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  1. A picture says a thousand words they say, four come to mind straight away.
  2. I think the Rebels are doomed, Aus Rugby was a mess before Corona, no chance it survives after. Think the Dees will be the big winners after all this subsides.
  3. We would have had a new one torn for us im sure of it Dox. Some have already mentioned it on here, Corona has literally saved his Job.
  4. Spargo, Hibbo, Langers shocking by decision makers and by foot.
  5. All i know is that Goody has 12 weeks or what ever the period the AFL is shut down for, to some how find a formula that our players will grasp to win games of Football. An impossible task i know considering the isolation of players from the club and training, but we can't put up with it any longer.
  6. Langdon is a shocking kick/decision maker. #FML
  7. Bedford and Pickett all to come out of today. We are way off it, just a dismal performance. 27 points flatters us.
  8. If we are bombing it into our fwd line, why are our forwards always leading to the ball? We are on par with Gold Coast hands down.
  9. Shut it down, this is Painful. #Goodwinout
  10. Can we f'n take a mark? Thumbling everything no tackling pressure pi55 weak.
  11. Season over, AFL have alot to answer for if last nights events are true. #Pathetic
  12. AFL wouldn't let this happen surely?
  13. Jacob Townsend anyone? Was screaming for his recruitment and Essendon have landed a beauty for absolutely nothing. Has everything you need in a Forward, can take a mark, kicks truely, applies tackling pressure. Currently tearing Fremantle a new hole as we speak. Can't believe people were so quick to dismiss him. #Insane
  14. What a great coo by the MFC. Massive brand name in world, will look impressive having their logo on our gurnseys and Polo tops if the sponsorship is of significance.
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