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  1. He is not my whipping boy, I just think he is hardly contributing...I’m entitled to my opinion
  2. Brayshaw- 12 touches, 0 tackles must be on notice. Surely Jordon is close to a debut. i know this is a simplistic view but Brayshaw seems disinterested. He offers so little at the moment in my opinion
  3. Most of the time he looks like he is just going through the motions...he is such a confusing player to me now. I think a Jordon or Sparrow would offer a lot more than him at the moment. Angus has had no real impact in any of our games this year. I missed the golf swing but that is a bad look imo
  4. Brayshaw is currently offering nothing and should be dropped. I’m confused about where he is heading. Jones in for him. Melksham needs to be dropped. He still looks disinterested to me.
  5. I've read some crazy stuff on here but this takes the cake! Absolutely love the optimism though
  6. They were spot on with everything they said...essentially it boils down to the fact that Goodwin’s gameplan does not work. Time to stop being a loser club...hard decisions need to be made and now!
  7. Hahahahaha. The little one says she goes for the Dees and the Dockers...both terrible choices. The big girl is a Dee
  8. He is obviously a defensive coach but I believe he gets the best out of players. He is smart enough and knows that winning is all that counts. The players love him. I like his arrogance too...we need a bit of that and I couldn’t stand another untried coach. i honestly believe if we had him as our coach next year we would be top 8. The wife is a lost cause...not that anyone in their right mind would choose to follow our club...it’s my two daughters I feel sorry for
  9. I have been strong on not wanting to write Goodwin off but I think I am done. His inability to make any changes in a game is infuriating. Selection is poor and our skills are the worst in the competition by a long way in my opinion. I am from Perth and my wife is a Dockers supporter (spew) so have seen a lot of Ross Lyon. I don’t understand the dislike for him. He is a proven coach who in my opinion would definitely have us in the top 8 as soon as next season. I love our club but am so sick and tired of the crap that gets served up on game day. It is embarrassing and it bloody hurts. I have been a member for 20 years but am starting to question my family’s $550 contribution each year...when are we going to decide to be winners? the fact is - we are a loser club...and I hate that! Goodwin needs to go. We need results now and I refuse to believe that our list is that bad
  10. Surely Viney gets a gig..:he was horrendous and continues to be the dumbest player in the team
  11. Melksham has to be dropped. He is not even half the player he used to be...cannot win a one on one
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