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  1. Good sense. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/may-your-news-be-good-news-20190507-p51kyg.html
  2. Crap. Who's the player? How was he affected? 'Coincidence but who would know....'? Is that the best you can do? An outbreak of idiocy in response to a parent's social media gripe. Get a grip.
  3. Amateur hour all right. A lot of amateur medicos on this site. Wouldn't know a knee from an elbow. Going off half-cocked. Must be the time of day.
  4. Redlagged

    Gary Pert

    Agree. Matsuo's portentous nonsense is totally tedious. Basho is the author of The Narrow Road to the Deep North. I recommend Matsuo follow the advice of his namesake and take it.
  5. That's more like it. A bit of sensible irony.
  6. he's another small-minded mediocrity, making a name for himself in a tiny, small-minded world.
  7. Absolutely correct waynerussell. What a lot of sanctimonious, hypocritical garbage from the likes of Lyon and JBrown. God the AFL is a small, vicious world, driven by superannuated footballers and third-rate media pundits. (If you are really any good as a journo, you wouldn't be covering football.) Yes, what he did was unwise (should have had a few drinks at home). Did JBrown ever have a beer during one of his injury stints, do you think?
  8. Tyson's a tough player, and good in close...and generally a penetrating kick, as in the decisive kick to the square in the 4th. (Yes, they go awry occasionally). VB's disposal is very ordinary. Hey, I like them both! But the constant whining about Tyson on this site is bloody tedious.
  9. Petracca's intercept, shimmy and brilliant handball to set up Jones in the 4th - a crucial goal - was the moment of the day for mine. He is doing fine.
  10. Funny how some players get away with shocking errors and not others. If Tyson had made that howler people would be screaming for his blood. (Mind you he made on of his own...but in the forward line)
  11. Best in ground for mine (though he did fluff a couple of kicks early).
  12. Didn't think they'd do it but its the right call. Good too that Weidemann comes in. Watts? I like him. Who doesn't? Really hope we storm into the finals and he plays a part. But he's been dropped a few times now.
  13. Just saw the VFL web site saying Stretch was best for Casey. Good: he's straight in.
  14. Well they obviously have to refresh the team. Desperately need some run - where that's coming from, I don't know. Stretch is doing little with Casey. Brayshaw - good luck to him, but I can't see how he fixes anything. Watts is an obvious out, maybe Weidemann and Hannan in. Lose next week, and the [censored] really hits the fan.
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