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  1. All good mate, was mostly pointing out that while people want to (rightly) point out where he can improve they miss the special things he is doing 21 games into his career. I love Jayden Hunt and Jack Viney, but they will never ever be able to do that. Oliver needs to balance his game out a little bit more but the vision to hit that handball is just on another level
  2. Holy [censored] did you read the rest of the post or get so in a huff after the first paragraph that you just had to slam your keyboard an reply. Every player on our list has areas to improve and Clarry is no different. I didn't say he couldnt improve them nor did I say he wasn't good enough for his age. I was pointing out that his handball game is something you could never teach, you can teach him to kick more and get it more uncontested but only the special talents can hit that handball
  3. He needs to kick more, he needs to get more uncontested, he needs to score goals, needs to be more versatile All fair critisizm levelled at Oliver IMO However that handball, plus their was one to Jones in our F50 where he forced to Jones to attack it and he snapped a goal is the sort of skill you cant teach. Its rare and only the very best have that vision. Try and picture yourself getting the ball surrounded by 15 blokes and being able to see a 20m handball on your non dominant side. Remarkable.
  4. I reckon he and Frost for mine should be leading our BnF with Hibberd only short because he missed a few games Best season so far though
  5. Unfortunately Kent can't take an overhead mark and doesn't lay many tackles for a quick bloke. He's not a very good 1 on 1 player. His best work is as a high half forward coming at the goals like Chapman. He kicks to the advantage of forwards. However I reckon his back is crook because he has no agility and is bad below the knees now
  6. Looks a little like 2010 Ricky Petterd before he did his shoulder. Very intelligent player and has that intagible natural footy ability.
  7. Kent is or was my favourite player but it's hard to argue that Hannan doesn't have a tonne more forward craft. Kents best work is done between 30 and 70m. Hannans inside 50 Hannan as a marking forward is bloody dangerous and something we don't have anything else like. Very smart footballer and he will play 100+ games for the dees
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