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  1. Well I suppose he is about to get the chance to show what he has, being our key forward for the next few weeks. Let’s reserve judgement till then shall we.
  2. Yes, amazing isn’t it. So what was 6-6-6 supposed to achieve?
  3. Has Geelong written all over it. Straight swap for Kelly. Move on folks
  4. A pipedream. Have it on a reliable source that he is paid over a million bucks at Arsenal. Why would he come back here????
  5. You see, that’s where I am a little confused. Are you suggesting, in this era of the game being a multi million dollar industry and on the back of that, one of extreme professionalism, that we have a situation where team selection is being compromised somehow??? Because if it is we have a serious issue don’t we? Again, I say that the footy people see something in this young man that most on this site clearly do not
  6. Well, clearly the football department see something in him that you armchair experts don’t. Or maybe I’m wrong and you and picket fence should coach the team?
  7. Kelly signed a long term deal with GWS this year
  8. Agree. As long as Weid is with us next year, which is unknown. But I think Joel Smith could be an option here. Similar in size to Jeremy Cameron, and we know he can kick goals
  9. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. And Tick. Do we all get it now?
  10. Aha! Now we are starting to hit the nail on the head.
  11. Couldn’t get a game at North, now can’t get a game with us, what does that tell you?
  12. Can almost guarantee it. He was sniffing around last year. We should move him on, although his currency is a bit like the Aussie dollar at the moment.
  13. Totally disagree with this. And exactly what would you expect the leaders to do? Coach him in ball drop, how far his run up should be? No, the poor execution of that kick rests solely with Weideman. For Christ’s sake, he marked it 20 metres out and missed by a long way. I just wonder whether it is “ burning in his guts” like Max said it was in his after the game. I doubt it, because I just don’t think he wants to be a Melbourne player. Of all the players this year, I would say this guy has been the biggest disappointment.
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