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  1. I think the only disgrace is the fact that you mentioned the flag! jesus christ! we've been a bottom 4 team this season. completely uncompetitive against some very average teams. the season was stuffed at round 5 and you're talking about flags. we're a laughing stock at the moment. last night maybe earned a bit of respect, but that'll last a week.
  2. Dude, tackle numbers are not much to read into. you get tackles credited for just lying on top of the pack before the ump call for a ball up. our midfield smashed theirs all game. goal kicking was the sole reason we lost. and a bit of the umpiring.
  3. not playing well but either is our whole team this year. I wished they slimmed him up over the pre-season so he would cover the ground better. seemed obvious to me.
  4. fritsch was hopeless. pathetic performance
  5. garlett worst on ground. but seriously, why the hell is petracca played forward. one of the worst kicks for goal in the last decade. terrible coaching. he missed 2-3 goals that I personally would kick most of the time.
  6. any danger of someone kicking a bloody goal. ffs. ball use forward of centre is awful
  7. I'm sorry but puh-lease. Kicking for goal is a different kettle of fish. If you miss simple set shots for goals then you're letting the whole team down and giving the other team a confidence boost. Petracca should never be played in the forward line until he's fixed his kicking. I've said this for 18 months and it's about time people opened their eyes to this. even in the finals last year, petracca had a chance to ice the game against geelong but failed. And he does it time and time again. He is the biggest anti-clutch player in the AFL.
  8. If anyone has seen the last 2 minutes of the game video on the afl website. Look at lewis in the last minute. Mcevoy marks it deep in defence, gives it off to a burgoyne who gets a free kick. 40 secs left. Lewis is further up the field pointing and directing. He guards space himself and has 2 hawks players within his vicinity. He mans neither of them but errs on the side of manning the guy further away from our goals leaving the other guy free over the top. Burgoyne hits him and hawks are now streaming down the field with lewis lagging behind. in the last 20 secs amongst all the chaos, the ball spills to lewis who manages to fumble, but thankfully it didnt hurt us. it just summed lewis up in 1 piece of play. Poor leadership and Incorrect game sense, slow on the transition and not clean. I'm not saying he wasnt a gun in the past, but he isnt the same anymore.
  9. almost 20% of hawks goals came from harmes.
  10. I agree. but Harmes essentially walked into the goal square and booted 2 goals for hawthorn. Do you know how valuable goals are in this game. I'd prefer o'meara touching it 30 times then harmes kicking 2 goals for hawthorn.
  11. Lockhart: earned more games Oscar Mcd: Earned Casey games Harmes: relishes tagging duties Tom Mcd: Hero to zero Salem: continues consistent form Petracca: kicking woes continue Lewis: slow and untidy brayshaw: untidy by foot melksham: costly missed shot hibberd: returning to form kielty: 6 touch game. garlett: missed 2 sitters. frost: important clutch touches hore: terrible by foot gawn: contested all day wagner: missing persons unit Fritsch: wasteful by foot hunt: did his job stretch: an important goal Oliver: a quiet 30. Jones: a costly behind.
  12. yeah. no pocket the early pick and be done with it. Season is [censored].
  13. I dont care really what anyone else thinks but harmes undid all of his good work by those 2 50m penalties. we were set up behind the ball when he gave them away. So he basically kicked 2 goals for the hawks today. Which is unforgivable. Learn the bloody rules and run away from the ball carrier ffs. He kicked a goal which he owed us which half made up for his mistakes. It's a shame because other than that he played quite well. But in an era where stats are overrated. I'd say about 10 midfield touches is equivalent to 1 goal. so I'd say 2 goals from garlett is as effective as about 20 touches from a mid. so Harmes giving 2 goals away is basically 20 of his disposals gone to waste. that's how I see it and that's how I value goals/midfield touches.
  14. harmes was cr@p. I'm sorry but giving away 2 50m penalties is 2 goals we dont get back. it doesn't make up for how good he was other than that. and melksham? wtf was he thinking? I'm so sick of full time afl players having no clue what to do in in clutch situations Blind freddy could see that he either had to find a short target or kick it to the goal line. almost cost us the game. I hope a coach gives him a slap on the chops for that stupidity.
  15. absolutely hopeless today. why is he even in the team. turns it over by foot and far too slow. Is also undisciplined so he really offers nothing for us.
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