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  1. For me, it seems to have merely taken some of a coaches tactical options right away and replaced those with an awful, game changing he-who-must-be-obeyed type law. I fail to see how it has improved the game and from my perspective, has made the game less interesting. This seems to be a classic case of changing something because those that have the power to do so, can. It hasn’t improved the game one iota.
  2. Ya think? Thanks for that golden snippet of what is clearly highly confidential insider information......
  3. Spine: Hale Pace Morecambe Wise B. Hill then we could justify calling our team a bloody joke.
  4. I tend to agree unfortunately. I have a feeling this might end badly for us. The words of an old boss of mine keep ringing in my ears: "nobody ever gets caught first time".
  5. Apparent minor offence, likely common assault. If the offender has been released following interview pending a summons that tells me:that he has no criminal history for similar offences (or he would have been bailed). He will receive a good behaviour bond. This type of behaviour happens numerous times over any given weekend right around the country. Fools turn into “Beeroes” after a gutful of grog and want to punch somebody else. If that outrages you, I’d like to see the response to something serious like murder, rape, armed robbery, child sex offences, drug importation and multiple fatality vehicle collisions. Save the “outrage” for the victims of the low life’s that commit or cause those incidents.
  6. Putting Oscar in with ANB in the team leaves us a man short. They only have half a football brain each.
  7. If Brown was at Collingwood/Giants/Geelong he'd be near on kicking 100 goals a season. As Petraccattack said, we don't have anyone, (except Salem) who can deliver it as he requires it - out in front whilst on the lead. We actually HAVE competent forwards but they are either completely bereft of confidence, still nursing pre-season niggles or both. Garbage incoming disposal hasn't helped either. Petracca for example, has the skill set to be our DeGoey but lacks the commitment, confidence and focus to carry out that role.
  8. Wow. All I can hear in here is crickets. No probs. Big mail on a roughie first up in Brisbane. I’ll hang on to it then! I have backed it at $34 but it’s in to $21 now.
  9. I like pretty much all of your suggestions d-t. The only change I would make is Hunt to a back pocket where he can run in straight lines and use his speed to move the ball more quickly from defence.
  10. You are correct. Serious dissatisfaction with one coach in particular.
  11. Good to see ANB back doing what he does best......stuff all.
  12. Can somebody at the ground go up and smack Cameron Ling fair in the gob please? That plick has never said a good word about us ever!
  13. I think that I might take a sick day from being a MFC fan for tonight. I am down with a bad case of Demon apathy and there is a significant possibility I will become worse watching the game.
  14. I’ve read all the anti Jordan Lewis commentary. The fact of the matter is that we play better when he is out there marshalling the team. His team mates listen and look up to him. I reckon he will go on and make a damn fine coach too.
  15. Game plan? 1. Outscore the opposition. Very simple game is footy.
  16. What do they call it when a baseballer has attempted to hit the ball twice and missed? Both him and his close mate now at St Kilda. Won’t mention the one at Freo because “I know NOTHING!”
  17. A callous, self-absorbed, money grubbing little scumbag. AND I don’t like him.
  18. Former Aspley Hornets (Qld) player as are the Wagners and Oskar Baker. Couple of knocks on him are a tendency to have tunnel vision, not great foot skills and attention seeker/party animal (apparently).
  19. Off current topic but I have been watching Suns V Blues. It's like watching an under 12's game. Seriously poor skills from both sides generally. Young Sam Walsh is going to be a champion however.
  20. Agreed. The weaker opposition could assist Jeffy build on that confidence he needs to perform. Jeff is a naturally very shy and quite complex young man and poor games cause him to retreat into his shell for extended periods. Up and running, J. Garlett is perhaps the only player on our list who can change a game in a single quarter. We desperately need him.
  21. McAvaney only said it once and it may have been in the last quarter, but he referred to one of the Wagner boys as “Vargner”! I nearly choked on my Lazy Bear! He fair dinkum has a Doctorate in Monkey Spanking.
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