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  1. We all have our own opinions and mine is to have only minimal delistings to go to the draft. We need to keep all our core young mids like Oliver, Gus and hopefully Trac who next year should spend more time in the middle. These guys get along well together and I believe will be the makings of the best midfield in the comp. Add in Harmes and it could be scary. This years draft crop like Lockhart, Sparrow etc I trust will improve greatly and add to this. Plenty of skill training in off season particularly kicking to advantage will help.
  2. Of course Gawn should give Darcy a touch up however when he feeds the mids they need to look for a red and blue forward instead of bombing the pill. Be a nice change!
  3. We must win as many games as possible to lead us into next season in a good spot. Also needed if we are to continue increasing membership next year. And finally if players are playing hurt then give them extended rests and have a look as more of the kids to see if they can cut it for next season.
  4. Like allot on here I would give those hampered by injuries an extended rest and play the decent kids like Lockhart plus throw in Lewis for on field general stuff. Keep KK and Dunkley at Casey for a couple more games then throw them in. Outs are those injured like TMac andViney
  5. 7 goal loss to a side that also did not play that well and we clapped them off . No wonder the players are soft and have no idea how to pass by foot or hand to their own team mates.
  6. Both play like they do not want the ball. One way of saying they need to toughen up. Their pressure and tackling was not good.
  7. Blood oath. Pity May can't get down to the forward line and give a spray to Mac, Spargo, and Garlett in particular. Might tell them some home truths.
  8. Both he and the Weid DO NOT lead to ball carriers. Both drop back and oppo just cut us off to often.
  9. It may well be however no need being a defeatist and I look forward to us playing plenty of good footy in the back half and give it to as many teams as possible that are aiming for finals. In addition unless your in you late 80's appreciate if you do not call me son!
  10. The boy can play. Love his balance and awareness of what is around him. We have a good one here.
  11. With ya and Goody here. I reckon we are in for a great ride in 2nd half with, I hope May, Salem, Hore and Lever back plus Hannan better for run, Weid starting to show a bit and encouraging signs from Smith and Brayshaw getting back into it a bit. Strap yourselves in Demonlanders. Season starts Monday for me.
  12. Couldn't agree more. As I have mentioned before no one will want to be playing us when we get most of the troops back and get some consistency in playing together. Come home with a bang which augers well for us next year with hopefully no or limited operations in off season and get back into a full preseason with all fit and firing. In addition we will still get a high draft pick finishing 9 or 10.
  13. Unbelievable statement. One ground, 2 teams and we lost it not Crows winning it. Wasn't the ground or Darwin. Wake up to yourself
  14. Why?. Adelaide would have given us a hiding at the G as we can't play there. We have been OK in the NT. Get rid of Oscar and JKH and we win easily. Not to mention the pathetic effort of our forwards in last qtr. At least we get Lever, May, Salem & maybe KK for next game. I do not want to see Oscar or JKH play for this club again. Casey rest of year thanks
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