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  1. doesn't mean we ignored it. We aren't going to get leg speed over night.
  2. delisted at seasons end. we need speed and he still can't get a game. goneski
  3. we don't need rowell. we need speed. rowell is a slowish accumulator with avg skills. I want someone with pace to burn.
  4. the umpiring was an improvement from the essendon game. I'm just glad we didnt lose by a couple of goals. we need to lose by a lot so that change occurs
  5. ok, this is my turn to rant. This is what I think is happening and things I'm not happy with. In no particular order: 1. making the finals last year for the first time in 13 years was like a grand final to us. I reckon so much energy went into making the finals that they've completely taken the foot off the gas this season. Subconsciously. 2. I think the rule changes hurt us a lot. Any rule changes to quicken up the game do not do us any favours as we're an inside, contested ball team. 3. 17 off-season surgeries. That's just too many. I'm not in the inner sanctum of the club but you just can't have that and expect to perform. Could they have staggered them somehow? Is there an issue with the way Misson is managing the players. 4. I've been a massive fan of jason Taylor, head recruiter but I'm worried he only knows how to pick up inside mids. Last draft we clearly needed outside class and he picked up sparrow who whilst isnt slow, he is an inside player with questionable foot skills. 5. Defensive structure. This to me is really number 1. I'm not sure what is happening. We are playing this stupid zone defence which you can drive the queen Mary cruise ship through. we never have numbers back and our defenders are in no mans land most of the time. You can literally pause the t.v. at any point of the match and there will be as many as 5 oppo players on their own in space. I like to play guess the order that they will get the ball in. 6. Selection. I'm not really a big one for selection when we are this bad as it's not going to make a big difference at this stage as it's a total team meltdown but we need to start making tough decisions. Oscar McDonald should've been dropped 18 months ago but alas he gets dropped this week for the first time this week. There were no grumblings from the dees fans Goodwin. Take a hint. Petracca needs to play as far away from the goals as possible. I'm not going to be reactionary and keep him there just because he kicked some arsy goals against Sydney. The guy is a terrible kick and cannot be played anywhere inside the 50m. Momentum killer most games. And if he was kicking for my life, I'd butter up my body and triple pike into shark infested waters. 7. Goodwin's pressers: This drives most fans up the walls. The mechanical dribble he repeats each week seems like he is made out of the same factory as ivan drago. He shows no emotion. It's even starting to rub off on the players. At half time yday Viney was interviewed and said he was happy with where were at. Happy! Start addressing the issues Simon and communicate properly. 8. Josh Mahoney. He is also one that needs to look at himself. He has been great for our club with the likes of hibberd, melksham etc. but he has over-corrected his trade table attitude recently. We paid too much for Lever. 2 first rounders for a guy with acl history is a bit iffy. We were in trade bargaining position as he was out of contract but he coughed them up like nothing. Then we fast forward a year and we let small man syndrome peter bell accept far too less for Hogan when he was in contract. I look at port adelaide and think gee, butters or duursma wouldve been nice. literally exactly what we needed!
  6. I've got a massive 1000 word rant coming up post game. pathetic half. season is on the line and we're dishing up crap. petracca turned it over about 5 times that half. disgraceful. when are the coaches going to address the no defence issue. the structure is completely flawed!
  7. that direct turnover in the backline where he kicked it straight to the opposition who goaded is probably equivalent to 10 of his possessions. so if he got 25, he now only really gets 15. that's how I see it. was hopeless by foot today.
  8. hey guys, is there anyone in the under 18s we should be looking out for our first pick? we have our first round pick this year I'm pretty sure so that could fall anywhere from pick 8 to pick 12 as s personal guesstimate
  9. they do this game every year..and as has already been mentioned the under 18s are more than competitive and won last year
  10. Dr.D


    unusual yes. dodgy not at all. smart? extremely.
  11. Dr.D


    wait, how is it dodgy? it was a big risk and he has done well at his time there.
  12. Dr.D


    I think its bloody embarrassing that people are saying we're a window club etc. As far as I'm concerned, this concerned we've been hammered by port, hammered by geelong, beaten by essendon. And it's only round 4. This attitude by the fans that we are somewhat a powerhouse club is embarrassing and probably rubbed off on the players too . I'd take buddy in a flash for the right price.
  13. How was Frost when he went to go a pick up the ball and he ran around the ball, only for the sydney player to get it first. Good God. As much as Jones' goal was important. He really owed us after being outbodied by Heeney in a vital 1 on 1 in the last quarter.
  14. sparrow is quick. at least on paper. but he doesnt play quick and I'm not particularly excited about sparrow either because he is the epitome of what we dont need. his 2 handed ball drop is hard to watch.
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