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  1. Can’t please some of the fools,on here. Real bandwagoners.
  2. We’re effectively one man down with ANB out there.
  3. The boys would have been a good fit this year.....”Tragedy.............”
  4. Sadly, staying at any club “forever” is dead. Money will generally be far too persuasive for young men to ignore. At the end of the day, it’s a job. What young bloke from Victoria wouldn’t take the chance to live and work on the Gold Coast for double their current pay?
  5. The effect is real. Half our bloody players go missin’ every week!
  6. Read all of the comments. As a MFC supporter for 54 years, I cannot truly enjoy a win from a team who has had the most dramatic fall from grace that I have ever seen. I am angry and embarrassed that we are 16th on the ladder. I am sick of the OTT goal celebrations of the Petracca’s et al. FFS just go back to your position without all of the BS carry on and kick another goal. It’s your job. Just do it. I was lucky enough to know Alan Jeans quite well. He would have burst a blood vessel seeing the way some of these “modern” footballers carry on. I can only imagine what the likes of RDB and Norm Smith would say to some of our current players on the back of last season.
  7. Yawn. Same [censored], different author. Surely we wrote this season off weeks ago. Any “passion” died then. 2019, a true “Clayton’s” season.
  8. Probably need to ask his wife that question.
  9. I’ll have a guess: 1. 4 AFL Premierships, AA selection, Hawks B & F, 40 VFL touches last week....... all as a midfielder 2. Our midfield got flogged last week. 3. Is a proven wet tracker.
  10. ANB and Petty get selected on the ground so guaranteed a game? WTFFFFFF! Young Baker must have run over Goody’s cat and it appears JKH then threw it on the BBQ!
  11. Jaryd Roughead forward coach? Lewis will stay on in a coaching role next season so we might be a chance to lure Roughie over. I like the idea of getting former players back. Yze and Green are my preferences. Brad Scott anyone?
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