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  1. best grand final ever I had $20 at 7 to 1(Richmond) mid season.. then another $100 at 1.40 today. never in doubt. Go dees in trade period !!!! if not for the punt shizen game
  2. This appears to be self inflicted which is horrible. Bloody depression!! A man who had everything to live for.... great family.. worked in an industry he loved (apparently) and it still happened. Like others I did not know him but gut wretched
  3. yep just turns it over. should have won but of course we did not I am furious what else is new
  4. last home game at MCG for year and we put on a performance like this. fair bloody dinkum against a shizen side
  5. that will teach me to bet on footy 100 bucks down the drain not even a run for my money BOO!!!!
  6. Cause you care like me. I have put a 100 bucks on @ 1,70. I hope they do not let me down Only footy bet for year. Already written the money off
  7. One player will not make that much difference we need at least 3 good new players
  8. may be a win against swans but really doubt that we will win another game which is shattering.. what else is new
  9. Goodwin is safe for 2020 (cause we cannot pay him out and just has enough credits in bank for 2020 but will be under enormous pressure next year.
  10. He will say he saw good signs and we will get better and we are on journey //////// vomit
  11. No a shocking loss to a shizen team. hang our heads in shame. Starting to think if we do not win another game this year major major changers will have to be made. fed up now we cannot cop this
  12. just a bit of composure and we should beat this shizen team... I hope
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