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  1. We will find this all out next year, Simon knows he has next year to turn the ship around. He has most probably asked for a few new changes within the club, understandable those are in motion and will begin to take shape even as we speak and in the off season. If things do not change and continue on the same course as this year, then its going hard for him to continue. I will be expressing my desire for the club to seek a new Coach if this whole season is repeated again. I ain't got time for this [censored] again!
  2. He's the cream we have been searching for, come to the Dees Kobe. We need a massive year in 2020 and a similiar year from Freo. Only thing is will Kobe have a support newtork in Melb if he comes over, compared to in Perth? That will be the sticking point me thinks. Dees have to step it up to the maximum, maybe Todd Viney to look after him in his first 3 years.
  3. I see your point bb, i get that he's at a well resourced club and the Saints are dysfunctional, but does he want to be an assistant for the rest of his coaching days? that's the question you have to ask yourself. Or does he want to do a Fagan and venture into other areas of a club and wait 20 odd years for a gig? It might not come around bb. It doesn't seem that Harvs has the skill set Fagan has for other areas of a football department, but i could be wrong. I'll tell you one thing though, if they select Brad Scott for the top Job, they might as well board Moorabbin up. In saying all that he might not put his name up to go through the process if certain individuals are also going through it i.e Brad Scott. They might see it as a dead end.
  4. If he wants a senior job ever this is the one, he won't get it elsewhere.
  5. If Goodwin doesn't lift i would be keeping Ratts in mind for the Job no doubt. Was midfield coach at the Dees under Danners.
  6. I'm well and truely over this season. only focusing on positives going forward. It's great seeing the youngsters like Petty, Lockart, Baker, Hunt and Hore performing well, a more favourable draw will be welcomed, top 3 draft pick, a long overdue new fitness guru coming on board. #happydays#2020
  7. Where have you been in the last 8 years? You don't have to agree with my thoughts, thats your opinion, i have mine, but if you can sit there and protect the job he has done, you have a poor outlook on football. The management of players coming back from injuries throughout his tenure has been absolutely diabolical. All the best to him in Canada, hope he can land a position with the World Champion Toronto Raptors.
  8. That might have been the case all those years ago, but its been 2 years to long my friend, he's had his day. I don't think you could be spruiking the fact that he worked under Neeld. He was an AFL appointment, The AFL ran the club back then. How about the foot injuries of Trengrove and Clarke, that's all been forgotten about under his watch. Viney hasn't looked the same either, same goes for Vanders, people forget these things. He was probably one of the cheapest at the time for the club and still was to this day. He came to the club at its lowest ebb, when we were a basket case in debt. The Club protected his departure, I wouldn't go believing everything you hear. The Club are filithy with the way our fitness department has operated this year. Who would hire him after this years Deebarcle? No one. Deep down he knews his time was up.
  9. Im counting down the days until he is out of the club, 48 days and counting. I think many inside the club would be too. Massacred our list.
  10. I'm going to back the kid in for next year, second year blues can happen to the best of us. I think most of our list are on holidays in their minds. Wouldn't hurt if the young fella broke his duck in the female department, might loosen him up a bit. He has lost bucket loads of confidence this year, along with a few others on our list.
  11. Yeah mid table not challenging, midas well be bottom, but they don't bottom out the crows. Won't be challenging for a very long time.
  12. I said to a Crows mate at the end of 2017 season, they have a 2 year window to win a flag. They are well and truely cooked, they will be down there for a very long time.
  13. I'm pretty sure all these points im about to make are already in motion, but god helps if they aren't. -Take the picks if we can't attract top end talent. -Continue to blood the youngsters. -Lockdown a proven reliable fitness guru NOW. -Start searching NOW for new assistant coaches. -Settle on a sustainable coaching setup and fully focus on preparations for 2020. Let's just hope we look back on this year and say, "its the gap year we had to have".
  14. We beat them by 109 points last year, they wouldn't have forgotten that. If they beat us by more than 5 goals i will unleash. We have by far the worst coaching panel in the AFL alongside the Phoenix Suns. Spend some [censored] money Pert and Co. Why do we sell these game to the NT for then.
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