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  1. I had the same thought last week, i think its just a co-incidence tho.
  2. Fair point Bombay, but he ain't doing a great job of things atm.
  3. Was thinking the exact same thing Werridee. What the [censored] would he know what it takes to be a forward or what a good forward structure looks like.
  4. I have been banging on about Dave Misson for 2 years now, should have been saked at the end of 2017. As for Charlie, should have been sacked instantly after he was plastered all over national TV with a tigers scarf on.
  5. Pert 70,000- [censored] kidding himself Pert- Sent by Eddie
  6. Is it just me or is it after every loss the amount of surgeries done in the off season goes up another 3-4? Wasn't it 17 off season surgeries? Now its 22?
  7. Troy is our Savior.😂😂😂😂 He is the biggest pretender know to man. knows [censored] all about the game and about coaching men. Go and coach kids u dweeb.
  8. [censored] Poor pre season, [censored] poor trading, [censored] poor coaching staff, [censored] poor hierarchy, [censored] poor prelim review. Everything is [censored] poor.
  9. Big head syndrome, thinking everything was ok with the win last week, wont be seeing a [censored] cent more from me MFC. [censored] this for a joke.
  10. absolute [censored] [censored] the lot of you from Gary Pert down.
  11. We dont dominate the contests at all like we did last year, we play such a high defensive line i dont know why, because our defence is so terrible. who is the brain child? who is continuing this [censored] message?
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