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  1. The troops are coming. As I have mentioned before we turn at the bye with 5 wins ( I hope) then anything is possible coming home. Even if we do not sneak into the eight we will be at our best 2nd half of season and NO ONE will be wanting to play us.
  2. I'm quietly confident also. This first half has given our 2nd tier players a taste which goes well for future. Get some troops back and as I said in other posts win 2/3 next games then bye then players back and we will give it an almighty fright. If miss out we will certainly determine in who makes it and no one will want to play us.
  3. Season is not in tatters. 3/6 is not good however that effort with nearly a Casey team in was great and just watch when players start returning. We win 2 out of next 3 ( tough I know) and the second half of year will be ours. If will we are good enough to make finals I don't know but boy no one will want to be plying us after the bye !!
  4. I think if he had 5% of the old old number 31 heart he would be a great player.
  5. If not a few of us Demonlanders may need to put the boots on for Casey!! I'm out as to old and up in Qld
  6. They may well have been dropped.
  7. We are starting to get some players back or near back from injuries and IF we can win 2 out of next 4 which will be tough we hopefully turn after bye with close to full list barring further injuries. We then can come home with a rush and come close to the 8. If we do not make it I can assume no opposition will be keen to be playing us.
  8. And all those critics need to be reminded we made a PF last year after 2 brilliant final wins.Lot more than Roos did. Great effort and he will no doubt be remembered as a great MFC coach in years to come. Just watch this space.
  9. No way you can play Keilty in the ones anywhere. I was there yesterday and whilst he was not alone he gave the ball up most times he touched it. As mentioned before I believe he will be a player but needs more time at Casey as he is not up to AFL standard at moment. OMac was better than Keilty yesterday by heaps. Their key forwards had no impact in game so our taller backs did OK.
  10. No certainty with Melk also. Talked to him after game and asked how is foot is and he said 50/50. Not sure. Can only hope he comes up for us with Lewis and only Hibberd out injured. Looks like Pruess and Smith played well at Casey so I would put both in for Hibberd and unfortunately Keilty who just not appear to be up to AFL standard just yet. Give him time though as I think he will be a player for us. Just not now
  11. I was also one of the 9k people there and witnessed the worst game of footy I have seen live. Looking forward to a better standard at twin Grand Sons under 14's game tomorrow. This forward set up is not working. Watched them closely today. TMac is behind too often looking for ball over back expecting our guys to kick it 70 metres every time then when some one led it sailed over. It is a huge problem and whilst we win the ball we MUST fix up our disposals this week or we are in big trouble against WC
  12. Agree. Win 2 out of next 3 (or all 3 ) then our troops start dripping back in and all our opponents will be worried. Still a sneaky chance of finishing in 8 and boy if that happens then look out.
  13. Correct Redleg. He is dumb. Most sports people in whatever sport they play will confirm that drinking does not assist in recovery of soft tissue or torn muscle injuries one little bit. One may even suspect that his prolonged absence from what was initially a couple of weeks out may have been attributed to not adhering to the rule to keep off the P when injured .
  14. Looking at this it appears Spargo did next to nothing again.
  15. Or the bus from Palm Beach along Gold Coast Highway to bus station at Broadbeach then the Footy bus from there
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