated Jayden 2 Gawn 1 Frost
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