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  1. All turned with that illegal Tim Smith tackle... McGovern got let loose, and our forward entries were repelled. Disappointing.
  2. Josh Mahoney has been a fantastic off field speaker for mine, for quite a while now, just quietly
  3. great to watch that was well done Dees
  4. Gee it's not pleasant viewing. Just want to see our brand executed well 😕 then I'm sure I'll start enjoying the footy again, win or lose.
  5. Brayshaw inspiring me with confidence. No one else. No one.
  6. I am so very unenthused about the changes 😕 Thought an out-of-form Weid was better than what OMac was producing. Prove me wrong Oscar.
  7. Ever since the R23 debacle, I made a promise to myself I'll always wait for Melbourne to earn my membership. would have been easy to renew over the summer. Very glad I waited. I know it isn't much - petty even - but it feels satisfying the Dees finally have to earn my money.
  8. Our form IMO is all attributed to mindset. And we have a very poor one.
  9. The money is there for him if he earns it... But right now that seems a bit rich.
  10. First "Melbourne" quarter of the year
  11. Why are you on the field Oscar?
  12. Whilst I don't like to put players down, I did feel great relief seeing ANB dropped.
  13. Nup, I can't be patient with this performance. Absolutely unacceptable.
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