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  1. I found the article to be quite interesting. Looking at our midfield with the inclusions of Langdon and Tomlinson and having May and Lever playing together on a consistent basis we seem to have the cattle to push upwards. More up than the wooden spoon I would think !!!. Now all we need to do is the bleeding obvious. Transition of the pill into our forward line.
  2. Another thing. Anyone of you want to back us for the SPOON I'll cover you. Put your money where your mouth is!!
  3. Agree plus we went over LATE the night before and had crap preparation. As Pates mentioned we stayed with WCoast for 3 qtrs and only lost by 4 and a bit goals. Some of you people just love getting stuck into the club and do not stop to think what a poor situation we were in round one. This 2 teams playing is not relevant. They were at home in a weird situation which would have been a benefit compared to us getting in late and not the normal interstate preparation. Maybe if WCoast is the professional side as ET mentioned then FOLLOW them in lieu of the Dees. Let's see what the next couple of rounds (whenever played) bring before going over the top.
  4. I went for Ronald Dale over Robbie JUST and the scoreline was tight with Robbie just getting over the line. This time I have to go for Robbie.He has Neita covered in my opinion. Another tight one coming up me thinks!!
  5. Gee you are making it tough. Can't separate these two at all but going to go with number 31. Sorry Robbie
  6. Unfortunately BBO we are covered in what could have been's/maybe's/if only's etc and Jurray is one of the many.
  7. Pity his career ended so short. Add in Scwarta's knee problems and can just imagine if they both stayed fit and healthy. Two things from this game other than his goals were did he got off the report and how good was Stynes.
  8. And again. Took a while to vote on them all individually. Bit silly. Woewodin's goal for me is best.
  9. Has to be Neitz however as i have mentioned previously Schwarz would/may have taken it if his legs stood up.
  10. Love Gawn however he really has only come into his own last few years whereas Todd was a consistent great payer for us over the whole journey. Going with Viney but if this was on in a couple of years and Max continues his current form then Max would get the nod.
  11. Got to agree with you here. Schwartz in my opinion would have won a Brownlow from a forward spot he was that talented. Shame he did his knees. Was brilliant to watch when on song.
  12. Leave Trac out as he will annoy the crap out of the rest locked in a hub!!!
  13. Robbo for me. Was terrific to watch and never left you wondering what will happen next. No doubt Oliver will become a great player but right at this moment I have to favour Robbo.
  14. Brett Lovett by a country mile. One of the most skillful players I have witnessed.Could use him in today's team.
  15. Now that's the reason we lost. We played to early. Had of been the last Saturday we would have won. Then again I reckon no one was to beat the Bombers that year.
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