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  1. I reckon he is exactly what we need, and worth splitting 10 again for as it seems we can potentially get him in the late teens.
  2. I'm still scarred by the Hogan exit. I'm not emotionally ready for another tall prodigy from WA!
  3. Initially was full of praise reading Oliver showed up. Then realised he's still actually in the 1st-4th year group! Good, lord that guy's a gun.
  4. Ever since the round 23 2017 debacle, I vowed to make the club earn my membership in an annual basis. I've been a member for about 17 consecutive years until that point. My view from that day is that we've well and truly reached the point as paid members where we are justified in not taking the club on faith anymore. If they were a business product, they'd have gone under long ago. You don't keep buying inferior products, right? It took until about round 9ish last year for me to renew; because I saw a shift. The club deserved the right to be backed once again. It would have been so easy to auto renew last summer. I didn't, and I'm so glad for it. They have done absolutely nothing this year to earn it. I really, really implore those wanting to renew to at least hold off renewing. Challenge the clubs assumption that they'll have at least 40k members next year. Still renew by all means, but the club just has to receive the message that they can no longer expect us to front up anymore, when they aren't earning our support. "Earning it" isn't necessarily making finals. It could even just be one bloody good game. They should just have to earn our membership. So I implore you to wait until that time, whenever you truly think that happens, for you.
  5. Skill errors are just crippling our good intentions. They really are very bad.
  6. From what I understand, Roosy is in Hawaii for 3-4 months a year - over the summer - which is why he can do a full time media gig, but not be a senior coach. I'd also suspect this wish would be granted in any football director position he may or may not accept.
  7. Thought we'd get up for this one Boy, some work to do. Also, no Bruce and Carlisle and saints lose that game.
  8. We had a really good stab at it, a lot of things worked for us. An encouraging performance, but ultimately not there yet.
  9. I really hope it doesn't come to light that May did his hammy, and we persisted to play him.
  10. Just when we're getting into gear, we lose Viney & May. It's a genuine reason. A frustrating one, but genuine.
  11. Whilst I'd have to review the footage - and apologies if wrong - Nathan Jones' foot skills have recently been recognised by Champion data as being well and truly above average. In a time where Oscar, JWags, Salem, Frost and Hore where in the backline, I would say he'd have been a great 6th addition. Meanwhile, conversion in the forward 50 was at one time rated a historic AFL low. I'd say that'd indicate we needed more help up forward than down back. But anyway, also respect the fact that Fritsch was needed back. But always felt the forward line was the bigger problem, and frustrated that Fritsch wasn't utilized to address that.
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