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  1. To Saty and Kevvy, i have enjoyed both of your tireless efforts, dedication and enthusiasm for all things Red and Blue. Magic work from the both of you, enjoy you travels Kevvy.👍👏🤝
  2. In Australia yes, plenty of other Football clubs have New Balance as their apparel supplier eg. FC Porto (Portugal), Sevilla (La Liga, Spain), Lille, Nantes FC (Liege 1 France) England Cricket team, South Africa Cricket team, Tennis Milos Raonic, Jordan Thompson etc.
  3. Good to see Viney running around at this time of year, Sparrow is looking the goods and Hibbo is looking in terrific shape. Very early stages but some encouraging signs no doubt, compared to last year.
  4. Close thread, he's not interested in coming, this all makes me sick.
  5. If he doesn't want to play for us at a reasonable amount, make those scum bags pay through the nose.
  6. Top 4 finish looms if they are running up hills.
  7. I hope Saty is right with his discussion with Nev and May, but it doesn't sound to good if they are still wearing the yellow vests. Long Pre season though, no need to break them at the start of Nov. #Inburgesswetrust
  8. If this is a potential sweetner to get Jack Martin over the line for the right price, then it could prove to be a very shrewd bit of business by the Dees. Pending his operations and recovery all go according to plan.
  9. Harmsey is quite literally living the dream of all us supporters. His legend will continue to grow as the years unfold.
  10. I wonder what old mate Garry Buccanara thinks of Harmesy getting a new 5 year deal?
  11. That 2017 year was a great one for him, and i will never forget the night we beat the Crows in Adelaide. That night Jeffy was doing Jeffy things, lost my voice and all great memories Jeffy. #thankyou
  12. MFC just has to show a bit of sack on this fella.
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