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  1. Why hasn't May been trialled up forward yet? what's the worst that can happen?When McDonald has been playing like his younger brother Oscar, it makes perfect sense to trial him up forward.
  2. We've got a lot more issues than Fritsch. end thread.
  3. I look forward to seeing the end of Goodwin. No emotion in him. God help us if we bring in a stkilda reject (Richardson) to be the head coach when Goodwin gets the flick.
  4. line up for hours? No idea what you've been lining up to mate lol
  5. so I waited 20 years for mcc, I finally got in and paid my $900. do you think mcc members will get refunded? what a waste of money
  6. didn't watch it. wake me up when the real season starts. Surely you've learnt by now and especially from last season that Melb fans always get ahead of themselves. we came 17th.
  7. I was also at the game. - Fritsch was probably melbourne's best despite missing some gettable goals. I don't care how depleted we were last season, Goodwin's decision to play him in the backline was a major reason why I question Goodwin's understanding of the game. - Brayshaw was mostly unsighted in the first half so I would've liked to see him influence the game more despite him not playing in the middle. - Melksham looked good. - Marty Hore did one really courageous ground ball get that made me immediately want him in the round 1 side. - Lockhart needs to play round 1. He could really become a good player. - I'm not really a bedford fan. Missed some easy opportunities. - Pickett did some nice things but I haven't really seen much mongrel in him like was advertised. i'm sure he'll come out of his shell but Spargo is the better player at the moment. - James Jordon tackles a lot harder than I thought he did. Much more than an outside mid. - Bradtke is probably worse than Brendan Van Sheik. - Oscar McDonald is still oscar McDonald regardless how long you lock him in the weights room. He's just reactionary to his opponents in all contests. He needs to back himself more. - I was the most pleased with Tom Sparrow. He has a go. His kicking isn't great but he is just a well rounded player that has Brayshaw tendencies. Could have a big year if given opportunity.
  8. no idea why u think things would change. should've been cut 3 seasons ago
  9. I only watched the first 3 quarters but as a small forward you've got to kick those goals. missed simple shots and that's all I want from a small forward.
  10. Not sure what game you were watching. Bradtke got smashed in the ruck. even the vfl fill in did a much better job.
  11. on a side note, i wish burgo did our website again. the website has hardly got any content, the videos are so short, and they only put like 5 photos of each training sessions. Burgo used to put about 20 up.
  12. has his goal kicking transformed. he'll never get better unless he improves this side of his game.
  13. The training session was pretty cruisy. The first thing i noticed is how slim all of the players are. Obviously forgoing strength for a gain in speed which was necessary as we were slow as f$%k last year. jetta looks in great shape, as does Petracca. Everyone else just looks slim. One of the drills was the players doing 4 or 5 backwards somersaults on the ground then getting up dazed to tackle a player. I thought it was a stupid drill and at what point in the history of our game has a player been required to do that. Oliver was basically passing out from either lower blood pressure or being dazed. not a good look i front of all of the kids but more importantly a stupid drill. Could have spent that time doing goal kicking practice. Rivers, runs well but his kicking needs a lot of work. Jackson was unsighted in all of the match sim stuff so we need to temper our expectations on him. Joel Smith was playing defence. Personally i think he is better forward but regardless he needs to be in the team as we are simply too slow otherwise. Dee Zephyr Training Report
  14. hey guys, just wondering the best spot to find training photos. i'm not understanding the new demonland training report layout. A picture tells a thousand words and love seeing who has put in the hard work etc.
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