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  1. He-he. Good to see we're paying attention to Chris Scott and not throwing the baby out with the bathwater here!!!
  2. An average of less than 1/2 a point per game! That was the difference between playing and not playing finals. But what bothers me is that when teams just miss out like we did this year, they can sometimes go backwards for a year afterwards (see Saints this year after just missing out last year). So what do I think needs to happen - Well I agree with an earlier post that said that we tired during the last few weeks of the year. A few weeks back I said that the injuries to experienced players during the middle of the year meant that our younger players weren't getting the opportunity to be rested for general soreness at critical times. Another pre-season into our still young list will help overcome this if we happen to have a similar run of injuries next year (hell forbid). For those lamenting our disposal efficiency, we were almost smack on the AFL average for this, and look we finished mid-table. So some improvement to this will mean a big difference to how we go next year too. Overall - not all sweetness and light, but not all gloom and doom either.
  3. To those saying we put 'ourselves' in this position - NO. The players and coaches put us in this position - we the fans did everything we could, but unfortunately it is not up to 'us'!
  4. Effing hell. We'd be 12 goals down already if we were playing a decent side. Can't believe how bad we play whenever we play teams we should be flogging!
  5. I hope so. He's one of the loosest backmen in the comp and this would leave Jack to roam free and do Watts he does best!
  6. Based on the comments on DL I think this'll be the 22nd season defining game in a row, but I didn't look at the comments for the pre-season games.
  7. Yes except for your intel on Hannah! Using my intel(ligence) I can categorically state that Daryl Hannah never has and never will play seniors footy for the Dees!
  8. They are only bottom because of our s---house performances against the Kangapoos. Win those (as we should have) and the Kangapoos would be bottom (as they should be) and we're on the cusp of a top 4 finish!
  9. When you say he'll get seriously whacked do you mean Mafia style?
  10. Yay Gold Cost Sums running the Lions into nice form so they won't be an easy beat for us next week. Not that any of this comment will matter if we don't beat the saints tomorrow.
  11. He should be on Chunnel 7 he's that useless. He's surprised at least 10 times a week by umpiring decisions that are perfectly fine.
  12. Point 1: Disappointingly a number of our younger players are starting to look tired similar to last season. I think big chunks of the year without some of our senior players has added to this issue. On this list I would put: Trac, Hannan, Hunt, OMac, Harmes, ANB and Clarry (to a lesser extent). The senior injuries have meant that the club hasn't been able to rest them like they may have if the injuries hadn't have occurred. Give them another pre-season and we'll have a much better chance of reaping our rewards next season. If we were to make the finals (and that's a big if at the moment) the bye in between Rd23 and finals week 1 would see these guys hit the ground super fresh and firing. Unfortunately I think its too late now to give these guys a rest, we are going to have to make the best of a bad situation. Point 2: Personally I don't disagree with your comment, but if Clarry starts to kick the ball more out of packs he will quickly become despised like Tyson on this site (people on here don't like quick kicks out of packs - unless the player plays for another team and then they ignore the high rate of errors such play brings with it). Point 3: As for everyone heaping it on Watts, have a look at our F50 entries over the last two weeks - they have been absolutely atrocious. Blaming the forwards for the mistakes of those up the ground is not going to fix our problems. Point 4: Everyone please thank their someone/some-thing if they are of that mind for Milkshake not being sited by the MRP (Melbourne Resistance Panel). In: Grandstands that block strong winds blowing to one end of the ground Out: Dumb football and open boutique stadiums where we think that the wind will do the hard work for us
  13. I'd guess South Australia. Most of those one eyed supporters have two other eyes hidden away which is why they're twice the d-heads!
  14. Strange, someone on one the other topics yesterday was certain that their would be 2 late changes (can't be bothered going back and finding out who it was that said it).
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