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  1. Great thread to start Demon JM. Does the draft go in the same order as per the pre-season draft?
  2. I have only seen him in his one game last year. Hoping he is going to be very good. Can he lock down a big forward and what is his marking like?
  3. WHY DOES LING ALWAYS SHOUT? I thought it was because he was on the boundary line and couldn’t work out that with a microphone it wasn’t required but I realised last night he was in the box. Do these blokes not get a performance review now and then?
  4. Play the kids. The season is over
  5. Who gives a [censored]...I’m going to go to swimming training instead of watching that crap we serve up
  6. You have KK in your best 22? WOW! His first two games for us have been nothing short of disgraceful
  7. Frost is a [censored] dear in the headlights. Thanks everyone but I’m outta here for a while. Over 30 years of supporting this club and this really hurts. Imagine how good it would have been if I had waited a bit and picked west coast...I’m from Perth and just went too early
  8. What a club to support hey. They gave us a sniff last year, massive over achievement. So disappointing and so disheartening. I pay my membership every year, live in the west and flew over last year for the first final. Such a pea hearted club
  9. What the [censored] are our captains doing about this? We suck
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