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  1. Has to play, he is a livewire, we walk taller with Pruessy in the side.
  2. He is going to be a player this kid. Has a great leg, speed and good decision making, going to be a beauty. Right behind you and your family Bakes.
  3. It sure as hell looks that way, we must not be paying our fitness staff very well. Judging by their record in the last 18 months, we would have to have the worst injury to games missed ratio in the comp.
  4. T. Smith- Not AFL standard. B.Pruess- Where was he? Set shots- Killed us Again. Petracca- So [censored] frustrating. Gawn- One man band. Long kicks to Mcgovern and co- just so predictable. Skill level- Not AFL standard. Football IQ- just doesnt exist. Football boots- screw-ins not required Hore- Stroke of Genius. Hunt- Has reinvented himself. Goodwin- Good for 3qtrs Rest of Season- Couldn't give two...
  5. honesty thought he was going to be a late inclusion shocking [censored] call.
  6. Where the game was lost, should have been 5 goals up going up into the last qtr.
  7. [censored] [censored] weak, learn how to kick into 50 and set shot territory where the game was lost.
  8. Well at least someone on here has had the stones to apologize to El Capitano. A few religious posters on the forum big noted him for the chop during last season and the off season. Cue Pauline Hanson. Shame,shame,shame on you all who doubted Jonesy boy.
  9. What the [censored] was that? We dish that up next week and we'll get smoked preliminary final style.
  10. Melbourne Grammar boy wasn't he TGR? Loose lips sink ships as they say TGR. Seems to be alot of it going on whilst the club is down.
  11. Good old Dave Misson ey, what a get he was from the Bulldogs.
  12. He would be cream at the Dees for a 3rd or 4th rounder.
  13. I would be more scathing if it were video footage of him absolutely maggoted. He could have been having a beer with a meal for all we know. Hope the penny has dropped for him after this saga.
  14. Agree he is a grub of the highest order, but May should know better than this. Better pull his finger out.
  15. Makes you wonder how [censored] the culture was at Gold Coast. They didnt give a toss if they lost as long as the party life was always available to them.
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