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  1. Just get rid of the grog of course too much money in that !!!!!
  2. seeing us win maybe 5 more games. finishing strong to lead into next year,. Kiss tour in Nov. Queen tour Feb and watching the finals whoever plays. I must admit am a bit bored watching footy at present unless I have a small wager. Prob back dogs tonight at $1. 50 put 50 on get 75 back at least I will have some interest.
  3. yeah I am chilling out bring on 2020
  4. I just cannot believe how far off the mark we are this year, So bloody frustrating. After 50 years I should be used to it. (but I am not)
  5. any chance a handball or kick can hit target. the scum can do it
  6. shocking decision but why am not surprised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. just wish he could kick straight think geelong last year. But a gun is max
  8. Agree no point playing him anymore. no chance of finals give a kid a go. Thanks for your service Jordon great career but so long and thanks. Played one year year too long which is often the case.
  9. Terrible after eye surgery ??? allergic to the anathestic or some thing.. does not make sense ???
  10. Boo !! is my only reaction. let down from last week or what. glad I did not go. yes big gap
  11. It does appear that way. I still think they try and not be biased but they have been bad this year. Agree only human The simple fact is umpires are prone to be influenced by larger cr o wd support discrepancies I am sure some umps DISLIKE CERTAIN PLAYERS.
  12. Not thugish stuff just real good Bryon Pickett like hip and shoulder. Not a BUGG hit Give him back some of his own medicine just saying. (ie live by the sword die by the sword) More important of course to get a win. PS still have not and will not forgive LONG for that disgraceful act in 2000 grand final. PS I am not classy.
  13. Hope someone really crashes Mumford this week. He is well over due. Cannnot see any one at our club doing it . Where is Byron Pickett when you need him. Mumford needs to be put to sleep Match review weak as
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