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  1. Yes, i like the idea of him going forward. Is a good tackler and has speed. Perfect for applying forward pressure. Can obviously take a hanger which is a bonus
  2. Haha. Love it. Don't have time for an essay sorry. But i love our high intensity game. I'm really proud of our team. We've had some great wins this year, and I don't want to judge our whole year from the lens after a disappointing loss. We have had to deal with more injuries than most, and suspensions. And a shocking draw! But our best is finally as good as anyone. And we are getting more consistent. The psychology was really hard yesterday. We had everything to lose and gain, pies had nothing to lose. We looked nervous and will be better for the experience. Patience! If we get another crack at it, i think we'll beat port. Week off would do us good. Get Viney back, maybe even Hogan. Just love our Jesse!
  3. We're going to make the finals. Another important game is tigers v saints. Come on saints! If tigers win, it's likely we'll play Sydney week 1. If saints win, we'll past tigers at the G ? We'll also be on the non Sydney/GWS side of the finals fixture. ? And I'm looking forward to having a full side for once! Hogan & Viney together. Let's get Watts back in please, Simon. He's learnt his lesson. Whatever it is
  4. Out: Petracca (rested) In: Watts (to show why he is one of our most important players. And to stick it up all his doubters) Watts is our man. He's red n blue. Why do we punish our own??
  5. I hear you. I'd love him to be tougher. But we can't all be Chris Judd. He had skills and was hard. But Watts goes in when he needs to? Hence his 5 contested possessions Queen's birthday. Why didnt they drop him after Queen's birthday? His attack on the ball was the same that day as it was against gws. He's only ever been as good as his midfield supply. We're blinded by our need to be tough. These so called 'non-negotiables'. Why can't kicking be a non-negotiable? Watts' 'non-negotiable' should be his skills and going in when he has to. If we're lamenting lack of intensity, put the heat on the 'intense' players. Not the silky one playing deep forward!
  6. I agree. Such a big call dropping watts. The game will be high intensity tomorrow. We'll need Watts' excellent decision making and perfect ball use. And besides, Watts is an outside player. Why do we all look to him to provide fierce contests? Not his primary job. We should turn the heat on Viney and the midfielders. That's their job. Watts' job is to finish. He'll only ever play as well as the midfield supply. Queen's birthday he was one of our best players? Watts had 5 contested possessions that day. One of the lowest count on the ground. He doesn't crack into a contest. They just gave the ball to him heaps. The winning goal he kicked was him receiving the ball. He didn't crack into the contest and win the ball. He ran into space and received an easy uncontested ball all by himself. Then he used his sublime finishing skills and won us the match. Our coaches need to bloody smarten up. Yes we all love being tough. Coaches want our players tough. But Viney is our tough guy, Watts is our finisher. Big mistake dropping Watts!
  7. I'm guessing they're easing him back into it given his hamstring concerns. He's been playing deep forward and not running around as much. With the team being down its hard for our forwards right now. We should give a better showing this week, and Watts will get more opportunities. He'll be right!
  8. To generate an incorrect disposal, it helps to pin the arms. Problem is when you pin the arms and drive someone into the ground, their head can easily hit the turf at a terrifying force. I agree the onus needs to be on the tackler not to take the opponent to the ground. It's not tough to drive someone's head into the turf with their arms pinned. It's tough picking up that ball knowing Mumford is ready to give you a concussion. It's not a tough tackle. It's a cowards tackle. Time to protect our kids. Time for an Aussie culture change.
  9. Agree Kennedy deserves a spot. Get Brayshaw in if he's ready. Watts will come good. Hasn't been very easy for forwards lately? Like the idea of going small in the forward line. Start applying some forward pressure. It worked for gws yesterday. Has worked for the tigers this year as well. Something like: Hannon Petracca ANB Garlett Watts Brayshaw
  10. I'd love to have Brown alongside Hogan. That would be amazing. Hogan missed so much footy this year and was already looking dangerous. I think we can forget just how good this guy is. Look what he did in his first year. He's a bloosy star our Jesse! But i think we need Lever more than Brown. Love the idea of getting Smith and Hopper as well.
  11. Not exactly sure why he's not getting a game sorry. But he can't be too far away.
  12. We beat the 3 bottom teams and limp into top 8. Then week off, full list.. look out!
  13. Not a bad idea for mine. We got plenty of hard nuts so don't really mind if he's not ferocious at the footy. He does go in when needed though? I love Billy and hope he comes on even more (still very skinny - will keep developing no doubt). But that outside silky ball user would be ideal. I think Joel Smith could be that player in time as well. Hunt on the other wing.. Would love another deadly line-breaker!
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