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  1. Back to the ND days and making finals in the even years !! Piece of P in 20
  2. I think most of them have also retired from their performances and efforts !! however on a serious note Lewis has been invaluable to us with his experience and knowledge of the game and I can only wish and hope he and Roughy join us in coaching roles.
  3. Blood oath but I'm afraid they have curled their toes up. That Sydney effort was, the very least park standard. Lets just get into 2020 as quickly as possible with some hope and forget 2019.
  4. Will renew but most likely after the pre season games. Been a member in worse times than this one. Have hope.
  5. I reckon that is why he gave him a spray as he passed to ANB. Clarry knew what the outcome would be!! This aside agree not a good look but boy i would love a Barassi type to give all the players a spray in lieu of mothering them.
  6. Yes. Your post 70 about 20 mins ago which I quoted on. Pert is not at fault here. He is not coaching and playing and had basically nothing to do with on field efforts by our team this year. Give him time to dissect over summer and make informed decisions which I'm sure he will do but please it is not his fault we are in this position.
  7. What's the effort on the ground by so called AFL players got to do with Pert. Wake up to yourself. Goody and players at fault here. No one else.
  8. Not bad Joeboy even tough you were kind to most.
  9. And sorry this is all the coaches doing. He has no idea like his players. Absolutely pathetic tonight. Worst effort for season and club needs to address this NOW. I'd be happy to throw a Grand in to help them get rid of the coach.
  10. I think they have all just given up plus the lack of any footballing skill by JKH, Spargo (who would struggle to get a game in local footy), Dunkley and whoever else as I have given up on naming them. In fact the whole team was useless including Gawn.
  11. Bing. I think you are spot on. My view also that those players are playing for their careers tonight.
  12. Born and Breed in Melbourne's east. Was transferred for work in 90's and have no need to go back. Kids and Grand Kids now up here. So as far as house swapping it's a big no.
  13. BBO is not living up to his last name> Optimistic
  14. All you Melbourne people need to get to the ground this Friday night and support the Dees. Lets have more people there than Sydney as last 2 home games were poorly attended by us. I can't as based in Qld but I reckon we have a big chance in this one. Been playing some ordinary footy but only just getting beaten so tidy up some basic skill errors, look for our players for a change when we win the ball (which we do often) and come home with the bacon.
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