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  1. I think you mean “reckless”. Punching someone in the face or gouging their eyes doesn’t make a player tough. Sniping behind the play isn’t tough. Getting reported isn’t tough, it’s reckless stupidity. As for being hard, Jack V, May, Melksham and Oliver are “hard” players. Nate Jones, Jetta and Gus are not afraid of putting their bodies on the line. That’s toughness.
  2. Unfortunately, he wasn't anyone's boy except his own.
  3. Class act is Jake Lever. Captain material. Will repay us big time.
  4. I want too see big Mummy in perhaps his last game, run straight through Martin, Cotchin and a few others early on. I am sure that would frighten the bejesus out of many of their team mates. In fact if I was Leon Cameron I’d have Mummy talking to the media about his intentions right now! Remember Dusty giving Mummy a snort gesture earlier in the year? It’s payback time. The Bunyip Banger is looking for you Dusty! Good luck!
  5. Nail on head ET. I have it on very good authority that more than one umpire checks the stat count on the AFL website before voting. I know he was ineligible but Dylan Grimes 3 votes? Best defender in the competition IMHO. Stats are a false indicator of effectiveness. The mark of a defender is not how many times they get the footy but how many times their opponent doesn't get it.
  6. Don’t know if it is the Macs but I understand 2 players want out and a 3rd is leaning that way.
  7. After 53 years of following this club I felt like something died in me last night. That was simply insipid. For years, the highlight of my weeks during Winter has been watching the Dees play wherever I may have been in the world. If you guys only knew the lengths I have gone to to not miss a MFC game! At times, it’s cost me a small fortune. I woke this morning with the realisation that I just can’t handle the disappointment any more. It’s too effing demoralising. For now at least, I will step back and concentrate my valuable time on other things and avoid anything football related for as long as I can. I won’t be renewing my membership in 2020 which has stunned my family but my decision is made. If I don’t post again, thanks guys for the humour, fellowship and debate. Take care. PD
  8. Goodbye footy. Hello cricket. The MFC can GF!
  9. Personal pride and the jumper I guess? Oh, and to justify the ton of money you’re getting paid to be a pro sportsman. Maybe it’s about time match payments related to output?
  10. Yeah Dazzle. Clearly played a lot of footy himself and has a solid knowledge of the game....🙄
  11. I see one hero has put the boot into young Dunkley. Gimme a break! Brought onto an AFL list half way through the season at 18 years of age and playing senior footy already. The same 2L also baked Petty. Lot of upside in that young fella.
  12. Spot on LN. At least he has a red hot go.
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