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  1. And of the key forwards you refer to, most didn’t really hit their straps until they were c.23.
  2. I can only assume the club was well aware of the issue before the game, and had been managing it accordingly. Yes it flared up during the game, but given it is an overuse injury the damage was well and truly done before he went back out on the ground. In saying this, I’m not a medical professional so 🤷‍♂️
  3. This has been stated about 87 times before, but FYI J Smith has OP so going back on the ground did next to nothing.
  4. See the above posts re J Smith. He has OP
  5. I think someone posted about 427 pages ago that it was OP, which explained why he went back on the ground during the JLT. It’s an overuse injury so sending him back on wasn’t going to cause any more damage. Still wasn’t a great look.
  6. Win, lose or draw. It’s refreshing to see that we still have the 2018 football in us.
  7. Re Jetta - it happened when a saints player dived across his knee. Was a missed free kick and I thought the whole point of bringing in the rule to begin with.
  8. Agreed, although I thought last week we were fine with the 1 ruck. The week before Port structured their ruckman really well. They were each playing 1 kick in front / behind the play at all times. Our ball use was poor and it played to their 2 ruckman setup
  9. One plays predominantly forward, the other wing... We aren’t blessed with many half-forwards at the moment so we couldn’t really drop him for a wingman.
  10. Our problem has been locking the ball inside 50 / forward pressure. Adding another tall isn’t going to help with that. Keilty may have been worth a look but perhaps a forward line with 3 talls isn’t the right balance?
  11. Re ANB, he is generally the team leader in “pressure acts”. Week 1 he had 30 (Spargo 9, Wagner 13): For a team who’ve allowed the opposition to transition with little pressure in the first 2 rounds, I suspect the coaches will be sticking with him. Yes he’s disposal isn’t great but our ball movement in general hasn’t really helped him or the other forwards.
  12. So... Did we work out how training went?
  13. This should just be pinned to every pregame thread...
  14. Before we all completely lose our minds, does anyone know what the injury actually is? If it’s a strain then I agree, it was silly. If it’s something else (ie load issue) then having him out there wouldn’t have made much of a difference to the underlying injury.
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