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  1. I'm sorry but that's so hypocritical. our club probably leached for PP's more than any other team off the back of failed picks and poor development. (Morton, watts, maric, Strauss, Blake, Bate, Bennell, Tapscott etc.). I dont think stkilda will get one but we, as a club, should shut up on this issue.
  2. still cant believe we picked up sparrow in last years draft. he's exactly what we dont need. another inside mid with questionable skills.
  3. positive is that joel smith will be back next year. I rate him very highly and his management was totally inept. petty is good but needs to improve his speed. he is very very slow. I'm looking forward to Goodwin having a good hard look at his game plan and actually coming up with a game plan that doesn't expose our lack of outside run or put our worst kicks for goals deep inside 50m.
  4. serong looks too slow for me. 'decent pace' isnt good enough for me. we are so slow that we need blistering pace. Ash for me.
  5. you put a guy that cant kick in front of the goals and of course he's going to miss. it's really the coaches fault for playing him there. he should be nowhere near forward 50m and I've said this all year.
  6. needs to work on his goal kicking to be taken seriously.
  7. he's the same as tom McDonald. an awful defender that cant handle the pressure of defensive 50. Totally different forward.
  8. if we weren't so damn slow I'd say kemp but I can't see how we can say no to lachlan ash due to his speed.
  9. why would we contemplate adding players that aren't fast? we're so bloody slow that we need probably another 4 players with elite speed to be competitive. Ed langdon would be 1 so we need 3 more.
  10. he's clearly a forward. terrible move by Goodwin to contemplate putting him down back.
  11. lol the article says nothing about us trading clarry. so misleading
  12. dude, you do realise our club was handed down the biggest sanctioning in modern afl history for tanking games? theres so much hypocrisy in this thread.
  13. makes no difference to our season. hope tom McDonald recovers and works on his goal kicking in the off season.
  14. also, fritsch had 7 uncontested marks in the first quarter playing back flank. I'm convinced you dont even know who fritsch is at this stage. up your medication dosage
  15. yeah. No! he's been back all year and is still back. setterfield just marked and goaled on him u fool!
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