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  1. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-08-27/suns-priority-pick-plea-to-be-decided-in-grand-final-week
  2. 2 of those 7 are home games in Darwin and Alice Springs though, right...
  3. I don't know about Jesse as a backman. I mean we were doing fine until Lever went down. May would help our defense, sure, but Hogan is a much better forward than May is a defender. Don't know what to believe around the freo / Jesse trade. Unless he has a long term injury, they're complete fools. I do hope Jesse will sign an 8 year contract with us if he doesn't go to Freo. I think he's already broken a lot of Melbourne hearts by taking us by surprise with this. Needs to mend the wound if he's going to stay.
  4. Hogan has already said upon signing his most recent contract, that if he was going to leave Melbourne, that was the time. Goodwin and the players have said just before trade period that there was no way Jesse was leaving, he loves Melbourne. Which is why it was such a shock to us that he was contemplating a move. Now. When we just made a preliminary final, the club's first in 18 years. He's not invested and not on board. He was at Docklands a week ago for four hours getting assessed. Our success is not a priority for him.
  5. We have a lot of talented players on our list who are also loyal and committed to Melbourne. Jesse is the exception, not the other way around.
  6. They have it on the front of SEN website that we would have taken pick 6 and a future second rounder. Ridiculous, but I believe it. If it were enough to get May I think that was all they cared about.
  7. Seems unlikely to me. Touring Freo's change rooms was an aggressive move by Jesse. He wants to go. He's past the point of negotiating contracts with Melbourne. I mean hopefully he has a change of heart if he stays another season, but the narrative has changed suddenly surrounding him and I'm more willing to believe he has shocked the club with his desire to depart vs they knew all along and were just BS'ing the media and supporters.
  8. I don't get why it's so certain that he's going after the contract expires. As if he HAS to go home. As if, of course that is more important, than the club. Rubs me the wrong way. Especially after Jesse has said that he won't leave, that the going home factor is done and dusted. Obviously you get on with the job, but this is a really bad outcome for us (if he is certain to leave next year) and we definitely should not deal with Freo next season short of them paying overs for him.
  9. So you're putting Carlton up as the example to follow?? What I'm getting at is either Hogan hasn't been honest with the club (during season) or the club hasn't been honest with us. Angus and Goody hosed off noise around Hogan leaving WEEKS ago, defending his commitment to Melbourne. Jesse "loves" Melbourne they said. Clearly Jesse doesn't.
  10. I wonder how Jesse will go playing for us next year. The narrative since he signed the last contract has been "If I was going to leave, that was the time." This has come as a shock to most supporters, if not those inside the club. How is he going to fit into our playing group when everyone knows he's not committed to the club?
  11. Really don't want Hogan to go. But feel like the most likely scenario will be him going and us getting a first rounder (and maybe a third round pick exchange or something). If he goes and we miss out on May though, then we'll really have stuffed things up. Pretty surprised and disappointed with Hogan in any event. I thought he wanted to be here.
  12. I don't give a F what fremantle have offered, if Jesse's a Melbourne man, he wouldn't be tempted. However, if we have decided to get rid of him to make way for May or whatever else, then obviously no fault to Hogan. I just doubt this the case though otherwise Goody and Angus wouldn't have been laughing off Hogan leaving a few weeks ago
  13. Hogan shouldn't have signed his latest contract if he knew he was going. That was the time to leave. He said it himself. These vague reasons that have been put out about why he's going back are exactly that - vague. Doesn't seem like he has great cause to and he is going to break a lot of Melbourne hearts if he goes. I'm not a fan of Vvandenberg leaving either. But Jesse is a whole other thing.
  14. Gus was pretty cut up on the podcast today as well. People need to respect what he's going through.
  15. No one says it means nothing more than this post here. Gaff should consider himself extremely grateful if any Brayshaw is willing to forgive him, let alone accept him as a team member.
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