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  1. so how many times have u seen these guys live? I think the recruiters know more than phantom drafts on bigfooty
  2. jackson should've been an option more people would move voted for him of he was an option.
  3. so you dont like the timing of my post? he's basically a Tom McDonald clone of the backline. a headless chook
  4. I hear what you say but I feel that most of the demonland posters needed to be taught their lesson when they carried on about losing jack watts and how we are going to regret losing him etc. that was embarrassing for the site to have posters that wanted to keep jack watts. it shows a complete lack of knowledge about the game. and like Watts, stretch shouldve been gone 4 years before they were let go. Churn and burn and dont waste years developing players that have no talent.
  5. no idea why stretch was even drafted. I literally knew the first time I saw him play that he was never going to make it. his ball drop is disgusting. I wish the club didnt persist with guys when its clear as day.
  6. he has no ambition because he wants to join carlton? Dude, we came 17th! you could easily make an argument that they are closer to a flag than we are. You're too blinded by your loyalty to the dees that you can't properly evaluate our list and thus your comment about martin. I repeat...17th. if anything, our players demonstrate less ambition than any team in the league. we've got a top list on paper but came 17th. You can only talk excuses with injuries etc. if we came 9-12th but to finish 17th is a bloody disgrace.
  7. Should have been delisted 2 seasons ago. he is the jack watts of the backline with less football IQ. gives frees away unnecessarily and is a) too slow for mobile forwards and b) too weak for big forwards. I would've tried him as a forward a couple of seasons ago just to make sure he was a flop up forward too before delisting him.
  8. Spot on TGR. We are such an easy football team to play against. Have people forgotten how [censored] we are just because we haven't lost a game in a while? We lost to Port by 5 goals at the G, geelong by 80, stkilda by 40, rich 40, coll 40, syd 50 not to mention winning by less than 1 goal to gold coast and carlton. We need 2-3 small forwards with elite leg speed (none of this JKH, spargo cr@p, not even weightman), an additional key forward, a key defender to replace Oscar mcdonald who will no doubt play when Lever/May get no doubt injured. We also need another small defender as Hibberd and Jetta have looked slow the last 12 months. This can't be done overnight but we need to start making changes that help the list and not hurt it. Like seriously, who in our team can stop the likes of stephenson, degoey, hoskin-elliott? I only chose collingwood as an example and saw that they kicked 9 goals against us last year. Case in point.
  9. yeah, why a thread for this? we are a basket case. Isn't that obvious? And why does whispering jack think a journalists comments would provide players with motivation. Seriously? ffs. So pre-season comes around and they're doing repeat 400's and the players are pushing themselves thinking 'jon ralph thinks we're a basket case'. come on, please. The players should already know that we are what we are and at this moment its the 17th best team in the comp.
  10. It's more worrying that the list managers and the coaches feel that we need tomlinson. That's a concern for me. Why we didn't target Papley concerns me that the club has no idea what they're doing. Did they not see some of the pathetic slow football we played last year.
  11. I think its reasonable. Oscar is a nice kick but its his decision making, lack of speed and overall decision making that frustrate us. I've seen the same from tomlinson this year.
  12. Use your eyes to assess players. Stats are only there to confirm what you already think or don't think. And for the record, i think Tomlinson is going to be like Oscar Mcdonald playing on the wing.
  13. Not sure why people think tomlinson fills a need. We are the slowest and slowest working football side in the comp so we decide to trade out our quickest player and pick up a slow 6'4 fringe player that is slow on foot but also in the mind with making decisions. Crazy
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