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  1. Wow wee, must be some new evidence or Pies refusing to pay more hush money. He's obviously known this was coming by the way he's been playing.
  2. Going by the Win/Loss, we'll win the next 3 against the Tigs.
  3. If we win the Inside 50 count again and lose the game they will be all over him.
  4. I have a fair idea of two of them, not sure of the other two. PM me.
  5. Dean Kent sends his best wishes with a red ribbon on it. 🤦‍♂️
  6. Forward set up. Hunt/Oli Weideman Kosi (Can Swap) Hannan McDonald Ben/Trac/Gus Like to see oliver and Brayshaw rotate through there aswell, oli's getting stale inside the contest.
  7. Hunts a better set shot and looks more dangerous atm, he's kicked for straight and applies more pressure times are tough MF-C 2.7 goals aint cutting it in my book, we need another big body. Its either one of these four Hannan ( just came in) ,Hunt ( most dangerous), Melk (Input on the slide)or Fritta (Wasteful) this dynamic is not working for us atm. Bennell by all reports is straight back in plus another key tall Imo Fritta has been wasteful and Melk has the fumbles.
  8. I think Oli needs to go into a Fwd Pocket for 20 percent of a game, he has played up there in spurts before he's starting to look stale.
  9. For mine Jetta and Hibbo can't play in the same team anymore, Hibbo showed showed some real mongrel on the weekend and cleaned up his disposal. Young Rivers has earnt his keep and kept his place deservedly. One of the Hybrid Forwards has to come out against Richmond this weekend and be replaced by Brown or Weed. Vanders looked lost on Sunday but it is understandable after being out for so long, i can't see him or Hannan being dropped. Melk definitely won't be dropped as he is Goody's buddy. We have to find out now if Weed is going to sink or swim, sick to death of him just rotting away in the magoos. As for Bennell i know he kicked 4 but can he run out 80 per cent of the game? If not he stays in the magoos. Does anyone know how much game time Benners play on the weekend? After all that I can only see one change, Bennell; In and Out is anyones guess.
  10. He's had his whole footballing life to work out when your under pressure you get football to ball wide and long in congestion. He can have a cup of tea after the game.
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