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  1. Sadly, I completely agree. We will have one more spot on our list come the mid-season draft I'd suspect
  2. Not too many on here seem too excited about Tomlinson. I personally think he is a great acquisition if nothing more than his size and running ability. I can't recall the number of times last year where we kicked long to medium or small sized forwards with 2-3 big bodied defenders easily marking and bouncing the ball out of our forward 50. Tomlinson will push up to be an option out of defensive 50, has the size and the tank to do it on repeat. This means Tmac can actually get the ball at CHF rather than the wing and Weid/Petty/Jackson can start out of the square, rather than at CHF. Tomlinson in my opinion, strengthens our forward line by simply being an outlet aka. Crows Tom Lynch.
  3. I'm really hoping the drafting of Jackson has made Weid really hungry to cement his spot in the side. I think only 2 maybe 3 of T Mac, Weid, Petty and Jackson play in the forward line, and if he wants to be in that 2 or 3 really needs to earn it. It might be the kick in the [censored] he needs. Having said all of that, from all reports, Jackson's speed and agility may not mean he is the typical "ground ball liability" that most talls are.
  4. Two way running from our midfield. Max and Harmes excluded because they already do it.
  5. Excited to see what becomes of Jackson!
  6. We really should try and let go of the past season. For whatever reason it happened, learn from it, new (ish) list, new coaches (apart from Goody), a lot more on the track for more work, lets look forward to next season, support our boys and see what happens!
  7. Jackson can also pop out a fake front tooth. That might help.....
  8. I was listening to the Sydney recruiter (forget his name but it was an interesting one) on the AFL Draft show prior to the draft and he made an interesting point. He was asked if they would bid on Green and if not why not. His response was pretty simple, if they wanted Green they would bid on him. You want to call the name of the player that you want at that spot, because if GWS don't match the bid and your bidding just to force their hand, then you might miss the player you actually want and end up with Green. Made sense to me.
  9. I agree. Let's call it now and hit the slopes.......
  10. Whatever the changes, Angus Brayshaw needs to play the whole game (less rotations) on the ball, and be told that if he doesn't run both ways he will play VFL (has a few mates). He is not a wingman, nor a back flanker. If he's sore or injured give him a spell.
  11. I don't think our game style has really changed. Last year we had the most inside 50's and 2nd most clearances. This year 2nd most I50's and 5th most clearances. So we can win the ball and get it inside 50 plenty but as we all know this year that hasn't converted into winning scores, nor efficient scores in general. I think teams figured this out watching our losing games last year that the way to beat us was to almost let us get the ball in there, and repeat entry the hell out of it, with the view that one quick kick or handball to a running player out of our forward 50, would result in an easy goal out the back. I think teams have figured out how to play us better and as such we need to adapt our game style. Whether this is a result of the 6-6-6 rule I don't know, but 666 sure is an evil number.....
  12. GC can just fold and we can have a mini-draft of their players.
  13. I honestly didn't think Hannan was playing yesterday until I saw him jogging into the forward 50 about halfway through the second quarter. He clearly hadn't been anywhere near the ball.
  14. That was the worst decision I've seen this year. They also paid one at the centre bounce where both ruckmen put their arms into one another's chest but somehow that was a free against Max! There should be a prerequisite for all umpires to have played at least some senior football before so they understand the physicality of the game. Dreaming I know, and Leigh Fisher is pretty bad as well.
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