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  1. Harmes, ANB and Tyson are the only players holding our team back. If we can find a good replacement for them then we are looking very good.
  2. In: Viney & Salem Out: ANB & Harmes
  3. You're not really comming across as someone who understands AFL very well.
  4. Stretch, Harmes and ANB out because they are mediocre.
  5. Goodbye Stretch, Harmes and ANB otherwise we are satisfied being a very average team.
  6. Stretch with no urgency is terrible.
  7. Delist Stretch, Harmes and ANB because if we settle for mediocre players then lets settle for a mediocre team.
  8. Stretch is rubbish and not even at VFL level after the length of experience in the system.
  9. How will we be able to tell it's not really TMac though? Or potentially even James Mac or Anthony Mac............
  10. This reminds me of that time the AFL updated the team theme songs.
  11. B Jetta O Mac Hibberd HB Lewis Lever Hunt C ANB Viney Jones HF Hannan Hogan Melksham F Garlett T Mac Petracca Foll Gawn Oliver Salem Int Tyson Brayshaw Vince Fritsch Vince very close to losing his spot to Harmes in my team if they continue playing him out of position in the back line.
  12. Did you know you............... Not the best start.
  13. We won the game when Trac went into the middle.
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