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  1. All I am saying he needs to do more.. Lacks forward pressure.. Hard to define if he is an in and under player or just a receiver...whats ya thoughts..?
  2. yep, this guy has heaps of potential...
  3. Petracca was one of our best.. 25 posessions and nine contested ball. drop Kent
  4. but apart from Kent who else do you drop.. surely not No 21 he is needed in the Team...
  5. no way.............. Kent must go for one....
  6. Is Tyson a chance this week ? Make sure they drop Kent and never play him again.. He has lost interest.. wonder what his Contract terms are and when it is due ???? any thoughts ?
  7. totally agree. ANB was in our best players on the weekend and is is aware of the Coaches needs... We need hard at it players who give 100%
  8. how you can compare Wagner with Hogan as a substitute I am dumb founded. Wagner is improving and I want him in our Team as I do Bugg. Both are "hard nuts" at the ball. Salem needs a rest I agree. Spencer will only get one more game before Gawn comes back...
  9. any chance if we win by 100 points we get 8 ladder points instead of 4 ?
  10. WELL I was right on Weideman and Kent with Salem being suspended. I have confidence in Oscar Mc and Wagner as they at least try and put in but may not deliver to the expatiation of some as they are young with few games between them.I see a little J Hunt in Wagner actually.... Bernie Massey (37) could play if he was available and fit...!! He was till he shrunk a tad over 194 cm...
  11. Weideman, Kent and O McD definitely out till they show form.. In for mine: ANB, Stretch and someone over 194cm..anyone....
  12. agree with your notations: Frankly it is laughable that a Team can come out and thrash Adelaide yet play so poorly again against Nth Melbourne. At the start of the year I held out for more hope than this at week 9
  13. Think Wagner is better at disposal than Jones. Did you see Jones against Nth Melbourne ? Absolute disgrace.. His turnovers alone cost us three goals... Just because you get possessions does not maketh you a good player.
  14. Wagner in my mind is a good developing player who deserves to remain in the team.. He has flair and is in a similar mould to Jayden Hunt. Season 2017 Totals/Averages GM CP UP ED DE% CG CM GA I50 MI5 CL R50 1% BO TOG% Total 2 9 24 27 79.4 2 0 0 3 0 3 2 5 0 160 Average 2 4.5 12.0 13.5 79.4 1.0 0 0 1.5 0 1.5 1.0 2.5 0 80.0 Season/Career Highs 2017 Highs Career Highs Goal Assists 0 1 v Gold Coast, 31st Jul 2016 * Inside 50s 2 v Adelaide, 13th May 2017 3 v Sydney, 19th Jun 2016 Contested Possessions 7 v Adelaide, 13th May 2017 12 v Hawthorn, 4th Jun 2016 Uncontested Possessions 13 v Hawthorn, 7th May 2017 20 v Collingwood, 17th Apr 2016 Effective Disposals 15 v Adelaide, 13th May 2017 20 v Gold Coast, 7th May 2016 Clangers 1 v Adelaide, 13th May 2017 * 6 v Port Adelaide, 28th May 2016 Contested Marks 0 2 v Collingwood, 17th Apr 2016 Marks Inside 50 0 0 Clearances 3 v Adelaide, 13th May 2017 3 v Adelaide, 13th May 2017 Rebound 50s 2 v Hawthorn, 7th May 2017 4 v Hawthorn, 4th Jun 2016 * One Percenters 3 v Hawthorn, 7th May 2017 6 v Gold Coast, 31st Jul 2016 Bounces 0 2 v St Kilda, 17th Jul 2016 Time On Ground % 81 v Adelaide, 13th May 2017 89 v Port Adelaide, 28th May 2016 * Season/career high achieved two or more times. Match shown is the most recent game when season/career high was attained since 2010.
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