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  1. Fritsch has gotta stay wing/forward, he had some ripper kicks inside 50 today (whilst also acknowledging some average ones).
  2. Thanks for the report! I always find it captivating to hear what assistant coaches have to say, especially as one as experience as McCartney. Fantastic insight, and makes me stop guessing what they're doing behind closed doors to a degree
  3. It also annoyed the [censored] out of me when they said Grundy was the starting AA ruckman and Gawn was on the bench Goodness me A) Get your facts right, and B) WATCH THE GAME IN FRONT OF YOU!
  4. At least we were reminded of who the real #1 ruck is
  5. pretty good from Hunt there, actually sensational
  6. Yep, lost patience with Spargo, at this moment at least. Back to Casey, you'll get there mate, just keep at it
  7. Nup, 3.12 in the second half. Got what we deserved. Well done Adelaide.
  8. All turned with that illegal Tim Smith tackle... McGovern got let loose, and our forward entries were repelled. Disappointing.
  9. Josh Mahoney has been a fantastic off field speaker for mine, for quite a while now, just quietly
  10. great to watch that was well done Dees
  11. Gee it's not pleasant viewing. Just want to see our brand executed well 😕 then I'm sure I'll start enjoying the footy again, win or lose.
  12. Brayshaw inspiring me with confidence. No one else. No one.
  13. I am so very unenthused about the changes 😕 Thought an out-of-form Weid was better than what OMac was producing. Prove me wrong Oscar.
  14. Ever since the R23 debacle, I made a promise to myself I'll always wait for Melbourne to earn my membership. would have been easy to renew over the summer. Very glad I waited. I know it isn't much - petty even - but it feels satisfying the Dees finally have to earn my money.
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