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  1. I agree. Let's call it now and hit the slopes.......
  2. Whatever the changes, Angus Brayshaw needs to play the whole game (less rotations) on the ball, and be told that if he doesn't run both ways he will play VFL (has a few mates). He is not a wingman, nor a back flanker. If he's sore or injured give him a spell.
  3. I don't think our game style has really changed. Last year we had the most inside 50's and 2nd most clearances. This year 2nd most I50's and 5th most clearances. So we can win the ball and get it inside 50 plenty but as we all know this year that hasn't converted into winning scores, nor efficient scores in general. I think teams figured this out watching our losing games last year that the way to beat us was to almost let us get the ball in there, and repeat entry the hell out of it, with the view that one quick kick or handball to a running player out of our forward 50, would result in an easy goal out the back. I think teams have figured out how to play us better and as such we need to adapt our game style. Whether this is a result of the 6-6-6 rule I don't know, but 666 sure is an evil number.....
  4. GC can just fold and we can have a mini-draft of their players.
  5. I honestly didn't think Hannan was playing yesterday until I saw him jogging into the forward 50 about halfway through the second quarter. He clearly hadn't been anywhere near the ball.
  6. That was the worst decision I've seen this year. They also paid one at the centre bounce where both ruckmen put their arms into one another's chest but somehow that was a free against Max! There should be a prerequisite for all umpires to have played at least some senior football before so they understand the physicality of the game. Dreaming I know, and Leigh Fisher is pretty bad as well.
  7. Biggest gain is that we hopefully get to see the back of some plodder list cloggers!
  8. The best teams quite obviously, dare I use this word play "tempo" football. Or more importantly these days, the players on the ground recognise when they need to go fast or play "chaos" ball and when they need to slow things down or which defensive set-ups they need to slow down against. For example, if we're playing West Coast and have a stoppage on our half-back flank, they are likely to have McGovern, Hurn and/or Barass, guarding space in a hole or peeling off their player. Sure, an inside mid's nature is to get the ball out and forward at all costs, but surely they are coached against certain teams, or someone behind that stoppage can realise what is forward and say "righto fellas, we can't simply put this ball forward we're going to have to find targets or run this up to and over their loose players." Obviously that is far easier said than done, and with pressure around the ball that isn't always possible, but surely a "plus one" at the stoppage or behind the ball for us can be directing that and making sure we are aware of this in game? Against a side like West Coast would you even bother kicking forward immediately from a stoppage? I would suggest that our lack of conditioning, whilst an excuse, has caused a few brain fades early in the season, where players under fatigue simply boot the ball forward rather than looking for options.
  9. HBDee


    If Weid goes elsewhere at the end of the year, we'd probably be keen to take anyone with runs on the board......a fair few runs too.
  10. Fair point. I'm not sure who I'd rather in the side, Josh or Corey? Maybe Corey's pressure and pace is better, but Josh's skills are better. 50/50 for mine. I think we must leave Stretch in for at least 3-4 weeks and see what he can do with some continuity.
  11. Agreed bring in Keilty. He can give Max a chop out and provide a long marking target, not in the same hulk as Preuss, but another target for our "bombing" game style (whether intentional or not). I'm not so sure about Lewis given his lack of pace. Good kick and generally speaking hard at it, and by all means we need his leadership, but when you have the likes of Billings, Gresham and Steven as small flankers lurking around the 50, that worries me. Jetta if he's fit comes in for surely J or C Wagner, probably Josh as he is the one playing as a defender. Jeffy for Spargo? I think we need to see a larger sample size from Jeff. Sucks Casey have a bye this weekend, but I'd be keen on giving him another good game before he get's a guernsey in the senior side.
  12. 6. Gawn 5. Jones 4. Hore 3. Oliver 2. Salem 1. Hunt
  13. I'm most worried when Frost would need to play on the likes of Jeremy Cameron or Jack Darling. They have the pace to match his and far better football brains. They are also not underdone like Buddy. I know they worry most teams though. Even with a fit Lever and May, they're match-ups that I don't like the look of.
  14. We missed out on recruiting Michael Jordan in a cross-code deal, he was right under our noses because he thought about visiting Australia one-time....ridiculous thread.
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