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  1. Could not agree more. I'm based up in Qld and appreciate ALL reports be they from Saty, Kev or someone else. I take their respective views on training as beneficial and those people that wish to bag Saty and anyone else that give us these reports are just LITTLE ignorant people and should get the hell out of here. People, please just take the reports as is and kindly not bag the reporter or one day you will not get any reports on training. Then you willl winge big time.
  2. Send some of that cold weather up here to Brissie Saty. Bloody hot, windy and smokey.
  3. I must be old or just plain stupid or both which maybe correct but I have no idea what is going on with this stuff. Will just wait until after the event and see who we get trusting they will be great players going forward.
  4. You must be a better player than Viney eh?. What a crap statement. Viney is one of our better players when fit and whist he may have some failings I would, and most , if not all the other teams in the comp would have him in their best 22. Maybe you are not a Dee supporter!.
  5. The strongest thing we had in his days was a packet of 10 Viscounts pus a couple of Melb Bitters
  6. Could not agree more. No way we want Martin with his price tag and really just a player for that price. Whereas Bennell at peanuts and get him fit will be a huge bonus for us.
  7. We are in good hands. Up to the players now. Big Preseason coming.
  8. Honestly, he is an employee of the club and IF he received a better offer I would imagine he would quit like any employee and move on. He is still with us so lets move on.
  9. I for one appreciate your insights Leoncelli-36 and have no doubt you are reporting truth and agree with your comments on Mr Hogan and Watts.No need to go into this any more as is history.We all move on. I trust we as a club have done a thorough check on Bennell and if they believe he can play and get back to some of his best form then I will back them until the cows come home. He will be a valuable player for us if he can get fit and ready to play AFL again.
  10. Great for Harmes and even more great for the club. Shows the players think 19 was just one of those years and we WILL get better. Bring on 20.
  11. No use worrying about the draw really. It is up to the club and more importantly the players to get on the front foot and deliver some exciting footy next season and for those Melbourne based so called supporters turn up and SUPPORT the team, even if a crap day and time. Only way to get back to some prime time games is to deliver on field and have the supporters at the game so 7 & Fox start to take notice.
  12. Not a bad player John, number 16 if my memory is right
  13. Hope they get another chance some where but they really were only depth for us and not that good at that. This aside wishing both the best for future.
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