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  1. Good to see ANB back doing what he does best......stuff all.
  2. Can somebody at the ground go up and smack Cameron Ling fair in the gob please? That plick has never said a good word about us ever!
  3. I think that I might take a sick day from being a MFC fan for tonight. I am down with a bad case of Demon apathy and there is a significant possibility I will become worse watching the game.
  4. Weideman - Iron gloves resurrected
  5. I’ve read all the anti Jordan Lewis commentary. The fact of the matter is that we play better when he is out there marshalling the team. His team mates listen and look up to him. I reckon he will go on and make a damn fine coach too.
  6. Game plan? 1. Outscore the opposition. Very simple game is footy.
  7. What do they call it when a baseballer has attempted to hit the ball twice and missed? Both him and his close mate now at St Kilda. Won’t mention the one at Freo because “I know NOTHING!”
  8. A callous, self-absorbed, money grubbing little scumbag. AND I don’t like him.
  9. Former Aspley Hornets (Qld) player as are the Wagners and Oskar Baker. Couple of knocks on him are a tendency to have tunnel vision, not great foot skills and attention seeker/party animal (apparently).
  10. Off current topic but I have been watching Suns V Blues. It's like watching an under 12's game. Seriously poor skills from both sides generally. Young Sam Walsh is going to be a champion however.
  11. Agreed. The weaker opposition could assist Jeffy build on that confidence he needs to perform. Jeff is a naturally very shy and quite complex young man and poor games cause him to retreat into his shell for extended periods. Up and running, J. Garlett is perhaps the only player on our list who can change a game in a single quarter. We desperately need him.
  12. McAvaney only said it once and it may have been in the last quarter, but he referred to one of the Wagner boys as “Vargner”! I nearly choked on my Lazy Bear! He fair dinkum has a Doctorate in Monkey Spanking.
  13. Been saying it for years but always howled down.
  14. You know we are in trouble when ANB is a forward target. Dud.
  15. Jake Lever for me. One very astute young man.
  16. Treats every game like park footy with his mates. Needs to have someone like Todd Viney pin him up against a wall and be told a few home truths from 2 inches away. Get angry son! You can be everybody’s buddy off the field. On it, you need to be a dead set hard nosed bastard that physically intimidates the opposition.
  17. Oh, my apologies! I only read the club comment today. Working for a living limits my leisure time reading and as a consequence clearly makes me prone to puerile sarcasm.
  18. I’m staggered that the club has said they kept Smith on the ground in the final JLT match as they didn’t believe his groin injury would worsen. A strain can become a tear in a single movement. He should have been off the ground immediately. It was only a practice match after all. Sheer stupidity.
  19. A couple of stints at CHB wouldn’t do him any harm either. Was instrumental in the making of David Neitz and the reinvention of TMac.
  20. Mate, I’m in my 60’s and could burn Oscar off.
  21. Very early call but I don’t think Stretch, Maynard, JKH, either Wagner or any of the draftees will get much of a look at senior footy this year. From left field, but I reckon ANB might struggle to get a regular game too.
  22. Steady on guys. Even Winx gets beaten in barrier trials!
  23. Consign it back to local leagues. Introduce AFL under 19 comp that play curtain raisers to senior games. THAT is a step forward.
  24. Anything hotter? I reckon the jam from a microwaved donut would go close SWYL! Worked in an office with a bloke who would guts 80% of any morning tea provided. Left a plate of microwaved jam donuts out on the kitchen table. Taught the bustard a valuable albeit, painful lesson. On the topic of jaffles, I love 'em with just about anything but particularly cooked over an open camp fire.
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