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  1. Nobody playing an outside mid role at all. Every one is a bull-at-a-gate hard ball seeker. Coach is to blame for that.
  2. I live 700 metres from the Gabba. Clear blue sky right now although we had a couple of heavy showers overnight. Have had some rain most days this week so the deck may be a little slippery. Predicting 25 degrees though and no doubt for you southerners up here for the game, it will be sunscreen, shorts and polo shirts! 😜 14 degrees in Melbourne today....... Hope to catch up with a few of you either at the German Club pre match or the Pineapple post game.
  3. Rotate Lewis through the midfield giving others a chance to rest forward. 4 Premierships playing as a midfielder is the clue to where he plays best and evidenced by his performance at Casey last game. The track maybe a bit slow in Brisbane. It has been raining quite hard throughout the night and this morning with more predicted over the next few days. That should suit Lewis.
  4. Hasn’t Tom Scully been a revelation for the Hawks.......NOT! It’s clear his ankle is stuffed. I hope the money grubbing little toe rag fades away into oblivion.
  5. Some poor little bustard who will have his boyhood dreams ripped from his soul and who will cry himself to sleep every bloody night when he hears he's going to the MFC.
  6. WTF! Lever has another knee injury??? ANB back in? Shoot me now.
  7. Absolutely right BD. I was always taught to pick out somebody behind the goals and kick the ball to them. I wouldn't say it always worked but it was something to fix on other than a space between the posts.
  8. .......and nobody gets caught first time.
  9. Supported this team for 54 years and have never felt so let down as I feel right now. Thanks boys.
  10. Agree Chook. Something is wrong with the club internally. Has the coach lost some of the players? It’s just not right.
  11. And he wears the 33 which is a trip down memory lane for those of us that remember the great CHB! 😉
  12. I guess I was hoping we’d turned the corner under his guidance last year. His blinkered vision and inflexibility of 2019, given some grace due to lack of personnel early on, has now become non-negotiable.
  13. TMac still carrying the foot injury. Red line him for the season I reckon.
  14. I have read all the comments and agree with 99%. Aside from the bleeding obvious, one poster hit the nail on the head - lack of on field leadership in that last quarter. Jordan Lewis’ generalship in the last would have been very useful. There was eff all leadership coming from the co-captains. BTW, I’ve resigned from the Simon Goodwin fan club. The man is not a coaches bootlace. TMac to CHB in the last quarter was a gimme.
  15. Nah. Missus is a doctor. Checks the BP at every break.
  16. Another game day arrives for us Demon diehards. Another evening of: * Threats to smash the TV. * Threats to inflict pain upon an assortment of MFC players. * Forgetting I am at home, not at the game, and yelling abuse at players/umpires/commentators/random people. * The family cat giving my feet a wide berth. * My wife repeatedly saying “language, please!” from wherever she might be in the house. * Checking her whereabouts whilst sneaking to the fridge for some calming fluid. * Taking off my “lucky” game day Demons polo shirt off and driving it into the washing basket from 5 metres away. * Going to bed in a grumpy mood. * Waking up thinking about next weeks game.
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