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  1. In again thanks. Docs Demons and not sure what comp I was in last year.. Cheers
  2. Docs Demons

    Big Bash

    Big front runners as in the past and struggle big time if Stoinis and Maxwell fail. No back up in the batting at all. Heat if they get in or Sixers for me. Stars are just like the morning. They are fading.
  3. [censored] we are training the house down. We must be back!
  4. Agree and not bad for a club that finished 2nd last in 19. To obtain New Era and keep the others is a great thing for the club.
  5. Agree then you can spend rest of day on Sunny Coast with family or if want to beat traffic back to Brisbane go after training. Not much traffic south at that time.
  6. Of course he is going to say that. He is employed by us. Imagine if he came out and said I AM UNIMPRESSED!!
  7. Totally agree. We need our best 6-10 players (which includes above 3) to improve that little bit and play to full potential plus the last 10-15 players to go up 10-20% and we'll be right up there.
  8. A tragic happening but that game at the G against Essendon the following season was a great tribute to him with the Everly Bros song as the players ran out with his wife standing on the side. Plus we won for him.
  9. Used to go watch Prahran a bit in those days seeing old Blackburn team mates in Rod Appleton and Alan Peach. Many a fine Sunday arvo was had by all particularly seeing we were allowed in those days to take our Tallies in !! By the way that Fitzroy player may have been Appleton as he had a couple of seasons at the Roys. Those days in the VFA were great. Used to love Dandenong play Port Melbourne. Sure bet their would be a BIFFO
  10. Didn't Graeme Yeats play for Prahan or like many before me the memory is fading!!
  11. Concur and along with Wheels we are in a good space with our indigenous boys
  12. Number 4 if my memory is correct. He went on and played a season or two at East Ringwood in the then EDFL (now EFL). Played against him when at Blackburn. Him and John Ronaldson who played at Vermont had huge backsides and were hard to get around!!
  13. As Saty and others have mentioned it is very early in December. Back in my day we would be lucky to see a footy in December. Then again we didn't really train until Cricket season was finished. Lets be positive and hope these so called high % of turnovers are not prevalent in late February which, I and you all will be trusting is not the case. I'm sure all clubs will be having issues with disposals early in Dec. Remember we will have turnovers. Matter of limiting them to as little as possible.
  14. You and Chook are quick off the mark with the Ricky and Peter responses. Good one's.
  15. Agree. More the Vic boys that get drafted to Interstate teams that want to come home.
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