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  1. We did very well. Addressed the lack of outside speed with Langdon (and don’t forget we have Baker developing into this role), Tomlinson is a bit of a wild card, but we gave up nothing for him. And we have picks 3 and 8 in a quality draft.
  2. So we lose a player and 3 draft picks to get 2 draft picks.....what am I missing here???
  3. Good, would not have been money well spent
  4. If he comes anywhere near HQ (wherever that is!) in the next couple of weeks, kindly escort him to Flinders Street to catch the next train to Moorabbin
  5. Yes, and Mumford questioning him after the siren. Decisions like that should be reversed as the consequence is massive. Richmond go into the break with a bit of momentum due to umpire mistake
  6. Unsighted after half time, when the game was on the line. Major pass for me. Let’s not waste money on this guy past his use by date.
  7. 13 disposals today, 9 of which were uncontested. Never looked looked like impacting the game, along with Stephenson, which was a major reason Collingwood only had 3 goals till three quarter time. GWS mopped up time and time again. His days are numbered.
  8. Or not paying overs for Jones and Frost
  9. Jesus H Christ, he has bought a farm and has decided to change his career path. All of you negative nellies suggesting there is some plot to rid people in roles at club, get a grip. Christ, if the club came out and said they had found a cure for cancer there would be some of you putting a negative spin on that!
  10. Geez it will be nice watching Collingwood lose another grand final
  11. A break from what? They don’t need a break, they need a rocket up their clackers
  12. I like your posts and ideas by the way
  13. And yet TMac and Weed were instrumental in us winning 2 finals last year. I think I will roll with it
  14. Depression for me. Earlier in the year, I had packed away in a box the members ticket, 2 jerseys (one which my daughters bought me for Xmas last year), bomber jacket and scarf, and now stored on top of the wardrobe. Threw in the bin the calendar, car stickers and 2 guest passes. Have not attended a game since the first St Kilda loss. Will not renew my dedicated demon package next year. Such a waste.
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